The REAL Threat in Trump’s Run for the White House

Yesterday, I addressed the lessons we should be learning from Trump’s run for the White House, but today, I want to address the threat inherent in his candidacy.  There are many alive today who are too young to remember Ross Perot, or how — had it not been for him — Bill Clinton would have lost the election to Bush Sr.  Well, I think there is a very real chance that Trump has been inserted into this race to repeat the process.  Ross Perot knew he would never win, but he didn’t care.  He just wanted to make sure Bush lost.  I believe Trump knows he cannot win, either.  Since he was a Democrat until just a few years ago, and is still supporting Democrat economic policies today, it is very likely that Trump has entered the race to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory.  After all, Trump is saying the same things and appealing to the same voter base as Perot.  Therefore, it only stands to reason that, if it worked for them in the past, the Democrats might try it again in the future.  Well, this is the future, and I have the strong suspicion that history is repeating itself yet again.  We truly never learn, do we?


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