BIBLE PROPHECY: Much of what You Think You Know about Prophecy is Wrong!

NOTE: This is the first post in what will be a series of posts sharing what I have learned from an intensive, two-year study of Biblical prophecy and world history.

For the past couple years, I have been in an intensive study of Biblical prophecy.  My study has taken me to other areas of Scripture, as well.  I have found myself studying ancient Hebrew and Hebrew culture; Greek; Biblical symbology and allegory and even secular history.  What I have learned has convinced me that — where prophecy is concerned — the majority of the Church believes in a false testimony; a lie.  For example, several things I discovered that the majority of believers will probably find difficult to accept are:

1 — Christ was probably forty years old when He died — not thirty-three.

2 — There is ‘secular’ confirmation of the Bible’s account of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

3 — Scripture does not support the notion of Satan incarnate as “THE Antichrist.”

4 — That the Bible does not support an end-times seven year tribulation.

5 — that Scripture does not support a pre- or mid-tribulation rapture.

6 — In fact, Scripture and history support the likelihood that all of Daniel’s seventy weeks are in the past!

7 — It is all but certain that the false prophet is Muhammad and Islam is the fourth Beast.

I have a great deal to share with those who are interested.  I believe I can use Scripture to make my case on every one of the seven points listed above, but there will be more to this series than just these seven points — much more!   My goal is not to make any new claims.  Much of what I will share has been known to the Church for centuries — and is now forgotten.  Instead, I hope to help believers recognize the season, and that this will encourage them to turn back to and draw closer to the Lord.

I will do my best to make at least one post in this series every week.  I invite any and all believers to follow along and to post any questions or comment you may have.  I am happy to admit that I may well be wrong and am open to correction and learning.  However, I do not wish to draw those skeptics who do not have a sincere interest in this subject to the conversation, so I will not post on the main page after this.  You will have to keep checking for new posts in the header at the top of this page listed as “BIBLE PROPHECY.”  You will also find a sub-heading labeled “BEFORE YOU BEGIN.”  I would respectfully ask that you read the four posts under that sub-heading before reading another of the posts in this series.  They are short — at least, short for me 🙂


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