This is a series dedicated to a critical examination of what the politically correct agenda actually means for our society.

Have you heard Obama and the rest of the politically correct echo chamber trying to convince you that taxes are charity?  Do you suppose these people even know that charity is a voluntary action and taxes are involuntary?  Oh, sure, they will tell you that you do not have to pay taxes, but then they will take away your ability to live without charity, which must come from taxes.  Do you see how the absurdity of their reasoning works?

But maybe — even though it is crude — it would be better to explain it this way.  If forcing people to pay taxes is ‘charity,’ then how is it that rape is not ‘free love?’  I mean, weren’t these hippie re-treads pushing the PC agenda into that ‘free love’ stuff back in their day?  So why wouldn’t they agree that rape is to free love as taxes are to charity?


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