AGENDAS: The ‘Pro-Choice’ Lie

Since we have the stories of the crimes being committed by Planned Parenthood in the news, and the clear evidence that Planned Parenthood and the government are working to squelch the release of this story are also in the news, it seems a perfect time for some more tough love.  This time, we are going to deal with the lie of ‘pro-choice.’  Abortion has nothing to do with a woman having control over her body.  It has everything to do with a demand to be excused from taking responsibility for one’s actions.  It is also about Moloch or Molech worship.  This is the Truth behind this issue, and anyone arguing otherwise is defending the right to murder unborn children — period!  A simple and honest examination of the issues no one wants you to see will reveal that I am correct.  If you doubt me, then keep reading. 

Suppose someone were to come to your home and find blood and tissue spread all over your kitchen.  They call the police, and the police show up and discover that the tissue contains brain matter.  Given the amount of brain matter and the blood they find, they determine that someone has been murdered.  The police then track you down and execute a search warrant on your car where they find more blood and brain matter in your trunk, and some blood on your clothing.  So they arrest and charge you with murder.  During your trial, they use DNA to prove that the blood and brain matter all belong to the same person, and even though they cannot produce a body, they have sufficient evidence to prove that whoever the blood and brain matter belonged to could not possibly have survived.  So you are convicted of murder based on this evidence.  Do not object: we have cases on the books where something very similar to this has actually happened.  People have been convicted of murder without a body.

Now, what if you were to later discover that I had set you up using the tissue from an aborted fetus.  Guess what?  You will not be able to use that information to file an appeal!  You see, the tissue and DNA is all that is needed to show that a person — an actual human being — was killed and that evidence all points to you as being the killer.  This is because the individual from whom the brain matter and blood came from was a person — whether they had been born or not.  Our DNA proves this, but the pro-abortion crowed refuses to acknowledge this.

The simple truth here is that abortion has nothing to do with the mother’s body — because the person being killed is not the mother.  It is her unborn child.  And the fact that the unborn child has his or her own, unique DNA proves that there is another person involved.  We know it is a person because that DNA is human, and the tissue to which it belongs is not a cancer, but a living body that — if left to nature’s course — will most likely become a person.  So the argument that abortion is the woman’s decision because it is her body does not hold up under examination of either logic or science.  What it is really about is avoiding responsibility for having had sex.

This is where we find the real ‘choice:’ in whether or not we have sex.  If you have sex — even if you use birth control — you are accepting the responsibility for everything that may result from that act.  If you are unwilling to deal with the possibility of pregnancy — even if you use birth control — then you should not have sex.  It is that simple.  In fact, you shouldn’t have sex unless you are willing to accept the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, or even the responsibility of dealing with any emotional issues that may arise from it.  The fact here is simple: sex is an action, and we are individually responsible for our actions.  This is why the exception for rape is often defensible: because rape is involuntary.  But if you agree to have sex, then both parents are responsible for whatever happens as a result.  This definitely includes having any child that may result from that act of sex.

But this issue goes further than we are willing to admit.  The ruling in Roe . Wade said that abortion was only permissible until the child becomes viable.  After this point, abortion is illegal!  The court apparently came back and clarified that ‘viable’ means that the child has the potential to survive outside the womb, even if this requires artificial support.  At that time, the court said this is generally around the time of 28 weeks, but could be as early as 24 weeks. The youngest pre-mature birth to have survived to date was at 21 weeks when she was born.  Now, no matter how you may want to look at it, this makes it very clear: Planed Parenthood is committing murder!  In fact, according to the ruling in Roe v. Wade, all abortions after the 24th week (possibly 21st) are defined as murder.  This is a matter of established law, so why are we still arguing over whether or not we should de-fund partial-birth abortions when that procedure is used because the child is too close to birth to use the dissection method?  And why are we ignoring the clear evidence of murder for hire in Planned Parenthood?  What level of depravity has our society reached that we will argue that murdering her child is the mother’s right?  Or that the people doing it should be allowed to sell that murdered child for profit?  That is yet another violation of the law, but instead of going after these criminals, the government is going after the people trying to expose all of this.

As a society, we are mad, I tell you, mad!  We have reached the level of depravity where we dance drunkenly around the fire while throwing our children into the flame and demanding that no one has the right to pass judgment on our actions.  Well, I am not afraid to call this what it is: it is murder!  And I am not afraid to call those who support and defend this what they are: they are murderers!  But I am afraid to admit what this makes us, but admit it I will.  This means we are a society of murderers.  We are depraved.  We will cry outrage over the death of a lion while celebrating the murder  of millions of innocent children. How dare we ever point a finger at the Germans for the Holocaust.  We have done far, far worse. I tell you, we are literally, utterly and totally mad.  We deserve whatever the Lord chooses to do to us — all of us.  There is not one among us innocent of the blood of those millions of murdered children.  Not one!


3 thoughts on “AGENDAS: The ‘Pro-Choice’ Lie

  1. Joe,

    Face it. Our worship of self and other man has now reached the point that there is no evil that can be perceived that will not be carried out to fulfill human desire. There are no longer any boundaries.

    If there is not enough outrage to cut off public funding for Planned Parenthood rest assured there will be more debauchery accepted day by day. It won’t be long before pedophilia is par for the course. After all the the pagans all throughout early history used them for sexual pleasure as well.

    We are regressing as man/society. One only has to listen to music reverting to one cord songs to the beat of a big drum with chants instead of words. Get a few together and dance around the fire half naked. Whats not to like.

    We may be progressing technically but no where else. Enlightenment is dead without the Judeo/Christian religion. Evil man will be destroyed once again.

    History will repeat itself one last time and be no more.

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