How to Decide Who to Trust in a World of Deception

The Republican vote to return Boehner as Speaker of the House yesterday reminded me of a question a friend of mine asked me.  She wanted to know what sources I trust to get my news.  On the surface, these two things might not seem related, but they are.  And it is in how they are related that I finally figured out how to answer her.  So, for L, and anyone else who might be interested in how we can determine who and what to trust when we live in a world of deception, here are my thoughts.  I hope they help.

Let’s start with the Republican vote for Speaker yesterday, 6 Jan 2015.  A recent poll reports that some 60%+ of Republican voters wanted Boehner replaced, yet, the GOP voted to return Boehner to the position of Speaker.  This included people several GOP Representatives who not only campaigned on the Conservative/TEA Party platform and the promise to stop Obama’s agenda, at least one GOP Rep. who voted for Boehner made the specific campaign promise to not do so.  So the GOP ignored the will of its voters.  Then, immediately after being re-elected, Boehner said the GOP had to return power to start listening to the voters again, and to obey and enforce the Constitution. In short, Boehner gave a speech promising not to do exactly what he had just forced the GOP to do.

Now hold on to Boehner’s speech and let me bring something else to your attention.  In America, the political Left claims that FOX News is ‘right-wing’ and ‘ultra-conservative,’ and that this means it is not a news organization, but propaganda.  Obama, as President, has even expressed this opinion.  Somehow, the political Left always seems to be blind to the fact that ‘their media’ does the same thing as FX, only in favor of the Democrat Party.  However, to those who actually care about truth, it is obvious that both the ‘main stream’ media and FOX News share the same agenda.  The Boehner vote is just the latest example demonstrating this shared agenda.  Before the vote for Speaker, FOX interviewed Gohmert, who was running against Boehner.  In that interview, the FOX reporter vehemently defended Boehner’s position without giving any consideration to Gohmert’s.  FOX did the same thing with the TEA Party.

My dear reader, all of this is hypocrisy in its purest form.  The American Right claims to be for the Constitution and rule of law, but, when Americans try to force the GOP to put action to their words, the GOP always seems to act in a way that defends and advances the American Left’s agenda.  But this is a hidden blessing because, if we are looking for the truth, this hypocrisy reveals a way to help us determine who and what we can trust.

The answer is in ‘triangulation.’  By watching to see where the Democrats and Republicans come together, and where the ‘main stream’ and the ‘Conservative’ media come together, we can determine the true agenda of those people who work behind the scenes.  Yes, I am clearly stating that there are people who work in the shadows to control society.  This is not a conspiracy theory.  It is the truth.  We know this because, if we bother to look for it, we can find where these people have flat out told us this is what they are doing — not ‘trying’ to do; are doing!  But these people are not the focus of this post. So, let’s return to ‘triangulation.’

By looking for those areas where the Left and Right join forces, we can find the underlying agenda.  You have to look harder to find these areas of agreement where positive cooperation is concerned, but it is there.  A recent example would be the way the GOP rushed to pass the recent budget, thereby forfeiting one of the GOP’s two years of control over spending.  This protected Obama’s entire agenda.  It is not something an ‘opposition’ Part would do.  If it was really trying to oppose Obama’s agenda, the GOP would never have granted Obama the spending he needs to further that agenda to cover the period leading into the next Presidential election.  But this is exactly what the Republicans did, and it shows — through actions rather than words — that the GOP leadership is in lock-step with the Democrats.

However, there is an area where it is easier to find these signs of common agenda.  When the Left and the Right team up to attack someone, that is a strong indicator that the person or organization being attacked is closer to the truth than the establishment.  The TEA Party is the best example of what I am trying to explain.  The Democrats and Republicans are actually one Party.  They are only pretending to be two Parties.  Their actions repeatedly and consistently testify to this.  So, when a real second option entered onto the political scene in the form of the TEA Party, both Parties — and both liberal and conservative media — immediately attacked the TEA Party.  Why?

To be honest, why does not matter.  We know — know — that the Left and Right lie to us as a matter of routine, so whatever they tell us about their enemies should be dismissed.  In fact, in a world of socialist dictatorship, whoever and whatever the government attacks should be studied much more closely.  There is a reason the liars are trying to get the people to hate their enemies.  Now, this is not to say that one liar can oppose another.  The Democrats and Republicans have legitimate disagreements within their one-Party structure.  But when one side is actually trying to live their agenda — as in the case of the TEA Party — then the chances that the side trying to actually put action to their words is telling you the truth.  This is where we find the answer to my friend’s question.

So, how do we know who and what to trust?  By looking for people and organizations that both sides attack who are actually trying to do what they say they want to do.  In the case of politics, this means you have to look outside both the Democrats and Republicans.  When it comes to ‘news’ organizations, look to the blogosphere.  You have to be careful, and look for blogs that actually document their posts, but look carefully and you will find blogs that both sides — liberal and conservative — attack.  The Blaze is another news source that fits this criteria.  Run by the woman who made the Huffington Post successful, the Blaze is a legitimate news organization — in the sense of traditional journalism.  This is why the Blaze is seldom cited by either side, even when they break a major story.  But, if you pay attention, you will find the majority of the stories the Blaze ‘breaks’ come from bloggers.  At the time of our founding, ‘the press’ was little more than private people publishing pamphlets and small papers.  In this same light, the blogger is the modern-day pamphleteer.

Therefore, if we are looking for people to trust, I would strongly recommend we look for those people both sides are attacking.  If they are trying to do what they say they want to do, then there is a decent chance that you will find truth there — at least, more truth than there is in the establishment.


7 thoughts on “How to Decide Who to Trust in a World of Deception

  1. The vote told me all I needed to know. Funny how the popular boys kept mum. Now then, I know you don’t want to hear it, but you know who else both sides are attacking? Ted Cruz. …….jes sayin

    1. Kells,

      Yes, but I also know this: those Germans who said they kept quiet and went along to get along during WW II were just as guilty as the people in control of their nation. After the war, they claimed their was nothing they could do, but that is not true. they were just too cowardly to take a stand. So they share in the NAZI guilt.

      Here is the part YOU will not like. So long as Cruz remains a Republican, there is no difference between him and those Germans who stayed quiet — NONE!

    1. We shall see, but remember, history teaches us that you cannot reform from within. The founders had to secede from England, just as the original Republicans had to secede from the Whig Party. So, if Cruz stays in the GOP, then he is guilty as I have charged — as are ALL others who stay. You can tell yourself otherwise, but you will be no different than all those Germans who tried to claim they had no responsibility for the Holocaust. It was an excuse then, and it remains an excuse now…

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