LESSONS IN LOGIC: Signs That You Have A Dictator Leading Your Country

I have been trying to explain to people that we have a dictator in the White House, and I have received a lot of ‘push-back’ in return.  I think this is partly because people do not want to believe this is possible in America, and others object simply because they are personally vested in Obama and/or the Democrat Party and its agenda.  Either way, for the majority of these people, if they acceptor my assertion that Obama is a dictator, they instinctively realize that it taints them in turn for having supported Obama.  So, for them, it is easier to reject my claim.  I understand, and I sympathize with them, but I do not and will not move from my assertion.  Obama is a dictator, and it shows in everything he does.  All we need to do to prove this to ourselves is find the courage to compare Obama and what he does to the way other dictators have acted and done.  If we do this, the evidence is everywhere.  Just this week we have these three stories that clearly indicate Obama has taken up the practices of NAZI Germany and Stalin’s Russia.

Here are the stories: and all three deal with silencing the media and all voices of political dissent:

Obama Becomes Visibly Frustrated With CBS Reporter and Scolds Him on Live TV: ‘You Should Know Better’

New Documents Implicate Justice Department in IRS Conservative-Targeting Scandal

Judge Orders Anti-Obama Filmmaker D’Souza Receive Psychological Counseling

And — still in the last few days — we have this story demonstrating that this spirit of dictatorship is spreading through Obama’s Party:

Republican Silenced By Democrat During Meeting And Has His Microphone Taken Away…Because California.

Taken by themselves, I realize you could argue that they represent isolated instances.  But these are not isolated instances.  Nor are they the only stories I could have posted.  We are also being told that FOX News is not news and talk radio is nothing but a haven for racists and hate speech.  Together, they are indications of a systematic campaign to silence political opposition.  That is a clear sign of dictatorship: one Party rule where any and all political opposition is silenced — especially through fear or by force of government.

SO, you are free to keep your head in the sand and tell yourself that this will all pass, but history stands against you.  History tells us that these sort of things are happening because we — the ‘People’ — not longer have the moral foundation necessary to prevent it.  If we did, these people would all be in jail right now.  At the very least, they have all abused their positions to deny the civil rights of those they have tried to silence.  Isn’t that the charge the feds always use to get around double jeopardy and punish people they want to punish who were otherwise acquitted in a court of law?  You know it is.  We see it most in cases of police officers shooting violent criminals and being found not guilty when the racist Leftist agenda wants convictions to further their own political agendas.  Tis is just another indication of the growing tyranny in this land, and if it is left unchecked — and it will be — none of this “will pass.”  Instead, we will see ever increasing signs of tyranny until — eventually — someone will just straight-up seize control of this nation.

It will happen.  It always happens when a republic slips into moral decay, and ours definitely has.  You doubt me?  Gay marriage and a woman being defended for bragging about how skillfully she murders babies so she cans ell their organs?  A president being allowed to openly commit treason and promote racism? A nation that openly attacks those who object to this depravity — especially Christians?  A nation that defends criminals and seeks to protect them by calling them “undocumented immigrants” to hide the fact that they are criminals?  And then pays these criminals to break our laws by giving them benefits and even recruit them to vote? And a media that hides and defends all of this?  Please, don’t tell me we are not morally dead.  We are.  And do not try to tell me that this is not a clear sign that we live under a dictator — because we do.  It is a matter of simple logic: if the things we do match the definition, then that is what we are — period!


30 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Signs That You Have A Dictator Leading Your Country

  1. Actions and Results, or Words? When Words are contradicted by Actions and Results; then Words are false and Actions and Results are Truth.

    An “oligarchy” seized control of the American Federal Government. There is no reason to admit publicly their coup is complete as long as they can stay in power “peacefully” with the use of propaganda and indoctrination affirmed with Judicial opinions re-defining common words.

    1. Texas,

      All true, but do you know how many will read the word ‘oligarchy’ and think that proves we are not under a dictatorship? They will not realize that an ‘oligarchy’ is just one form of dictatorship. A dictator does not have to be a single person. ‘Big Brother’ was a dictator, but that was the term used to refer to the Party — not just the person who represented it. Same thing in America today.

  2. B3A,
    You are correct, most, when confronted with a word they do not understand, are too lazy to research its definition in order to acquire a more complete understanding. Instead the masses will choose to remain ignorant and/or stupid.

    The Dictator is merely the public face. The dictator’s supporters and co-conspirators make up the oligarchy. Their are too many decisions and actions to be taken for one individual to be in “complete” control. There must be willing accomplices implementing actions with the same end goal.

  3. You probably meant to write “signs” and not “sings” in the title?

    There can be no other explanation for all of the unmitigated lawlessness going on except the fact that we are under a “Big Brother” type of dictatorship. In addition, people are being killed (ever read the Nachumlist?), threatened with death, sued, jailed, blackmailed, and cowered into compliance.

    I think that the (very ugly) exposure and case against Denny Hastard’s disgusting proclivities was a kind of “warning” to those in Congress (with their own skeletons in their closets) not to do anything against the puppet Ozero and/or his handlers (S0r0s, Jarrett) or they will be politically and financially ruined forever.

    I read an interesting post earlier where the author discussed how the Israelites in the OT wanted a “king” and how when their desires for this resulted in disaster (many times) when the kings turned out to be horribly evil. I will try to find it again and post it if you want to read it.

    There are too many people (especially Millennials) who do not know how the “isms” of WWII led to such evil, death, and destruction. One time I mentioned that the WWII generation was appropriately labeled as “the Greatest Generation,” saving nations from Nazism, Japan Imperialism, and Communism and the young woman stated, “no – we are the greatest generation because we created Facebook!”

    The conscientious stupidity and unmitigated ignorance of history by those like that woman is astounding and is why the evils in history are being repeated today.

    Nothing new under the sun…

    1. First, thanks, I corrected my spelling. On that note: I am actually a victim of the Progressive belief they can re-invent the wheel. I was raised in an area close to the birth of American Progressivism. They taught us to read using something they called ‘i-e-a reading.” We have our own alphabet, spelling and books in the library. It was supposed to help us learn to read faster — AND IT DID! However, as a result, none of us ever learned to spell very well — because we could never undo our programming.

      Why did I go through that little story? Because it is also the same thing we are dealing with in your millennial friend who thinks FB is what makes us great. We have raised a generation of drones, and it will be nearly impossible to correct their ignorance. Sadly, if we read history (i.e. the Bible), we know that the way God deals with such a generation is to wipe it out!

      This is why I fear for America: because I know the wrath of God is deserved by and coming to this nation.

      1. No worries…I misspell all the time because using just spell-check doesn’t always catch errors.

        “Generation of drones.” Yep…that about covers it!

        I have read the book of Revelation several times and have read several books from trusted authors. One of the best IMHO is “The Book of Revelation: Unlocking The Future” by Edward Hindson because it does a great job of connecting related Scriptures in both the OT and NT

        Several authors agree that we cannot be sure whether or not America is somehow prevented from, or will be involved with, the events that lead up to end times prophecy.

        It is so sad and such a shame that so many people don’t know what is to come and just don’t care. However, there will always be the remnant of the faithful in Christ to be joyous about!

        1. Oh, I am CONVINCED that America IS in prophecy — just not the way our self-centered little nation likes to believe. We have made the Bible about us when it is about God and God’s people. If you have not already done so, give this a quick read:


          Taken next to Ellis Skolfield’s work and his study on Daniel’s 70 weeks, I think the case CAN be made that America is in prophecy — but only as PART of Ephraim! 🙂

          1. Hi JB,

            I started to read that link but got distracted. But I do plan to read it all.

            You know how certain thoughts can enter our minds and we can sometimes wonder if such thoughts are from the Holy Spirit or the adversary? I had that kind of thought today. When you have a chance, read my commentary in the re-blogged post from Cry and Howl.

            Investigators Looking To Cover Up Motive Behind Shooting By A Muslim.

            I noticed a “coincidence” that just would not leave my mind this morning, so I posted my concerns about it. Of course, I don’t want to spread rumors of a conspiracy theory, but the coincidence that I noticed really bothers me. Would like to read what you think about it.

    2. Christine,
      The purposeful indoctrination of “the People” is not the fault of “the People.”

      Their stupidity is not conscientious. Their worldview is false propaganda artfully indoctrinated by a “control group” : designed and implemented, beginning in kindergarten, re-affirmed with newspapers, then radio, then mainstream TV, and now, continuing through their smart phones, Facebook “news feed”, and “google results” today.

      This indoctrination has camouflaged reality so perfectly most will never recognize reality if and when it reveals itself. (Consider the WWI German Jewish veteran who couldn’t comprehend reality as they were walking into a poison gas death chamber with the smell of burning flesh surrounding them. 6 million Jews and 6 million “others” cooperated in their own deaths. How else can the untold hundreds of millions murdered by totalitarianism in the 20th century be explained? If they recognized reality, they would have organized and prevented their own deaths by making the goals of the murderers too expensive.)

      The supporters of totalitarianism are blind to reality. As B3A has explained, when one is indoctrinated, “fail safes” that protect and preserve the indoctrination are also implanted.

      Only our Creator’s enlightenment will open the minds of “the People.”

      1. Texas,

        AH! But the Church — Jewish and Christian alike — IS responsible. Because our Pastors and Rabbis refuse to address the political from their pulpits, we have grown spiritually blind. Had they done the job God demands of them and taught God’s word as it relates to our daily life, then those who are still in the Churches would know how to recognize this propaganda. But the Sheppard have not been feeding the sheep. I fear that too many of them are no longer Sheppard at all, but goats.

        1. Didn’t you explain to me the first pillar of American society the totalitarians infiltrated was the church?

          1. Well, that and the schools, yes. Their goal was to destroy our National faith and all support systems, such as the family. What they were really after is our sense of morality, which our founders told us is built upon the Church and family, so…

      2. texas95,

        I understand what you are saying, but I think it helps to clarify things when we look up the definitions of “conscientious” and “stupidity,”

        governed by conscience; controlled by or done according to one’s inner sense of what is right; principled:

        noun (pl) -ties

        the quality or state of being stupid

        No matter how one is brought up, each person ultimately makes his or her own choice to follow what is right and what is wrong. People who choose to be controlled by the propaganda, instead of researching what is right in God’s Book of Life are often doing so out of one’s inner sense of what he/she THINKS is right or principled. That is why many have “exchanged the truth for a lie.” Otherwise, how could we explain people who think that killing a baby in the womb is not murder of a human being? Answer: they are controlled by their own ideological blinders. Ignorance of history is an additional blinder that leads the sheeple of what I call programmed-regressivism (which they proudly label as “progressive,” though much of what they are following is downright evil) down the road towards destruction of their hearts, minds, bodies, souls and spirits.

        I see many young Christians at our church who have been bombarded by the same negative propaganda that non-Christians have experienced. Yet, they hold God’s Absolute Truth above anything that man would (or could) ever put out there as “truth.”

        You wrote:

        “The supporters of totalitarianism are blind to reality. As B3A has explained, when one is indoctrinated, “fail safes” that protect and preserve the indoctrination are also implanted.

        Only our Creator’s enlightenment will open the minds of “the People.”

        Agreed! And that is our job – as Christians – to point them towards Christ. God does the saving!

      1. Thanks. I did find something questionable within the text when I read it again. The author claims that only Adam was sent out of the Garden of Eden?

        That blog link led me to the original author, and I read her commentary regarding this. http://thereluctantbaptist.com/2014/08/18/garden-eden/

        Here is the portion that I question:

        Did you hear me? Adam was booted, Eve was not. So let’s recap: Eve confessed, Adam did not. Eve blamed the serpent, Adam blamed God. Adam was booted, Eve left voluntarily. Did you know all that? If not, then take a fresh look at the Scriptures and do some fact checking. Pastors, Sunday school teachers, church leaders, older-women-teaching-younger-women it is time to stop parroting the same old misinformation. It is time to stop blaming Eve. We have a responsibility to be accurate; to set our minds to real understanding. Now go, take a good look at the Good Book and let me know what you find.

        I could be mistaken but that does not sound correct to me!

        1. I’ll study this, but my first reaction is the same as yours: there is something not right about this teaching.

          In the mean time, I also objected to the assertion that the Church has made Paul into their king. You may want to see my reply in the thread you linked me to.

        2. JB,

          Do you approve of using commentaries? I know that some Christians frown upon that, but I try to stick with the ones that are generally considered reliable. Over at Blue Letter Bible in David Guzik’s commentary on Genesis 3, he wrote:

          c. Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat? God confronted Adam’s problem squarely. This wasn’t primarily a wardrobe problem or a fear problem or a self-esteem problem. This was a sin problem and Adam’s wardrobe, fear, or self-understanding could not be addressed until the sin problem was addressed.

          d. Then the man said: Notice that to this point, God has not addressed Eve at all. Adam, being the head, is the problem here.

          e. The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate: Adam’s attempt to blame Eve is completely consistent with human nature. Few of us are willing to simply say as David did, I have sinned against the LORD (2 Samuel 12:13)

          i. Significantly, if there is any blame, it is on Adam, not Eve. Not only does Adam unjustly accuse Eve, but also he refuses to accept proper responsibility for his part in her sin. [Bold mine – and note from Christine – this indicates that they were both guilty of sinning].

          ii. By saying “the woman whom You gave to be with me,” Adam essentially blames God for the sin saying, “You gave me the woman, and she is the problem.” Adam wasn’t content to blame Eve; he had to blame God also.

          And, further down Guzik wrote:

          6. (22-24) God sets cherubim to guard the Tree of Life.

          Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”; therefore the LORD God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.

          a. Behold, the man has become like one of us, to know good and evil: The idea behind this phrase is difficult to understand. Perhaps there is a note of sarcasm by God here (as Elijah used in 1 Kings 18:27), regarding Satan’s empty promise to become like gods. Or, perhaps the idea focuses on man’s greater knowledge (though in a bad sense) now that he has the experiential knowledge of evil.

          b. And take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever: In mercy, God protected Adam and Eve from the horrible fate of having to live forever as sinners by preventing them from eating from the tree of life.

          c. The LORD God sent him out of the garden of Eden: We don’t know if Adam and Eve wanted to stay in the garden of Eden. Perhaps they felt if they left the garden, they might never see God again because it was the only place where they met Him.

          d. He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden: Cherubim are always associated with the presence and glory of God (Ezekiel 10, Isaiah 6, Revelation 4). When cherubim are represented on earth (such as in the tabernacle, Exodus 25:10-22), they mark a meeting place with God. Though Adam and Eve and their descendants were prevented from eating the fruit of the tree of life (by God’s mercy), they could still come there to meet God. This was their “holy of holies.” Therefore it was important to send a cherubim with a flaming sword to guard the way to the tree of life.

          1. christinewjc

            I actually rely on them to help me understand Scripture, but mind you, I test them against the whole of Scripture before I accept them. Even then, if it is a difficult point of Scripture, I will also pray and seek God’s Wisdom in the matter, as well.

            That said, those who think God sent Adam out of Eden and not Eve are neglecting the whole of Scripture. Adam and Eve were married. If a man and woman are married, they are of one flesh. So, how does God send out one without the other? If He did, wouldn’t God be trespassing against His own statute? Especially when we consider what the word for woman really means in Hebrew. It means ‘to stand opposite of.’ This means that God would not only be taking Adam’s wife, which is a covenant relationship, but also Adam’s helper, given to Adam by God. So I am pretty sure that — at least to the Hebrew — it was just assumed Eve went with he husband when Adam was driven from Eden. I think this is just one of the many examples of how the modern Western mind sneaks into the proper understanding of God’s Word.

            But I could be wrong.

            1. JB,

              Your response is Bible based and makes complete sense to me!

              Not to change the subject, but another example of “how the modern Western mind sneaks into the proper understanding of God’s Word” would include the “gay Christian” mindset that claims that marriage can be whatever man can conceive of and erroneously believe. It’s also very telling that the happy word “gay” has been substituted for the sexual sin of “homosexual” behavior and that particular description comes before the title of Christian for these people.

              1. True, but it is worse than that. The word, ‘homosexual,’ is modern in origin. The Scripture used words such as pornea (the root for pornography) and Sodomite (which puts the lie to those who claim the sin of Sodom was really poor hospitality — Scripture says otherwise). Paul even coined a word which literally means ‘bedder of men,’ or — as we would know it today — homosexual (and promiscuous at that).

                But, yes, there are many false teachers in the Church. We even have demons in our pulpits. Sadly, the Church no longer recognizes them because we have grown lukewarm…

                1. Our family changed churches three times over the past 10 years! We are now in a Bible based church family where the pastor sticks to sound doctrine and backs up his messages with Scripture.

                  The first church we left (10 years ago) began to follow after Rick Warren’s “seeker sensitive” teachings. The church also took down the name of Jesus from behind the pulpit to put up a third, unnecessary big screen! I thought that was awful! They made other huge mistakes, too.

                  The second church we left about 7 months ago because the (formerly Bible based and accurate) teachings of that pastor headed towards the prosperity gospel!

                  This is why we must be diligent in this age of deception – just like the book of Jude warns us as well as many other Scriptures (like the warnings to the 7 churches in Revelation)!

  4. B3A, I’m sure the things Jesus taught (and Paul, too, for that matter) didn’t “sound right” to the Pharisees. That’s why it is so important for each of us to study the Scriptures carefully for ourselves and not merely rely on what we’ve been taught. I’m so glad you are willing to do that. It’s surprising and exciting what the Spirit will show us when we set our mind to an accurate understanding.

    Oh and, hmmm, I thought I was His typist. Just goes to show that it’s also important to not be dogmatic and to humbly realize that He is working with nothing but broken typewriters.

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