Courts Approve Christian Evangelism in Public Schools!

This is from my other blog, The Road to Concord:

LAWLESSNESS IN THE HEADLINES: The Death of the First Amendment

Have you heard?  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled it is ‘Constitutional’ for our schools to teach Christianity to students.  They are not just teaching about the religion; they are teaching the religion.  The Court even ruled that it is ‘Constitutional’ for our schools to force students to dress as first century Christians, take on Christian names, pray to Yahweh and generally act like first century Christians for two full weeks.  What’s more, schools do not have to tell the parents, and parents cannot ‘opt their children out’ of the course.  This ruling goes so far as to protect the schools teaching students that Yahweh is not only real, He is the One True God.  But here is the biggest shocker: the ACLU has been totally silent on this matter!  This is the joining of Church and State, and with its ruling, the Ninth Court of Appeals has destroyed the First Amendment.  Oh!  There’s just one catch to this story: it wasn’t Christianity, it was Islam!

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