AGENDAS: What do Socialists/Fascists/Progressives have in Common with Islam?

Progressives (American Liberals), Fascists, Communists, Marxists  and Socialists all stress the State over the individual.  So, for the sake of discussion, I will refer to these groups as Statists.  Islam also stresses the collective over the individual.  If I remember correctly, the Islamic term for the collective is Umma.  Now, you may have already noticed that Statists and Islam both stress the collective over the individual, but this is a given.  I assume everyone who is paying attention already understands this.  No, I want to call your attention to another similarity between these groups, and it is a similarity that — if any one of these groups succeeds — must end in tyranny for the entire human race.

First, I need to readdress a common theme in my posts.  I have tried to explain that Statists are not ‘conspiracy’ people because they openly declare their intentions.  It’s just that most people do not understand their language.  They use common words in what seem to be common ways, but they have assigned entirely different meaning to those words.  This is how they can speak openly about their plans and the average person will get an entirely wrong understanding of what they mean.  One of the best examples is when Obama said we were five days away from fundamentally transforming America.  His supporters understood he meant revolution that will end America as we have known it, but most people thought he was going to restore the America they know and love.

If we had known and understood what Obama actually meant, he would never have been elected and he knows it.  All Statists know they would be rejected if they were clear about their intent.  This is why they intentionally use deception.  They know they must deceive people to achieve their goals.  Now, for those who follow the teachings of the Bible, we know who the father of deception is.  This does not mean the person is evil, but when we find someone purposely deceiving others to achieve their agenda, we can know they are working for evil.  The Obama Administrations treatment of Islam’s war against the world is yet another example of deception being employed for political purposes.

There is a reason that the Obama Administration refuses to call Islamic attacks ‘terrorism.’  They do not want to single out Islam.  In fact, the Obama Administration is working with Islam.  This is well known and is a matter of public record.  Obama has been providing material aid and comfort to Islam since he took office.  This is why he and his officials will not call Islamic attacks ‘terrorism:’ because an attack on Islam would be an attack on themselves.  However, Obama will use Islamic attacks to speak out against ‘extremism.’  Here is where we find the connection between Statism and Islam that I want to bring to your attention.

First, you must understand that, when an American Statist speaks about an extremist — and this includes the Republican leadership —  he/she is talking about anyone who opposes their agenda — period!  If you do not understand that this most likely means you, stop and read this article:

Obama Declares War On “Extremism” – Are You An “Extremist”?

Our government has named some 71 different official classifications of ‘extremist,’ and Muslim or Islamic is not among them.  They can be included in several of the official classifications, but that is all: they are included in the classification, not specifically named as one.  Instead of naming Islam as a specific threat, our government is using islamic attacks to lay the ground work for justifying the classification of any and all opposition to the government and its agenda as ‘extremist.’

This is crucial to understand.  This is an American version of Hitler’s lead-up to attacking the Jews.  All Statists need an enemy and some sort of crisis upon which to focus the people’s wrath.  This is how the revolutionary formula works.  Create economic stress and violent threats — the more the better.  The goal is to make people scared and to convince them the government is there only hope of salvation.  Then you create an enemy and focus the people on that enemy.  Now the people will willingly surrender their rights and sacrifice on their material needs to defeat that enemy.  The only thing missing is a charismatic leader to tell the people he cares about them and only wants to save them and the formula is complete.

Well, we have a man who thinks he is that charismatic leader.  Think hard.  When was the last time you saw Obama rejecting the media attempts to paint him as a messianic figure?  You haven’t, but you have seen him act violently toward anyone he feels insulted him.  Now you have Obama and his people using language that paints anyone and everyone who opposes him as an ‘extremist’ — anyone and everyone except Islam, that is.  Why?  The why is simple: Obama is working with Islamic forces to ‘fundamentally transform America.’  It is that simple, and it is true.  Just check his actions against his words and you will find both point in this direction.

Now, here is the connection between the Statist and Islam, and it contains a hidden danger.  Both the Statist and Islam have a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality.  In fact, both the Statist and Islam are comfortable with the idea of killing anyone and everyone who will not conform tot heir agenda.  This is what ‘political correctness’ was designed to do: silence any and all opposition to the Statist agenda.  In fact, if you will research it, you will find that the people who created political correctness called it their shield.  Their political agenda was their sword, but PC is their shield by which they protect that agenda.  Well, Islam has a similar agenda: convert or die.  The Islamic shield can be found in Muhammad’s command to convert all by the sword and kill all who resist — especially Muslims who refuse to follow these commands.

So, the common thread I want you to pay attention to is the unspoken implication that those who will not comply must be eliminated.  It is evident throughout the history of totalitarianism.  It is evident here, today — if you understand history.  But there is a hidden trap in the relationship between the Statists and Islam.  Both sides secretly think they are using the other and, when the time comes that they no longer need each other, both sides believe they will be able to ‘deal with’ each other.  Again, look to history and you will find the first people the Statist eliminates are not the enemy they use to gain popular support, it is the groups they ‘organized’ to help them seize power.  In Hitler’s case, that is what the ‘Night of Long Knives’ was all about: killing off any of Hitler’s allies who might try to turn on him.  This is what will happen here.  When Islam or the Statists supporting Islam think they no longer need the other, they will attack each other.  This will leave the world to pay the price for their arrogance.

Now, before you tell me I am doing the very thing I am describing by trying to paint Islam as a threat that must be eliminated, stop!  Yes, I am telling you that both the Statist and Islam are threats that, if not stopped, will destroy the Western World.  However, I am not telling you that we must ‘eliminate’ either group.  For me, the solution is to humble ourselves and return to God, but I understand that too few people are left who want to hear the word of God, and fewer still who actually believe.  In truth, this leads me to believe we are living in the days Paul warned about in 2 Thessalonians 2.  However, in the material world, if you do not want to hear God’s word, or refuse to repent and return to His Law, the best thing to do is RUN from anyone who is trying to control other people.  Anyone who is using deception to achieve their goals should be opposed.  Anyone who refuses to speak the plain truth is a threat.  Anyone who refuses to obey the laws is a threat.  Do not support any such person!  There is no rationalization that can justify doing business with them; voting for them; or supporting them in any way.  Speak out against them.  Refuse to give them money in any form.  Do not support them in any way.  Fight them by any and all peaceful and legal means possible.  Look to MLK and Gandhi for the answer, nothing else.  Otherwise, the world is doomed.  To be honest, unless we turn back to God now, the world is still doomed, but at least this path may lessen the pain of what is coming.


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