Beck Doubles Down on His Ignorance Of Islam (and even Christianity)

Beck did it again.  Today, he took an incident that happened in Deerborne, Michigan, in which some fifty Muslims spoke out and called ISIS evil and not following the teachings of Muhammad and claimed that this represented ‘true’ Islam.  Let me say this as clearly as I can — as one who has actually read the Qur’an, much of the Hadith, “Guidance for the Traveler (the source of Shari’a law) and the official biography of Muhammad — the five Muslim holy books.  Beck is wrong!

Beck started by trying to compare Islam to Christianity.  He claimed that the Old Testament has a lot of ‘bad stuff’ in it, but that we are under a ‘New Covenant.’  Now, this is true: Christians are under a new covenant.  But the Jews are still under the law, and the Apostle Paul is very clear about this in the book of Romans.  But this is not equivalent to Islam.

Now, to be fair, I think Beck’s problem is that he has been briefed about Islam, but he has not personally read its holy books.  If he had, he might be preaching a different message.  Here is what you need to know.

The Truth about Islam: Removing the Politically Correct Camouflage 

Islam in a Nutshell

Now, there are some additional things you need to know about Islam.  One of the most important is the principle of abrogation.  This is where Muhammad said Allah commanded something he had said earlier be thrown out and replaced with something new.  Now here me clearly!  Among the things that was ‘abrogated’ are the majority of the ‘peaceful’ passages in the Qur’an.  Here, read it in Muhammad’s own words:

The Principle of Abrogation in the Qur’an

Understanding the Principle of Abrogation in Islam

Jihad is another of the principles Muhammad commanded for all Muslims.  But Jihad is not an inner struggle as so many believe.  Read what Muhammad said Jihad is:

Muhammad’s Definition of Jihad

Again, this is not my opinion, it is what Muhammad said.  Here, read more about Islam, from Muhammad, himself:

Islam: In Muhammad’s Words

Islam simply is not what our media and leaders are telling us it is.  This is not opinion.  It is fact, and it is based on what Muhammad said.  And, if you are tempted to think that the Deerborne incident disproves me or this post, you better go look into the difference between Suni and Shi’a Islam.  I bet you’ll find the majority of the Muslims in Deerborne are Suni, and they are attacking ISIS based on the reason for the division between the Suni’s and Shi’as.  It deals with the Caliphate and who has authority to wage Jihad.  Look into it and you’ll find that I am correct — about everything I have been trying to explain.


5 thoughts on “Beck Doubles Down on His Ignorance Of Islam (and even Christianity)

  1. Joe,

    It’s hard for a Mormon to teach on Christianity since they have a false understanding of it as well. At least they are morally correct even though they deny Christ is God and do not believe in God’s triune nature. False doctrine will separate a lot of folks from God’s eternity. I honestly, don’t know how sane people allowed Joseph Smith, another false prophet, to lead them astray of the truth. But that’s another subject.

    When the time comes for those same 50+ Muslims to make a decision for Islam or the Infidel you can rest assure which way they will go. That’s Obama’s problem as well. Since he is not a Christian and likely not a Muslim either he see’s no difference and will destroy both to obtain his vision of Utopian justice. What’s new.

    Obama is not an American in spirit, hates what the Founding Fathers stood for and seeks to destroy it thus his abrogation to all we stand for.

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