Yesterday, They Killed The Law: Today: America?

It is 0851 CST on June 26, 2015.  As I write, we are waiting for the ‘Supreme Court’ to rule on gay marriage.  Yesterday, the Court declared itself the arbiter of all things.  In doing so, it destroyed the language, rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.  This is not hyperbole: it is exactly what happened.  Today, if they make a right to gay marriage when there isn’t even a right to marriage,  then the Court will destroy the nation and what remained of our culture. This is one time that Glenn Beck is absolutely correct: if the Court makes gay marriage into a right, the Communist take-over of America will have been completed and open tyranny will begin.  When they first started, the Communists said they had to destroy America’s belief in God, our morality and the family.  This is exactly what Obama/SCOTUS-care and gay marriage will do.  They will be the vehicles by which the Communists justify their elimination of all remaining opposition to them and their agenda.  We will have gone from a nation that once recognized and feared God and God’s law and tried to live accordingly to a nation that mocks God, proudly violates His laws and dares Him to do anything about it.  We will have replaced god with ourselves; the rule of law with our personal desires and our culture with depravity.  But it will not last.  Whether we want to admit it or not, this nation was founded upon a Covenant with Yahweh, and now that we have violated it, we have invited His judgment.  Well, Yahweh is faithful to His law, so He will not allow us to go un-punished.  If SCOTUS completes our transformation into Sodom, then our judgment is just around the corner — and we will deserve it!



The ‘Supreme Farce’ has just found yet another right in the Constitution.  Following their desire to share in the tyranny over this nation, the ‘Supreme Farce’ has declared that anyone who believes in God is now a bigot and can be persecuted by the government under the pretense of law.  In Germany, it was the Jew; but in America, it is Jew and Christian.  But — if you are a Christian — this should have been expected.  If you do not know the season in which we live, then maybe you will be left alone by this world.  But if you do recognize and understand the union, then you knew that the world would soon turn on you.  This is because the world hates you because — whether or not it will admit it — the world recognizes God in you.  That is what the ruling of the past two days are really about: an open attack on God and God’s people.  So, if clinging to God and God’s Law makes me a bigot in this world, then I am proud to say that — according to Satan and his childrenI am a bigot!


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