AGENDAS: If You Will Not Believe Me About Islam, Then Will You Believe ‘The Atlantic?’

“What is the Islamic State?  Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers.”

If you are different.  If you are not one of those who is content to accept the propaganda fed to you by our media.  If you would rather know and understand the truth — no matter how ugly it may be.  Then you need to read this post.  It has a direct bearing on your future, as well as the future of our entire society and the world.

I have had many readers questions whether or not I am telling the truth about Islam.  No matter how many times I quote the Qur’an and Hadith, or explain what Muhammad taught/commanded, there are people who refuse to accept that I am telling the truth.  I understand why these people doubt me.  In our society, it is difficult to know who we can trust.  It might be easier if we cared enough to do our own research but — sadly — we are no longer a society that cares enough to educate ourselves.  Instead, we look for shortcuts.  We want to think we can learn about things that require an entire semester of study in a thirty second video clip, or even a one hindered and forty word tweet.   There is an inherent contradiction here: between our desire to know and our distrust of the people trying to teach us.   Personally, I deal with this contradiction by reading many different sources of information.  This way I can better sort the truth from propaganda.  Even then, it is still too easy to make mistakes.  However, in the case of Islam, I have been presenting the truth of Islam.  In case you are one of those who has question this, I have found an article in The Atlantic that you might want to read.  If I have been wrong about Islam, then the Atlantic has stumbled across the exact same understanding of Islam that I have been trying to help people understand.  This is because the Atlantic has finally stumbled across the Islam Muhammad taught, and not the one the politically correct West has created and defended.

What ISIS Really Wants

This article explains Islam and Islamic prophecy.  It will affirm everything I have ever told you about Islam and more.  Yes, it is lengthy, but then, it has to be.  We are not dealing with an issue that can be taught in a thirsty-second video or a tweet.  But, if you care about understanding the most serious threat the Western world has or will ever face, you must read this entire story!


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