PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: The Handling of Ebola in the U.S. is not Incompetence

I have been following the story of Ebola in the United States, and I keep hearing pundits argue that our government is incompetent in its handling of this virus.  I regret to have to say that I disagree with these commentators.  I happen to believe that our leaders know exactly what they are doing.  As difficult as it is for most of us to accept, many of our ‘leaders’ actually want something like an Ebola outbreak in America.  Unfortunately, the prevalence of conspiracy theories in our society  provides a convenient and effective cover for these people. Worse, the majority of the mid-level administrators in our various bureaucracies suffer from political correctness, which gives a great deal of credibility to the claim of incompetence — mostly because they are, because they are politically correct.  Unfortunately, before you can see through all this smoke, you have to have something far too few of us possess: a firm knowledge and understanding of the history of the early 20th Century.  If you’ll give me a few minutes, I’ll try to help you see some of the pieces to this giant puzzle.

NOTE: this is not a short post.  This is because we are dealing with a complicated issue that has evolved over more than a century.  You and I have been conditioned to have short attention spans.  One of the reasons for this is to keep us from reading things like this, which might help us understand what has happened to us, why is was done to us and how it was done to us.  I write for those precious few who actually want to know and understand.  To the rest — to those who cannot bring themselves to read a few pages of history — I want you to know that the people I am writing about are relying on you to make the few of us who care look like ‘crazy people.’  Sadly, too many of us play our role all too well.  The question for you, my friend, is which will you be: will you skip this post because it is too long, or will you at least take the time to read and consider the information I present?

First, we need to lay some groundwork.  For those who do not already know this, I have always had a fascination with the period surrounding WW II.  My business is directly connected to this period of history.  Consequently, I do a great deal of reading and research of the world history stemming from and leading up to WW II.  At the moment, I am reading “The Storm of War: A New History Of The Second World War,” by Andrew Roberts.  At first, most people may not see the connection between a history of WW II and the handling of Ebola in America today.  However, there is a connection, and it is directly connected to the way Americans have been turned against each other in modern times.

In his book, Roberts argues that many of the crucial decisions Hitler made during the war — decisions the majority of historians consider to have been ‘mistakes’ — were actually the direct result of NAZI ideology.  While many of us are aware that Hitler hated the Jews, it is less well understood just how strongly Hitler’s desire to  ‘engineer’ his ‘Master Race‘ drove some of his most crucial decisions — even those that cost him the war.  Now, please stay with me.  I promise, I will connect the dots here.

Roberts documents his argument very well, and I am convinced that his conclusions are correct: Hitler lost the war primarily because he was fighting a war driven by political ideals rather than military necessity.  But Hitler was not alone in his thinking.  What we would call racism was a major factor in the thinking of all peoples during the early 20th Century.  Germans saw all non-Aryans as inferior, as the Japanese saw all non-Nipponese as inferior races.  In America, we saw blacks as inferior, and cartoons of the time depict the Japanese as an inferior race.  In short, the notion that some races were superior and others were inferior not only existed world-wide, it was largely based on the notion of ‘scientific proof.’  This is the key that links then to now!  Remember: it is all connected to and through ‘science.’

The early 20th Century saw the formation of certain ‘fields of science’ whose focus is the control of the masses.  Today, we call them the ‘social sciences.’  They include psychology, sociology and even public relations (which was originally called propaganda).  The point is that the people who pioneered these ‘sciences’ not only saw nothing morally wrong with what they were doing, they believed they could use their discoveries to consciously direct the evolution of mankind.  Hitler was not alone in this line of thinking.  It existed in other parts of Europe, and in America, it was known as The Eugenics Movement.

There were others who shared this belief that some people were more deserving of life than others.  I have often posted this clip, and it is important to review it again now — especially given his connections to the NAZI’s, as well as the American Progressive movement:

This doesn’t stop with Hitler, or even Shaw.  Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger for the specified purpose of reducing the number of blacks in America.  Today, more than half the abortions in America end the lives of black babies.  Given that blacks are only 12-14% of the American population, yet they account for more than half of all abortions in the U.S., it could be argued that Sanger was largely successful in her goal.  As hard as it is to believe, this is why DDT was banned: because there are people who think the millions of lives it would save every year must die — “for the greater good.”

Now, that is the key to understanding all of this: these people honestly believe they are working toward “the greater good.”  They do not consider the effect their utopian ideals have on the millions of their victims.  To the majority of these people, their victims are not fully human.  They are unworthy of their own lives.  Others have convinced themselves that their goals justify their “sacrifices.”  To these people, it never occurs to them that their “sacrifices” are the lives of millions of innocent people — individuals.  No matter what the justification, all of these hidden actors have something in common: they all believe they are acting on ‘science.’  Now that you understand this, we are ready to connect some dots.

The people who are in control of our government and social structure in America are the same people who were trying to overthrow our government in the 1960’s.  They are revolutionary radicals, and they have not changed their beliefs or goals.  Bill Ayres has openly stated this, as have others who now sit in the Congress, White House and media.  Like those who pursued the Eugenics aspects of the “social sciences,” these people in control of our nation have studied revolutions.  They do not know how to run a nation, which makes them appear incompetent, but they know how to form, shape and direct public opinion (i.e. political correctness) and how to change governments.  Once again, to them, it is all a ‘science.’  All they believe they have to do is discover and understand how to manipulate the principles, or ‘laws,’ which govern these areas of human interaction and they can then direct whatever outcome they desire.  This is exactly what this picture depicts: the creation of circumstances that make it possible to do what they desire:


This picture is part of the Fabian Socialist movement.  It depicts these hidden actors — the people who control us from behind the scenes.  They are “heating up” the world so they can shape it according to their utopian desires.  By ‘heating up,’ we mean they are seeking to cause circumstances that will allow them to do things they wouldn’t normally be able to get people to accept or go along with.  Notice their symbol is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  This is because they know they can only do all of this if they deceive people.  In a very real sense, this picture is an open boast by the people who work in the shadows.  It is a picture of their ‘scientific method,’ and the revolutionaries in control of our government and social structure have studied the principles depicted in this picture.

So, let’s bring this all together.  The people in charge of our government are not incompetent.  They just want to cause a crisis that will allow them to do things they couldn’t normally do.  In the case of Ebola, they are hoping they can cause panic and social disruption as a result of wide-spread infection.  But this is also the answer to why they do not close the borders.  They want the social and economic pressures caused by illegal aliens (not to mention the additional voters).  They are probably also hoping that a terrorist group will launch a nuclear or biological attack on America.  They are even stoking the racial and homosexual fires for the purposes of “heating things up.”  And then there are the economic policies they are executing: policies they know will lead to economic collapse, and which George Soros has openly boasted is the ultimate goal.  The goal is the creation of an excuse to declare an emergency and suspend the Constitution — just like Hitler did in the 1930’s.

You just have to understand what and how these people think, and how they speak.  Once you do, you will see these people are not hiding.  The evidence supporting my claim is everywhere:


“The war made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.”

–Joseph Goebbels

And now:

Do you see?  Yesterday is today — there are direct connections alive in our world right now.  Nothing has changed except the way it manifests itself.  I could write a book on this.  There is that much evidence supporting my claim.  But the truth is simple: either you can see the truth (in which case, I have shown you more than enough to make my case) or you can’t see the truth (in which case I will never be able to show you enough evidence to convince you).

Now, let me ask you: do you still think the way our government’s handling of Ebola is ‘incompetence,’ or do you think it might be the result of another, secret agenda hiding behind the false front of incompetence?



9 thoughts on “PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: The Handling of Ebola in the U.S. is not Incompetence

  1. Joe,

    100% spot on. I just watched a series on WW1 and it all ties together. The progressive elite (Hitler, Stalin, Obama, Wilson, and the list goes on) will murder under the guise of their utopian dreams with no reservation for the destruction of inferior mankind. The millions they sent to their deaths with no remorse whatsoever proves you point.

    We are all really just cannon fodder. If we can avert GW by killing of several billion it is worth the effort to save the enlightened few.

    Sadly only 1 person out of a million likely has enough of a grasp of history to see it for what it is.

    1. chhelo,

      The key now is to recognize that we still have the Hitlers, Stalins, Wilsons etc among us. No, they are not Obama. They no longer rule in the full light of day, but from the shadows — behind the blackberry…

      1. Joe,

        Obama rules in the light of the day carrying out the instructions and dictates of his master. Congress fiddles. They all have clandestine email address’s they use to communicate outside federal law and oversight form a feckless congress. After all, his cabinet officials have been caught using them and still congress does nothing to reign in the abuse of power. Our elected officials are all running scared and have capitulated in favor of re-election and political correctness.

        If we do not see a landslide win for the Republicans in this election then we know the people are nurtured as well.

        This will not end well for all those that have chosen to support evil whether by choice or foolishness.

        1. chhelo,

          If they have ‘bosses,’ then they do not rule, they merely play a role — as in a role in a play. It is theater for the masses.

          Congress is not as much hapless as a part of the system. they are either minor operatives in this theater, or supporting cast for the sake of controlling minority groups. In turht, I suspect there is more power in the Senate and the House than the White House. If this were not so, then Congress would have definitely done something about the apparent growth in the power of the executive — but they haven’t. This suggests there is much more behind the scenes there than we know or suspect.

          Finally, a ‘landslide’ for the Republicans is a landslide for the Democrats. My friend, ANYONE — and I mean ANYONE — who thinks the GOP is the answer has been taken in by the theater. They are the flip side of the same coin. There is no answer in the GOP anymore than there is in the Democrat Party. They are the same beast — and I do mean beast, in a Biblical sense.

    1. Yes Yes Yes SupaJohnny.

      Socialism and Nazis ARE exactly the same. This needs to be repeated OFTEN. Repeat this Truth to everyone you know because the Education system has Propagandized for 00 years just the opposite.

      We have to change people’s understanding about this…..even on a one-to one basis.

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