PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: It is NOT about ‘Incompetence,’ but Ideology

For many years, I was confused by the things our national leaders did.  I couldn’t understand how ‘rational’ people could make such horrible decisions, so I accepted the usual explanation: they were ‘incompetent.’  Well, that was then and this is now.  Now, I am here to tell you if anyone — and I mean anyone — tries to tell you that ‘incompetence’ is the answer, that person is part of the problem.  They are part of the problem because ‘incompetence’ is the explanation of the intellectually lazy.  That’s right: it is a cop-out.  There are explanations for the things our national leaders and elite institutions are doing, and it really isn’t all that hard to understand them.  All you have to do is change the way you look at things.  If you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I think I can show you how to look at world events so you’ll see them in an entirely different way.  I manage to help you switch your perspective, the world will never look the same to you again.First, let me explain that I am making no claim to have some sort of special insight or revelation, because I don’t.  I probably no different from you in that, for many years, I believed the majority of people leading this nation were incompetent.  This is no longer the case.  Now, I understand that this is an excuse.  Only intellectually lazy people blame decisions they can’t understand or explain on ‘incompetence.’  The truth is, very, very few people who are truly incompetent will ever manage to obtain a position of power — any position of power.  But you have to make a shift in how you look at things before you will understand what I mean.  You have to learn how to stop looking at things in terms of yourself.

Before someone can make this shift in perspective, they have to stop blinding themselves by trying to impose what they ‘know‘ on what they see.  By that, I mean they have to let go and humble themselves to the point where they are ready to admit they may be wrong about everything they think they know, and even that isn’t enough.  They also have to have a sincere desire to know the truth, and a willingness to accept whatever that truth may bring.  Unless and until something brings a person to this point, I don’t believe they will ever make the switch in perspective.  As long as we cling to ourselves — our preconceived notions of what is and isn’t true — will resist objective reality and cling to our artificial world.  This is why so many people accept ‘incompetence’ as  explanation for those decisions they do not understand why our leaders are making: because they keep looking at those decisions in terms of themselves.

OK, I hope that made some sense to you.  Now I am going to try to illustrate my point.  As I have told you in previous posts, my business is connected to the history of WW II and the events that lead to it.  It is common for military historians to debate Hitler’s military decisions.  To the majority of these historians, many of the things Hitler did appear to be ‘mistakes.’  The majority of these historians also argue that these mistakes were due to incompetence.  They then go into long explanations of how Hitler fancied himself a grand strategist while, in reality, he had very little understanding of military strategy.  For most, these explanations seem believable, and so, history has accepted this conclusion: that Hitler was militarily incompetent.  The problem with this is that these are military historians drawing these conclusions, so they are blinded by their military frame of mind.  Likewise, those who study politics have made similar conclusions about Hitler’s incompetence, and they make the same mistake as the military historians, only they are blinded by their political view point.

Let me say that, until recently, I was both and I made the same mistakes about Hitler’s competency as both the military and political historians.  It wasn’t until I started reading “The Storm of War: a New History of the Second World War” by Andrew Roberts that I finally understood my mistake, and why I had made it.  Roberts has done what we all need to do: he has stood back and looked at Hitler from Hitler’s shoes, and in relation to Hitler’s time and circumstances.  Once he did this, Roberts couldn’t avoid the racial ideology that drove Hitler’s entire world view, and once he understood that this was the driving force behind everything Hitler did, Roberts was able to offer a logical, consistent and — from Hitler’s perspective — rational explanation for every decision Hitler made during and leading up to WW II — both military and political.   This is when the scales fell from my eyes and I could suddenly see for the first time.

Now, the details concerning Hitler’s motivations are not important.  You can find and read the book if you are that interested.  What matters here is the bigger lesson in Roberts’ argument.  When faced with decisions that seemed to be the result of incompetence, Roberts looked for an explanation that could consistently explain them and he found it.  It’s just that the majority of us have a great deal of difficulty accepting it because of the implications that come with that explanation.  In the case of Hitler, everything he did was first filtered through an ideology driven by the belief that he was creating a master race.  All other considerations came second.  What’s more, in this sense, Hitler’s decisions were actually rational in that they did not contradict with his fundamental ideology and they worked toward the achievement of Hitler’s ultimate goal.

This would mean that Hitler was a racially motivated mad man.  Most of us can accept that part, but very few of us are willing to accept the implications that go along with it.  Mainly, that the people leading our nation are no different.  You see, very few of Hitler’s ideas were his own.  He drew most of them from the works of Fabian Socialist in England and the Progressives in America.  This is why, when the average person studies history, they seldom — if ever — draw the correct conclusions to explain Hitler’s decisions.  If they did, they would have to accept that any accusation they make toward Hitler could most likely be applied equally to their own nation and — by implication — themselves, as well.  Consequently, it is easier to accuse Hitler of incompetence.  Now let’s change the time and name and play this scenario again.

Assume it is 2014 in the United States and our leaders are leaving an open boarder; supporting the very enemies with whom we are at war; using the IRS to target political opponents; thwarting the will of the people through the courts; inviting people infected with extremely contagious diseases into our nation and then obstructing all attempts to contain those diseases and continuing a monetary policy that history has shown leads to financial collapse 100% of the time it has been tried.  This list could go on, and we could throw in our schools, our news and even entertainment media, as well. Now, what can explain all this?  Is there a consistent, coherent and rational explanation, or is it easier to just chalk it all up to incompetence?

Well, there is an answer, but you have to find and understand the ideology driving the people behind the decisions that have lead to all of these things before you will find that explanation.  Even then, if you manage to find it, will you accept it and everything it means?  I bet you won’t find it, mostly because I doubt you can accept what it means.  But that’s OK.  There are very few who can, so there will be very few who see the explanation.  Still, I w ill try to help you.  The answer is as simple as it is old.  Everything we are seeing our leaders do, everything we believe is destroying this nation — no matter what side you are on — is directly connected to the war between good and evil as described in the Bible.  It is that simple!  The particulars — Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Obama — those are just the manifestations of the time in which we live.  The real cause behind these manifestations is the struggle in the Spirit world.  But because we cannot see the Spirit world, we dismiss it — just as Scripture foretells.

Still, I know there will be many who will reject this explanation — because they cannot accept the implications that go with it.  If this is you, then I’ll explain the driving ideology behind the current manifestation of evil in America for you.  You are dealing with people who seek control above all else.  They seek it because they believe, if they can seize total control, they can engineer their idea of utopia on earth.  As part of their struggle to seize control, they study revolution; how to topple and/or take over governments.  They have published detailed plans for how to do this.  That is what Cloward and Piven and “Rules for Radicals” are all about: how to build and wield political power, and how to over load the system so it will collapse, thus opening a path to declare an ’emergency’ and suspend the Constitution.  This is the formula that many dictators have used to overthrow democratic governments in the past, and it is the formula these people are trying to use in America.  When you look at the things they do through this lens — through the desire to create a crisis bad enough the American people will accept a suspension of the Constitution – then many of the decisions we do not understand not only start to make sense, they become consistent, coherent and rational.  It’s just that — if we accept this conclusion — then we have to accept that our nation and the majority of people in control of our social and government institutions are seeking to turn us all into slaves, and we do not want to face that reality.

 Now for the short version: if you don’t understand the decisions someone makes, look for the ideology that is driving them, then see how those decisions support their goals.  For example: why do most people gripped by political correctness respond to given situations with their typical, knee-jerk reactions?  Because their ideology has programmed them to respond that way.  For most of these people, their responses are “thinking.”  This is what the book, “The Tyranny of Cliches” by Jonah Goldberg is all about.  This is also why these people are so predictable.  Once you understand political correctness, you not only know how they will respond, you know why.  But you also understand that their reactions are consistent, coherent and rational — from their ideological point of view.  Just remember: these people are drones.  They are not the people I discuss in the paragraph above this one.  The people above created these drones to provide protection for their agenda.  That is what political correctness  is: the shield to their sword.  All you have to do is research it and you’ll find it.  As with most things, the answers are always in history…


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