AGENDAS: The Truth Behind the Illegal Alien Invasion

I am not going to detail the evidence that clearly demonstrates that the Obama Administration not only planned for this current invasion of illegal aliens, but advertised for them to come to America in many Central and South American countries.  If you care, you can easily find these stories on the internet.  Just get away from the State-controlled propaganda outlets that call themselves ‘the main stream media.’  They are nothing more than mouthpieces for the government.  You will get no truth from them.  No, what I am writing for today is to explain what this ‘crisis’ all about and why it was created.  If you will give me a few moments of your time, and be honest with yourself, I think I can demonstrate exactly what is going on and why.

First, we start with a little reminder:

Now, because most people do not study either the American Progressives, or the people they study, few Americans are aware that Rom Emanuel is not espousing a new idea in this video.  He isn’t even quoting any of the more modern Progressive heroes, such as Saul Alinsky, or even FDR.  No, Rom is quoting Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels:

The war made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.

Now, Goebbels and Hitler said they learned propaganda from Woodrow Wilson, a founding father of the American Progressive movement.  So this is all tied together, but that is not the immediate point.  The point here is that these people believe — and with good reason — that a crisis can be used to push people into accepting decisions they would not otherwise accept if they had more time to study and consider the situation rationally.  The idea — as Hitler explained in Mein Kampf — is to create the crisis so that you can then feed on and direct the emotions of the mass population.  Hitler admitted that you cannot convince the individual, but if you force the individual into a group, harness the emotions of that group and then push the group, peer pressure will force the individual into compliance.  This is what political correctness is all about: forcing individuals to go along with the group, which is then directed by the puppet masters in control of government, the media and our other social institutions.

SO, why do they want this crisis of illegal aliens invading our nation?  Because they cannot get amnesty passed by the proper — and legal — method.  So, if they create a crisis, they believe they can just use a phone and a pen and pass it by decree.  The end result will be a one-Party system that can never be broken and will ever remain in their control.  In short, they are trying to create the voting majority they need to duplicate in this nation what Hitler did in Germany in the 1930’s.  Once they have a majority of voters who have been bought with the money stolen by the government from the few who still work in this nation, they will then push some sort of vote that will finally end America and establish a new order in this nation.

Make no mistake: this is the end game of the Progressive movement.  It is that simple.  And if you do not see the connections between what is happening in America today and what happened in 1930’s Germany, it is not because there is no connection, because there is.  It is very real and very strong.  No, it is because you either have not studied them both, or you do not want to see.  But then, this is what the majority of Germans said when they were asked — after the war — why they did not see what Hitler was doing.  When asked, most Germans said they simply did not want to see.

This leaves you with only one real question you need to ask yourself.  Will you be one of those who sees and stands up for the truth — even if you have to pay a high price to do so, or will you be among the masses who choose the easy path and wide gate and just go along with the flow?  There are eternal ramifications to how you answer that question.


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