LESSONS IN LOGIC: Either The Left Is Insane, Or We Are ALL Black Now

Have you seen this story about the white woman claiming she is black?  She actually held a managing position in the NAACP.  Now her parents are telling the world she is a fraud, but every time she is interviewed, she denies that she is white.

Now, this is simple logic.  Either this woman — and everyone who defends her claims — is crazy (as in clinically), or we should all claim to be black and end racism — and all need for these expensive government affirmative action programs while we’re at it.

You need to understand that this is exactly what we are facing here.  If a person can claim to be a race other than what they actually are, and no one can correct them, then we all should claim to be black.  That would end racism.  By definition, if we are all black, racism is impossible.  So we are all black now.  There: racism is over.  Now we can end all affirmative action programs; all ‘hate’ crimes — everything that has to do with race in any way.  We are all the same color now, so none of these laws are needed.

Now, since that was so easy, why stop there.  I now declare we are all rich.  Now we can stop attacking the wealthy and congratulate ourselves on ending poverty.  Do not worry about the difference in our income.  There are still differences in the color of our skin, but we are all black.  So in the same way, if someone has less money than you, it doesn’t matter.  They are still rich.  So now we can end all welfare programs.  In fact, we can do away with all aspects of Socialism.  It is not needed when everyone is rich.  See how easy this is?

We can keep going.  I now declare we are all female.  Now we can do away with the entire feminist movement and all sexual discrimination laws.  WOW!  Who knew that the solution to all our social problems was so easy?  I like this.  Let’s keep going.

Religion is another problem, so let’s declare that we are all puppy-worshipers.  From now on, we all worship the puppy god.  Now we can… OH!  What?  Muhammad wants to remove my head?  Why?  Doesn’t he understand I just solved all religion-based problems in our society?  No?  You mean —

Sorry, our narrator just lost his head because — for some reason — Muhammad did not by his BS about being a rich, black, female puppy-worshiper.  Oh, well, maybe Rachel Dolezal will be able to convince Muhammad he is wrong.

Now, do you see the insanity here?  The problem is — if you watch the interviews — this Dolezal woman actually believes what she is saying.  Where did she learn this?  Simple: they teach this stuff in our schools.  She has been indoctrinated into thinking this way.  Delozal is a perfect example of the product our leaders want from our schools.  Unless you are one of the chosen, they want us all to be like this woman: willing to accept whatever they tell us is true.  So, for Dolezal, 2+2=5, but for the sane — those who still understand logic and objective reality — 2+2=4.  One of these camps is crazy, the other is not.  The question of our time is which is going to win out and direct the evolution of society?


8 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Either The Left Is Insane, Or We Are ALL Black Now

  1. We are now the Borg, we have reached singularity and are all one. The Matrix has ben fulfilled.

    When I look back at the Star Trek series the Borg were by far the most fearful of all the enemies the United Federation of Planets ever faced.

    We are now in assimilation mode in America.

    1. chhelo,

      yes, but did you notice that the Borg was also a fiction? It still had a queen with her own individual identity. She just claimed to be Borg when — in reality — she was just like every other would-be dictator –she ran the Borg she had created. Also notice her affinity for ‘technology’ as the perfection of biological beings.

      1. Joe,

        Yes it was fiction but so was the novel 1984. Granted the collective always has a queen bee so the similarities between communism/fascism and the Borg remain constant. Remember Satan mimics everything 100% opposite of God’s plan.

        Technology has allowed for and is pulling us into the One World Order faster than anyone could have ever imagined. Everything is now in place to monitor every single major financial transaction on Earth. Soon the developed economies will be pushed into a cashless system and every financial transaction will be stored, sorted and used to control all aspects of our daily lives.

        Not hard to see where this is all headed. All have been warned but may will not believe.

        1. Chhelo,

          This is where I believe we differ, but I understand how it happens and why. I no longer believe we will see a one-world government (mostly because Scripture clearly says we won’t). HOWEVER, if we read prophecy as Jerusalem-centered, we will see that, since the mid-point of the time of the gentiles (when Jerusalem was under gentile control), a believer (Jew or Christian) was not allowed to buy or sell without taking the mark of Islam (dihmmi — servitude). Islam is the final beast. It fits prophecy to the letter. Maybe I should start explaining this, too???

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