UNDERSTANDING ISLAM: Islam does not Support Democracy, Limits Private Property Rights

In his recent interview with Glenn Beck, Grover Norquist claimed that his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and other subordinate Islamic organizations was intended to help stabilize the Middle East by promoting democracy and free trade.  In this interview, Norquist claimed that he had someone else read the Qur’an for him, and that this person determined the Qur’an supports democracy and private property rights.  So, as Norquist sees it, this means Islam can be ‘modernized.’  Throughout the interview, Norquist continuously claimed his goal is to bring Islam out of the Thirteenth Century.  However, there is a major problem with this claim: it is not true!  First, Muhammad was very forceful in asserting that Islam does not change!  Next, the Qur’an does not allow for democracy, and it only provides property rights for Muslims.  If you are not a Muslim, you have very few rights at all, let alone property rights.  Sadly, this is one of the areas where Beck’s ignorance got in his way as he did not correct Norquist on any of these point.  (in my opinion, this is caused by his Spiritual blindness).  But it is worse than this.  Norquist is married to a Muslim, so he is not ignorant of these fact.  This means Norquist knows full-well that he is lying about Islam.

First, it is fundamental principles of Islam that Islam does not change:

Bukhari:V9B88N174 “I heard the Prophet saying, ‘Islam cannot change!'”

This is why Islam has not and cannot undergo a reformation.  In fact, Muhammad ordered Muslims to kill anyone who tries to change Islam.  Muhammad called them apostates and ordered them killed even before infidels.  So Norquist (and by his silence, Beck) is wrong to suggest people Islam can be ‘modernized.’

Second, Islam is opposed to the very idea of democracy.  This comes from an Islamic site:

We as Muslims should hate this system with our hearts Democracy as it contradicts our aqeedah as it is part of the capitalist ideology. Allah (swt) says in the Qur’an in Surah Al Maaidah (45 or 46)

So it is impossible to ‘democratize’ Islam or the Islamic world.  Which leaves only one more point in Norquists false assertions: that Islam can support a free market economy based on private property rights.  This point is a little trickier because Islam does support private property rights and free trade — but for Muslims only!  The truth is simple: non-Muslims have very few rights of any kind under Islamic law.  In fact, under Shari’a law, non-Muslims can be property!  So Islam does not support private property and free trade in the sense most Westerners understand it, and as Norquist is assumed to mean it.

Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State

So Norquist was lying, and Beck’s Spiritual blindness prevents him from seeing the lies.  Both want to believe there are good Muslims and bad Muslims.  While I might agree that there are good people and bad people in Islam, I understand that — according to Muhammad — there cannot be ‘bad’ Muslims.  Islam means to submit, and Muhammad said this means Muslims must obey Allah’s commands.  One of those commands is to fight unbelievers until there is only Islam.  Allah cannot have rivals — Muhammad said so.  This means — according to Muhammad — a ‘good’ Muslim is an enemy to all non-Muslims.  Once again, this is by definition: Muhammad’s definition.  We do not get to ague it.  Muhammad said the matter is settled — even for Muslims.  Muhammad even said those who question him or try to change Allah’s commands are apostates and should be killed.

Whether we want to accept the truth is up to us.  But I will warn you: to ignore what Muhammad actually taught is equal to ignoring Hitler’s declarations in “Mein Kampf.”  If we ignore Islam, we will meet the same end as Germany did in 1945, only, this time, there will be no America to save the world.  As Reagan put it, we are the last best hope for mankind (although, I would like to think Ronnie was trying not to play the final ace — and that would be Jesus).


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