Blind Squirrel (Rush) Finds Nut — Then Walks Away And Leaves It

To my Republican friends: did you notice Rush finally came right out and said I have been right for years: we only have one Party pretending to be two?  Yes, if you listened to Limbaugh’s radio show today, he flat-out said that we have not had an ‘opposition’ Party for years, and that for years, the GOP has been advancing the Democrat Party’s agenda.  In fact, Limbaugh went so far as to say that ‘Conservatism’ is now defined as ‘tweaking socialism.’  I have been saying this for years, and my Republican friends have been vicious in their attacks on me for doing so.  Now that Limbaugh has admitted I have been right all this time, I have to wonder: will you now come to my side, or will you do what Rush did today and just walk away from this discovery?

That is exactly what Limbaugh did today: he walked away from a golden opportunity to actually do something constructive to help reverse what he calls the destruction of our nation.  If you are going to openly state that the GOP is one-in-the-same as the Democrat Party, but you then refuse to call for the creation of a true opposition Party, it begs the question:

If the GOP supports the Democrats because it will not oppose the Democrat agenda, then does Rush support the Democrats because he will not call for action against the GOP/Democrat Party?

Why do I say this?  Simple:Rush also said that the only thing these people fear — on both sides — are those who can take away their power.  Well, if you do not advocate that people not only take their money from the Party, but also their votes, you are not a threat to them.  You may sound like a threat to your audience, but that is actually you preserving your own power.  If you actually mean what you say, then you do something about it.

So what can Rush do?  Simple: if Rush were to call Hannity, Levin and Beck and ask them to join in calling for a true second Party, and they then used their platforms to do exactly that, the new Party would be the majority Party in less than 3 months.  But Rush will not do this.  None of these people will do this.  So how are they any different from the GOP they attack for not doing anything concrete to stop Obama?  The answer is: THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT!

Sadly, this same line of reasoning applies to every — and I mean EVERY candidate running under a GOP label.  If you claim to be a ‘good’ guy, but you are wearing a swastika, then I’m sorry, but you are still a NAZI, and I do not believe there is such thing as a ‘good’ NAZI.  Likewise, I no longer believe there are ‘good’ Democrats or Republicans.  Both sides of that Party are clearly working to destroy America as it was founded.  The thing I have to decide now is whether or not this applies to the talking heads that are still supporting this system by not going to war against it while they still can.


11 thoughts on “Blind Squirrel (Rush) Finds Nut — Then Walks Away And Leaves It

  1. Very Good.

    But be careful of the Nazi armband analogy. After all the VERY same Rhetorical argument can and WILL be used for those displaying/wearing the Confederate flag. Which I bought BTW…. :- )).

    1. DOn,

      I understand, and I will accept that because — no matter what else they may have stood for — those men who fought on the side of the South WERE fighting for the right to continue the practice of slavery in America. So — to me — the line of reasoning is consistent.

      That said, those who try to remove the FACT that the South had a right to secede from the equation are re-writing history and ignoring the FACT that States’ rights WAS part of the equation in the War of Northern Aggression. If truth be told, it was the PRIMARY issue, it just happened to manifest itself in the immoral desire to defend slavery. Had the South seceded over taxation, maybe people would see just how wrong the North was in what it did.

      1. I agree with you 99 and 44/100ths…. ;- )) .

        BUT ….. the majority of the Southern troops were NOT slave owners, but worked the land themselves. And their war was the “War of Northern Aggression”. Plus there were Union soldiers who DID have slaves in Maryland etc…. The Southern plantation owners were trying to protect their salve-owning rights…. But, Most of the South was NOT fighting to protect slavery.

        I am a former Northerner….so I know the standard line….was indoctrinated in it. I also have come to realize the flag now represents Southern Culture and a sense of pushback against tyranny. There are Blacks down here who wear that flag….. I have seen them.

        The major point is Politics, Alinsky marginalization and thuggery by association…..which can happen TO ANYONE at ANY TIME….. and will continue without major pushback !! Thus I REJECT ANY guilt by association. You are correct about Rush today….Rush was correct about his assessment …..and he was right in saying the other day that this will lead all the way up to Banning the American Flag. Banning Anything and Anyone because of some association with something in their past that is decided is against the Communist agenda.

        1. lol, You are correct, but you forgot to mention there were blacks who fought for the Confederacy, too — without being forced to do so.

          I think the point here is that we are witnessing a real-world version of how Govt. controls today by controlling yesterday — just like “1984,” just like ISIS!


  2. I happened to turn on my radio and heard Limbaugh’s brief “speech” you describe above. He made an obvious point, which he realized he had to do, and then deftly backed away. Rush is part of the Washington Republicans, RINO’s, and he is merely keeping the old party faithful on the “plantation.” Limbaugh knows what he does. Limbaugh still purposely uses the incorrect labels of “liberal” and “conservative”. I believe Rush’s remarks are calculated to mention the obvious but not truly inform and awaken the electorate.

    1. I agree for the most part except for the incorrect term issue. I know the terms for the 18th Century and all. I don’t want to rehash all of that. But he does divide the GOP into RINOs and those 34 in the Congress who DID vote against the TPP etc. And he identifies with them.

      He doesn’t take the next step which Joe correctly identified and you also by saying he won’t ” truly inform and awaken the electorate.” He is a fence sitter. He is still thinking he can persuade his supporters by argument and talking them into acting Constitutionally. WE know they aren’t going to change…… I think he is now more aware of that too. And he doesn’t know what to do to make them. Did you hear him talk about the “Big name Republican politician” who told him they weren’t going to do anything against Obama because….. “Elections have consequences” ? After that he said something to the effect…. ” That told me a lot “.

      But I think the electorate IS awake …. and I think this scares Rush a bit. Because he knows he will have to take a position once the Snowball starts rolling. Hannity and Levin are talking the Convention of States more and more……Cruz today even conceded it may be the only way. Rush will be a lagging indicator on this…. a follower, and he knows it !!

      1. Don,

        Rush once told the audience we would know when he thought it was time to do something — because he would go missing and turn up in New Zealand. He was not joking.

        The man is not and never has been what he pretends to be. His family history is enough to suggest he is a player, now his actions have all but confirmed it. How do we know? You say he knows people can’t be changed? Well, DUH! He has said you can’t change a liberals mind since he first got on the national air waves. So, IF he knows this; IF he believes we are the majority; IF he believes everything he claims to believe, the natural next step is to push for a real opposition Party — maybe even lead it. So why doesn’t he? Simple: HE DOES NOT BELIEVE THE STUFF HE IS SHOVELING (BTW: Rush has made this same argument about others in the past, so I am merely applying his own words to his onw actions).

    2. I agree. He knows what he is doing. It IS why he does not use the correct language, and why he does not explain what is REALLY going on in our nation. Those who listen long enough KNOW Rush knows better, so the only answers to explain this are that he is more worried about his position than the nation, or he is an operative — or a combination of the two. He is anything but genuine. Actions — not words!

      1. I agree about actions and not words !
        I remember him saying more something to the effect…. ” I will tell you when it’s time to worry …. and we are not there yet”. Which I haven’t heard him say in quite a while.

        But I do think his focus on Cultural decline while very insightful and TRUE, nevertheless avoids what needs to be done ! It is a never-ending post mortem about how we got to where we are.

        I think you and Texas are on to something because Levin has been lamenting for quite a while now that no Talk Show hosts are talking about the Convention of States solution. Today he said … ” well except for Hannity….” implying the Obvious that Rush and G Beck and Eric Ericson and the other major hosts are SILENT about solutions. So yes something is up.

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