TRUTH: Haters Of God Pervert Scripture Because They Are Children Of Satan

A friend and reader sent me this flow chart and asked me how I remain so calm in dealing with the types of people who promote this sort of thing:


OK, so you probably can’t read it.  That’s OK, you don’t need to: I’m going to address the problems in it point-by-point.  But first, understand that the person who drew up this flow chart is either ignorant of what the Bible actually teaches, or is intentionally ignoring Scripture to deceive those who read this piece of propaganda.  OK, let’s get going.

It starts by asking if you are against gay marriage because of the Bible.  If you say no, it tells you that you can go.  OK, at this point, the logical response to the people pushing this flow chart is to tell them you are against it because it is immoral and tends to corrupt and destroy society, then move along.  After all, they said you are free to go if you base your position on something other than the Bible, so…

But this is not what they mean to imply.  The whole purpose of this flow chart is to try — and I stress try — to make people who believe in God’s Word look foolish.  But they fail BIG TIME — because they do not know what the Scripture actually teaches.  So, if you answer yes, you are against gay marriage because of the Bible, the chart then says that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality one time.  This is true — because the term is a modern invention.  But they do not tell you that Christ did address it using the language of His time.  This is deception/lie #1.

The chart then suggests the Christian will say it is because homosexuality is banned in Leviticus.  In reply, the chart asks if you eat bacon.  If you say yes, it tries to claim you are violating the Levitical commands not to eat pork.  Let’s stop here and address these lies.

The New Testament actually condemns homosexuality in several places. Lie #2.

The Old Testament teaches that we are saved by faith and faith alone — not obedience to the Levitical Law.  Lie #3.

The New Testament released Christians from a great many of the restrictions of the Levitical Law — because they have been eternally fulfilled by Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.  One of the things the NT releases believers from is dietary Laws.  Lie #4

After this, the flow chart attacks anyone who claims to believe in the Bible but has a tattoo.  And ends by attacking anyone who wears a wedding ring and anyone who has remarried.  So now, let’s deal with these issues.

It is true, Scripture teaches us not to get tattoos.  But this flow chart pulls a ‘serpent’ by not telling you why Scripture teaches this.  If we read the full context, that passage is telling us not to do the things of the sinful, pagan world lest we be tempted to become more like them and less like God.  So this means we should stay away from the LGBT community for the same reason we should not get tattoos.  This is a half-truth intended to deceive the believer, so lie #5.

It is also true that Scripture teaches not to wear too much jewelery.  Once again, this is a half-truth.  The passages the flow chart is using here are teaching women not to be prideful or provocative so that they can protect their Spirit and avoid leading others into temptation.  Paul, one of those who wrote this word of caution to believers, also said that ‘all things are permissible, but not all things are good for me.’  The flow chart also fails to explain that these passages are not talking about wedding rings, but the fancy jewelry that prideful people like to wear to show off wealth or draw attention to themselves.  So this was another purposeful attempt to deceive, thus, lie #6.

Finally, Scripture does teach that divorce is a sin except in the case of adultery, and if we remarry, we commit adultery.  But Scripture also teaches that we are covered by the blood of Christ.  So, as long as we recognize our past sin and live to avoid repeating it, we are covered by Christ’s blood.  But if we openly and knowingly refuse to stop sinning and repent of our evil ways — like those who openly boast of their LGBT lifestyle — then we are not covered by Christ’s blood.  The New Testament is clear on this: you cannot claim Christi’s name and then live however you want and expect Him to save you.  Jesus, Himself, said there will be many who think this will work, but He — Christ — will send them away on judgment day saying “I never knew you.”

So, please, understand that the world and all those who cling to it belong to Satan, and like Satan, they can and will try to distort God’s Word.  The only defense you have against this is to know God’s Word.  Scripture actually says so.  Therefore, if you claim the name of Christ, I cannot urge you strongly enough to read and study and pray on God’s Word.  Seek Him.  Ask Him for His understanding; His wisdom.  And read every day.  It is only when you have buried God’s Word in your heart that you will be able to defend yourselves from attacks such as the one in this flow chart.


One thought on “TRUTH: Haters Of God Pervert Scripture Because They Are Children Of Satan

  1. It’s a stupid chart. As is all “gay” reasoning that attempts to justify their pushing their agenda on the 98% who are not gay.

    The decision tree separates into two. But one could also be against gay “marriage” having nothing to do with the Bible. The options for being against it because it isn’t natural, or because it socially isolates the children living in such a household from daily exposure to a Mother ( or father in the case of two “women”) aren’t even addressed.

    And the fact that “gays” lives are almost completely defined by Sexuality.

    The Chart expands and is easy to read in that option.

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