LESSONS IN LOGIC: Supreme Court Ruling Is An Act Of Subversion

Today’s Obamacare ruling by the Supreme Court is an act of subversion.  The Justices — who should no longer be called ‘justices’ — the people who voted for this decision should be arrested and charged with subversion.  This is because there was no debate on this issue.  In fact, there was no debate on the previous ruling allowing Obamacare.  The law originated in the Senate.  It established ‘fees’ to get around the Constitutional restriction against spending bills starting in the Senate.  When the law first came to the Supreme Court, the Obama Administration argued the ‘fees’ were not taxes because they knew the law would die if they admitted the truth.  Gruber, the man who helped Obama lie to America and who advised Obama to lie to get the law passed has said they labeled the taxes in this law as ‘fees’ for this very reason.  But the Supreme Court correctly ruled the ‘fees’ were taxes.  That should have ended Obamacare!  At that point, the law was clearly unconstitutional — and remains so.  But Roberts voted to let the law stand.  The Constitution died that day.

Since that first ruling, Obama has arbitrarily changed the law more than a dozen times.  This is a clear violation of both the letter of the law and the Constitution.  The Supreme Court should have struck down every such change on this grounds alone, but it has not.  Obama has also started to steal — and it is stealing — money for Obamacare from IRS refunds. Nothing has been done about this.  This shoveled the dirt on the grave of the Constitution.

Now the court has ruled that Obama can change the laws at will.  The language of the law no longer matters.  Whatever Obama decides is law and the Court has said so.  You must understand that Obamacare said the Federal government is not allowed to provide subsidies to people in States that do not set up an exchange.  The Court just said they can.  That is a clear act of subversion.  The Court no longer pays attention to the law, it does whatever the President or prevailing political agenda tells it to do.  In short, the Court has granted Obama dictatorial powers.

What should happen now?

1 — The States should immediately dissolve the Federal Government.  Yes, they have the Constitutional power to do so.

2 — EVERYONE — even the lowliest clerk — EVERYONE who has been involved in any act that supported this tyranny should be arrested and charged with subversion.

3 — Obama should also be charged with treason, and so should every Representative and Senator and member of the government who has had anything to do with providing aid and comfort to ISIS and/or Al-Qaeda.

4 — ALL of these who are convicted should be sentenced accordingly.  This means those convicted of treason should be executed, and quickly — not 25 years from now.  ALL property and wealth of those convicted should be confiscated.

5 — any and all civilian persons involved in helping to fund any of this should also be arrested and charged with subversion, as well.  Also, for those who are convicted, ALL of  their WEALTH should be confiscated.

6 — The States should then hold another Constitutional Convention and re-write and submit the new Constitution for ratification.

Anything less than this will result in this dictatorship getting stronger.  If this is allowed, eventually, it will become out-right tyranny.

However, if the States refuse to do this, the only options left are to secede — or to bow down and accept the chains of their new masters.


5 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Supreme Court Ruling Is An Act Of Subversion

  1. I’d guess that after the end-of-Shemitah collapse, the states will slowly restore order and then do the re-ratification of a slightly modified Constitution with real term limits. This will happen from the center of the country outwards, with the Northeast and Left coast being the last to come back in. Large Democrat cities will probably not survive. Only when things get cold and dark and hungry will reality be re-established in the low-information minds.

    1. BillC,

      I pray you are correct, but I fear it is more likely that they will use the collapse to push everyone toward a centralized global government/monetary system 😦

  2. I am beginning to think with Jade Helm, this lawless ( Highest court in the land !!) Supreme Court, and the more obvious by the day Business-Congress partnership…. that we already HAVE become an out-right tyranny.

    As recent as this past November I would have agreed with you. But since the GOP “landslide”….. it is pretty obvious I think.

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