AGENDAS: Lawlessness and the Destruction of Language

I was thinking about labels and trying to think of a new term I could use to describe people who oppose individual rights and liberty for others.  While I was thinking about this, I remembered the many people who have — in the past — objected to being ‘labeled.’  Sadly, these people do not understand that, without labels, communication is impossible.  Every word you are reading is a label.  Every word you speak is a label.  In fact, every hand gesture you make is a label.    You see, we seldom bother to think past the surface, so we are seldom conscious of the fact that form and function are what define; words are just descriptive labels we assign to represent those forms and function.  This is how labels make communication possible.  In their most basic form, labels are just symbols that convey commonly understood concepts or ideas. But there are rules governing the proper use of labels and labels only work when people use them according to these rules.  When people reject these rules and act as though they are free to make up whatever rules they wish, while we may still be using the same labels, communication breaks down.  This is what has been happening to us for some time now.  It is just another form of lawlessness, and lawlessness always leads to destruction and/or tyranny.

Now I would like to return to what caused me to write this post.  I was trying to think of a word or term that would be more inclusive of the many different labels associated with ideas that are — essentially — ant-individual rights and liberty.  I was looking for something that could be used to describe the fundamental commonality between the many ‘isms,’ such as Communism, Fascism, Socialism etc.  I thought I had it for a moment.  Since the lifeblood of liberty lies in the free will of the individual, I was going to suggest we call these people ‘liberty vampires.’  Unfortunately, I realized that this will not work.  We have so perverted our culture that — to too many people — vampires are romantic creatures.  We have glorified something that is and has always been a symbol of evil.  This realization is all the more ironic when one understands that many of the people who have glorified evil are among the same people perverting our language.

So I abandoned my search for a new term to use and started thinking about the connections here.  This is when I realized that the word I was looking for is ‘lawlessness.’  Very few of us would deny that there are physical laws governing matter in this universe.  Most would also agree that there are laws governing animal behavior.  Yet, for some reason, many of us deny the existence of any universal law governing the behavior of man.  I am not among those people.  I understand that Natural Law exists, it is universal and it does not change.  Language — like logic and reason — is governed by these Natural Laws.  Economics is governed by Natural Law.  In fact, every aspect of human interaction is governed by Natural Law.  Those who ignore or try to force changes on these laws are the reason for the majority of man’s troubles, and it is because they are lawless.  They rebel against Natural Law and the result is predictable: chaos.  So, from now on, I will call those who seek to control the free will of other people as ‘lawless.

Now, there have always been lawless people.  Whether or not you accept the story of Adam and Eve, man has always had an individual inclination toward lawlessness.  However, in recent times, that internal restraint that held the majority of us in check seems to have been removed.  More and more of us are showing symptoms of lawlessness.  We pervert common things such as common decency because we have rebelled against the Natural Laws governed by humility and shame, but we have also rebelled against more important things such as reason and language.  Now we not only openly rebel against the written laws of our society, we glorify those who do so without paying any penalty for having done so.  The whole process has created a powerful delusion which has caused far too many to believe that there is no law, especially Natural Law.

By now, you have either recognized the Truth of my argument, or you are ready to dismiss me.  If you know your Scripture — especially your prophecy — then you may have recognized my last paragraph is little more than a re-statement of several prophecies combined into a common thought.  However, if you reject the Truth in these words…  Well, why worry about something as meaningless as rules, right?  If you say 2+2=5, then it equals 5 for you.  Sure, i am free to think that 2+2=4 — until there are more of you who think 2+2=5 than there are of me who think 2+2=4.  At that point, lawlessness will do what it always does: try to enforce its ‘truth’ on others because — in the end — we all know that laws exist, we just want to be the one who makes those laws.


5 thoughts on “AGENDAS: Lawlessness and the Destruction of Language

  1. I use statist but for dissemination purposes, an word that is easy to remember, slides off the tongue nicely, and is exact enough to describe haters of freedom but ambiguous enough to cover all of them is desperately needed.

    1. dakwolf55,

      I was using it for a while, too, but then I realized that the term can be misunderstood. The founding fathers could have been called Statists in as much as they supported the PROPER role of the State — which is essentially what the term means (someone who looks to or advances government). Still, statist is — in my opinion — the second best term, and I do not doubt I will use it again in the future 🙂

  2. I have used words from “communist” to “socialist” to “progressive” to “marxist” to “statist” and “lawless”.

    There is something inherently missing from all of these terms, unless you know history and understand the hundreds of millions of souls murdered by the progenitors of their organizations. Those who support all of the above, do not care what is “just” or “right” or “equitable” for all. They place themselves “above” everyone else. They make “law” to apply to everyone but themselves, thereby making themselves our masters and making us their slaves. How can any person justify and excuse such actions?

    The enemies of “liberty” force their will upon all others. Without consent of “the People”. Right or wrong, just or unjust. They lie, cheat, and fraudulently steal. They make promises which are never fulfilled and move the “goal posts” when their previous promises are broken. Then, when they believe they are among supporters they openly delight in their knowing and success.

    “Obamacare” and Gruber exhibit truth for all those who are not lost. What kind of person can look another in the eye, smile while shaking their hand, and then calmly and knowingly lie? A person who has no righteousness nor honor. What kind of person schemes and knowingly creates lies to induce others to act, and then later laughs while they brag of the successes of their deceit, justifying with others are “stupid”. What term describes a person or group who will lie and force upon others, hurting all of us economically, and thereby making all our lives much more difficult?

    “Evil” seems harsh to most in our current time. I cannot think of another term which includes the truly bad, unreasonable, untrusting kind of animal that is continually scheming to literally steal everything from all of us. You cannot negotiate with another whom you know will smile, shake your hand, and pretend to agree with you. You can never “pursue happiness” when the wolf is at the gate waiting for the opportunity to take anything, or everything. Literally. Thieves never stop until they are made to do so. Thieves never stop until there is nothing else left to steal and they have enslaved everyone as they choose. The recent “State of the Union Address” illuminates this truth.

    Descriptive: The term should reflect the treachery and deceit of those who support and advance the cause to extinguish the “rule of law” and liberty.

    Enslavers ? Liars ? Dishonorable ? Inhuman ? Animals ?

    Or simply, Evil ?

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