This is a series dedicated to a critical examination of what the politically correct agenda actually means for our society.

We hear a lot about ‘diversity,’ but how often do you stop to consider what is actually being advanced?  If we view society as an organism (which the majority of us do), then ‘diversity’ would actually represent a cancer in the body of society.  A body functions best when all its parts work toward a common goal.  However, when some cells start to establish a different agenda within the body, and they are allowed to grow unchecked, they will — eventually — kill the rest of the body.  This is essentially what cancer is and does: a group of cells that no longer work to sustain the body, but to exist and grow for their own purpose.  The same principle applies when we talk about ‘diversity’ in society.

This nation was once heralded as ‘The Great Melting Pot.’

The idea was that, while you could keep your identity and culture in your home and community, you assimilated into the greater culture of the nation by accepting and supporting its founding principle and ideal.  In this manner, while we still had troubles living up to those principles and ideals, at least we all had a common understanding of what America was and was supposed to be.  This allowed us to work to correct those areas where we had trouble — and we did (for the most part).  But this is no longer the agenda of those who seek to destroy this nation as founded.  Today, they push ‘diversity,’ and they do so in terms that make it sound like ‘fairness’ and ‘equality of treatment,’ but what they are really pushing is a malignancy in society.

The perfect example is Islam.  While I accept the principle of allowing people to worship as they see fit, that principle has an inherent qualification: you must not harm others or the nation in the process.  Islam — as Muhammad defined it — cannot do this because Muslims are commanded to work until there is a global Islamic theocracy known as the Caliphate.  This is destructive to both our culture and our Constitution, therefore, Islam — as Muhammad defined it — is a cancer to the American ideal, but then, so is Marxism.

Whereas Islam seeks an Islamic Caliphate, Marxism seeks an oligarchy of ruling elite.  Yes, I understand this is not what Marx claimed he was after, but then, I do not believe that Marx actually believed Communism is or ever could be the future of humanity.  I think that was just the line he used to sell people into surrendering their lives to him and his elitist buddies.  However, once he started selling his line, he had to keep some appearance that he believed it and that it could be achieved, so the majority of his goals were painted in terms of his story.  This is why Marxism sees only the material world and explains everything in terms of two opposing forces (a.k.a. the dialectic).  However, in practice, Marxism is nothing more than a form of socialist dictatorship under a Party governed by a ruling elite.  In short, the Marxist is seeking a theocracy of man, instead of a god.  Either way, Marxism is just as deadly to the American ideal as Islam.

Now, consider this: if diversity is such a good thing, then we should embrace both the Muslim and Marxist theocracy, shouldn’t we?  But if we do that, then how long do you suppose it will be before one or the other tries to establish a homogeneous society according the way they think and the things they believe?  Once they finish destroying what is left of America, if you think the Muslims and Marxists won’t turn on each other for the sake of making themselves the sole authority in America, then you do not understand the people of either ideology.  Neither allows room for the other.  In short, neither allows ‘diversity.’  SO why is it they are both pushing the idea of ‘diversity?’

Notice that I left out other groups, such as those who cannot propagate without a laboratory — neither themselves, nor the species.  Or those who believe that man, himself, is a cancer on the body of the planet, and that as a cancer on the planet, we should be removed (well, all but themselves and their friends, that is).  I could go on, but I think — if you are ever going to — you should be getting the idea by now.

So, how about some more cancer — I mean — ‘diversity?’  🙂

[NOTE: entropy is also ‘diversity.’  Entropy is just another way of saying ‘decay.’  So I guess diversity = death would have been a better way to have explained my point 😉 ]


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