Where did all the ‘Real’ Americans go?

I have been watching Obama grow more and more lawless, and I have been wondering: where id all the ‘real‘ Americans go?  As I watch the events unfolding in this nation, I can’t help but think that we are wasting the worldly sacrifice of our founding fathers as much as we waste the spiritual sacrifice of our Savior.  When I think of our founders — of ‘real’ Americans — I think of men and women who understood that there are things greater than ourselves.  I think of men and women who were so committed to the principles of liberty that they were willing to die for it.  I think of the Greatest Generation — those men and women who fought WW II — and I see they still had that understanding of liberty, and were still willing to sacrifice to preserve it.  But, since about 1948, that understanding and willingness has disappeared.  Today, we may talk of liberty, but we are more concerned with our own comfort than the principle of liberty.  But then, I shouldn’t expect anything less.  Man is a rebellious creature, seeing and worrying only about himself.  That’s our nature.  It is only when we are reborn and God changes us that our nature changes — and even then, it is not we but God who makes the change. 


To those who consider themselves to be on the ‘Left’ of American politics: what happened to you?  You saw tyranny around every corner when George W. Bush was President — and you were largely correct!  But now, when Obama is not only violating the Constitution, he is openly boasting that he will continue to go around, over and through it, where are you?  I do not hear your objections like I did when you attacked Bush on a daily basis.  Instead, I hear you cheering Obama.  The sad part here is, if I could erase the ‘D’ after his name and replace it with an ‘R,’ I have no doubt you would suddenly find your ‘principles’ and be shouting for his impeachment.  What does this tell me?  It tells me you never were concerned with liberty or tyranny.  All you care about is getting ‘your guy’ in power so he can give you the things you want.  In short: all you see is your own selfish desires.


But, before you who consider yourselves to be on the American ‘Right’ start thinking this exonerates you — DON’T!  You are no better.  In fact, I would say you are worse than the Left.  At least the Left makes no claim of caring about the Constitution or liberty.  They will admit they care more about the collective than the individual.  In this sense, they are much more honest than you.  You speak of the Constitution and liberty, but when push comes to shove, you are as concerned with getting ‘your guy’ in power so you can get him to give you the things you want.  If this were not the case, you would have been screaming from the mountain tops for impeachment of Obama at any cost.  But no!  Instead, I hear you talking about how we have to get ‘R’s’ back in power so then we can fix things.  But what happened the last time you had ‘R’s’ in the White House, Senate and House?  You had the largest spending in the history of America to that point, and the continuation of the Progressive Agenda under the label ‘Compassionate Conservatism.’  So I see you guys as worse than the ‘D’s.’  Not only do you support the same agenda, you lie about it at the same time — even to yourselves.


Finally, I am not talking about those who want to start violence over the state of our nation, either.  Our founders followed the law.  The Declaration of Independence was a legal document.  Read it.  About 1/3 of the document is a list of charges against the Crown: all of which were violations of the Colonies’ Charters.  Those Charters were legally binding contracts under English law, and the Crown had been violating them for decades.  I have not seen the same united and focused effort to rectify the same sort of violations which our government is currently committing from the current people of this nation.  Instead, I see people fracturing — and that is because they no longer understand or embrace the principles of liberty.


Do you want to know why that is?  It is because our founders agreed and united under another banner; a banner that founded the principles of liberty and self-rule.  Before these ideals, our founders believed in God and God’s law.  Now, look around this nation and ask yourself: do you see that same agreement in our society today?  Our founders said it was the key, essential ingredient to sustaining a free and self-governing society, and they built a nation where — by in large — it worked for decades.  Now, look around: do we have the same sort of free and self-governing society?  If not, what is missing?  Answer that question honestly and you’ll run face-to-face with the source of human liberty — Jesus Christ!  Ignore Him and you abandon your chance to live a free and self-governing life.  If you doubt that, just compare the American to the French Revolution and the history of both nations following.  Now that we have abandoned God, we are following in the very same footsteps as France.  Now, how do you think that will end?


11 thoughts on “Where did all the ‘Real’ Americans go?

  1. To a certain extent, I think that the primaries are more important than the general election. In the current political atmosphere, it is very hard to get members of third parties elected. And so, Republicans must strive to get conservatives–i.e. conservatives willing to set the country back on the course of its founding principles–on the Republican ticket.

    The most depressing thing about Obama is that none of his scandals stick to him. And one of his tactics seems to be to generate new scandals so that people forget about past scandals. In such an atmosphere, I am not sure that Obama can be impeached–though, he obviously merits it. If enough people did call for his impeachment, I’m sure that the media would use that to say how the Republican party is playing politics. By this means, they would lead the mass of the public away from important issues and start to ingrain the idea ever more firmly in their minds that the Democrats and Republicans are the same, which creates an atmosphere of indifference beneficial to Progressive movement to push their policies. Those benefiting materially from government handouts will always be more motivated to participate in politics than the person who pulls his own weight. As you noted in other places, this comes down to a problem of selfishness.

    But, the political situation in this country is frustrating. As you noted, the main problem is that people have forgotten God and so do not want real liberty. It’s taken about a hundred years to get to this point (if you consider the Progressive movement as containing most of the bad policies and beliefs harmful to this country), and one wonders how long it would take to right things.

    1. medievalotaku:

      You do realize you just ‘justified’ keeping the status quo, right?

      As for how long it takes to change things: you are basically saying we have lost our liberty in one generation, and I would agree. But I also understand that we will not get it back, nor will our kids. No one alive today will see it return — unless Christ returns in our time, that is.

      However, with the advent of the computer married to the police State, I think the cycle where freedom is won several generations later is over. If we lose now, mankind looses — forever! The ability for power to control the people is far greater than ever before — than ever imagined. It will never again be possible to repeat what our founders did — or what any freedom fighters have ever done.

      Prophetically, this should go a long way to inform those with eyes and ears as to what time it is on God’s clock.

    2. America’s liberty wasn’t lost in “a generation”. America began losing her “liberty”, if not before, by the time Andrew Jackson became President. Lincoln delivered the coup de grace. Lincoln’s ashes provided the setting for the “progressives” secret re-construction.

      Thomas Jefferson, recognized the beginning of change in “the People.” Which is why he continued to read, study, and write so vociferously until the day he died. Jefferson never tired in his lifelong journey to discover the Way.

      David Crockett recognized the same, along with a handful of others strong enough to seek liberty once more.

      Jefferson purposely created a “record” for those of us in the future that would seek liberty once again. (Now available for anyone who is interested on the internet.)

      The “information age” is a “double edged sword”. The internet has allowed “we few” truth seekers to in fact confirm the TRUTH, of what has already transpired and the crime against humanity the self appointed elite have perpetrated upon America’s soul and spirit. The information age has allowed us to re-discover truth. At least those who have “truth” in our hearts.

      I’d rather live and die, with confirmation my perception of reality is/was true, than to die forever “alone”, considered by others to be “touched” AS truth and reality are successfully buried for all in the future.

      The weight of the Surveillance State will collapse upon itself. It is inevitable.

      For the first time in my life, I am no longer “alone” in understanding truth.

      Many are awakening.

      Many will never awaken. (Those with the slave mentality, will keep their slave mentality, just as with Moses’ people.)

      Those of us deserving of liberty? “Y–weh” will provide. . .

      1. I used to believe that America changed for the worse starting in the sixties, but then I began to understand how the expansion of Federal power and political corruption during the Era of Reconstruction paved the way for the Progressive Era. Though, I doubt the corrupt politicians of the Era of Reconstruction and afterwards had the negative intention of fundamentally changing America until certain men started to desire a British style constitution during the early 20th century. And we know that the majority party of Great Britain decides how their constitution is to be interpreted rather than there existing a standard interpretation which both parties must abide. Essentially, anything goes.

        But, that the country started to go down this dark path from the presidency of Andrew Jackson? I had not idea; though, I did read that many of the Founders felt that they were no longer living in a free country by the time they died.

        1. Medieval:
          On Crockett:
          “Disenchanted with the political process and his former constituents, Crockett decided to do what he had threatened to do-to explore Texas and to move his family there if the prospects were pleasing. On November 1, 1835, with William Patton, Abner Burgin, and Lindsey K. Tinkle, he set out to the West, as he wrote on the eve of his departure, “to explore the Texes well before I return.” At this point he had no intention of joining the fight for Texas independence.

          The foursome reached Memphis the first evening and, in company with some friends congregated in the bar of the Union Hotel for a farewell drinking party, Crockett offered his now famous remark: “Since you have chosen to elect a man with a timber toe to succeed me, you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” They set off the next day. Their route was down the Mississippi River to the Arkansas and then up that river to Little Rock; overland to Fulton, Arkansas, and up the Red River along the northern boundary of Texas; across the Red River, through Clarksville, to Nacogdoches and San Augustine; and on to San Antonio.

          At San Augustine the party evidently divided. Burgin and Tinkle went home; Crockett and Patton signed the oath of allegiance, but only after Crockett insisted upon the insertion of the word “republican” in the document. They thus swore their allegiance to the “Provisional Government of Texas or any future republican Government that may be hereafter declared.” Crockett had balked at the possibility that he would be obliged to support some future government that might prove despotic.”

          Hosted by Texas A&M University:

        2. Medieval,

          It is true. Jackson started the ‘manifest destiny’ garbage, and our path has been rocky ever since. It is also true that we really fell off the cliff when people who wanted a European style government finally managed to seize power. But then, this should not surprise us as that European spirit is embodied by the Fabian Socialist movement, and the Fabians are the ones who gave birth to the American Progressives. It is all connected.

    3. Medieval,
      I urge you to review Joe’s “Road to Concord” blog.

      The terms “liberal” and “conservative” were picked and created by “Progressives” to purposely confuse America and pit one group against the other. If everyone is busy fighting one another, they are no longer watching the “rulers” leaving them free to pursue any course they choose.

      Thomas Jefferson (and his contemporaries) was THE true “liberal” who advocated individual liberty above the limited powers of the “state”. Today’s self named “liberals” enlarge a State occupier controlling individual’s every action. That is historically, and truthfully, the antithesis of “liberal”.

      Today’s “liberal” and “conservative” only differ in the rate of change towards the complete loss of liberty and America.

      In truth, there are only “Progressives” or “classical liberals”- those who support and defend our Constitution as adopted in Thomas Jefferson’s time vs. those who advocate a “living Constitution” which equals, The Constitution means what “I” say it means.

  2. The Road to Concord has excellent articles. I should certainly read more of them.

    The terms can be very confusing, and I do know that Progressives chose the term liberal to confuse people. (Some even wished to take the term conservative recently to add more confusion.) In general, the terms liberal and conservative–as understood presently–seem to be helpful in distinguishing large government from small government types. But, that could just be because I’m a product of the 20th century when people began to be strictly defined by their political persuasion rather than their personal views.

    It will take a long time to get society back on the right path, but hopefully by the time I die it will revert to a Classical Liberal mode of society. Many European countries are realizing the folly of socialism, so we can hope that America will do the same.

    1. SO long as man keeps trying to devise his own solutions — as Europe has been doing since before the French Revolution — man will continue to fail. It is ONLY when we humble ourselves and turn toward God for these solutions that we will find them, and even then, we will only hold to them for as long as we hold to God. Scripture tells us this is seldom more than a generation or two, and the example we have in the founding of this nation seems to be witness to this eternal truth.

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