THE FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION IS OVER: Welcome to the Fascist State of Amerika

If you have ever wondered how a nation can turn from good to evil like Germany did in the 1930’s, but you do not see that America has become a modern incarnation of 1930’s Germany, then that’s your answer.  How did you miss it?  For several years now, I have been warning people that we were traveling down the same road Germany traveled in the 1930’s.  I have tried to show it to people, to explain it and to illustrate it.  And for several years, people have pushed back against me, telling me I was going over the top and being hysterical.  Well, the time has finally come.  You no longer live in the America of your childhood.  “The Fundamental Transformation” is over.  America as we knew it – as we still think of it in our minds – is dead!  We now live in a Fascist State with a decidedly Marxist bent. 

Glenn Beck explains it pretty well in a recent segment of his radio program.  You can see the video of this segment in this story:

‘Wake Up, America!’: Beck Delivers One of the Most Passionate Rants of the Year

Now, I realize many people do not like Beck, so they dismiss anything he has to say.  If you are one of these people, you are a fool!  Yes, I said you are a fool and I mean it.  I am not a Beck sycophant; he and I differ on several major points.  But I am a trained philosopher and a student of history, and I try to be intellectually honest.  This is why I know that, were he a stock broker with the same record of predicting the market as Beck has predicting political events in the world, he would be the most famous financial guru in the world today.  To dismiss anyone with the accuracy record Beck has had is irrational, and that makes the person who does so a fool!

Besides, it does not take Beck to see that America is dead.  Anyone who has two eyes and bothers to pay attention should have seen it long ago.  Think about the America you know in your mind, then ask yourself these questions:

Does that America force its citizens to buy health care just to be a ‘legal’ citizen?

Does that America claim to ‘own’ your children?

Your Kids Belong to Us: Another Example of the Left Admitting who and what they are

Does that America allow corporations with alternative motives to kidnap your child, and then slap a gag order on you so you cannot ask the people for help?

Contempt Charges Filed Against Dad Who Defied Gag Order to Tell Daughter’s Heartbreaking Story

Does that America spy on everything its citizens do?

Government Spying: Why You Can’t ‘Just Trust Us’

Does that America send the IRS to destroy political opposition?

James Bovard: A Brief History of IRS Political Targeting

Does that America allow its President to openly and repeatedly lie to it and remain in office?

Obamacare: Lies All the Way Down

Does that America detain its citizens indefinitely and without habeas corpus or any other access to due process?

White House Approves Of Bill Allowing The Military To Imprison Americans Without Trial

Does that America allow the President to assassinate American citizens without due process?

Who were the 4 U.S. citizens killed in drone strikes?

Does that America allow a President to openly commit treason and remain in office?

AGENDA: Obama’s Treason

Does that America monitor the press with the intention of controlling what can and cannot be reported?

Obama Administration’s Plan to Study Newsrooms Is Drawing Plenty of Public Opposition

In the America you know, does the press protect this corrupt government?

To Protect Obama From Scandal, Media Pretend to Care About Economy

Do government officials and ‘sources’ literally sleep with press reporters in the America you know?

‘House of Cards’ Star Decides ‘D.C. Is More Corrupt Than Hollywood’ After ‘Senior’ Obama Official Told Her This

How many more of these type stories do I have to post before people see that we are living under a modern incarnation of Fascism?  How much more do I need to do to get people to see what has happened?

I’m beginning to think I finally understand how Bonheoffer felt…


2 thoughts on “THE FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION IS OVER: Welcome to the Fascist State of Amerika

  1. fair implies a proper balance of conflicting interests

    The key words are “proper balance” as opposed to other terms for, and of, equality and justice.

    Compare with these other terms used in determining equality, liberty, and justice for all, regardless of race, color, creed, or “station in life”:

    “Objective” mean free from favor toward either or any side

    “Just” implies an exact following of a standard of what is right and proper

    “Equitable” implies a less rigorous standard than just and usually suggests equal treatment of all

    “Impartial” stresses an absence of favor or prejudice

    “Unbiased” implies even more strongly an absence of all prejudice

    “Dispassionate” suggests freedom from the influence of strong feeling and often implies cool or even cold judgment

    “Objective” stresses a tendency to view events or persons as apart from oneself and one’s own interest or feelings

    Now re-focus on the term fair.

    “fair” implies a proper balance of conflicting interests

    Who decides what is “a PROPER BALANCE” ?

    The person using the term FAIR. This is why our founding fathers and/or honest and learned modern day judges do not use the term “fair” in discussing or deciding conflicting interests.

    Definitions from Meriam Webster online under the term “fair”.

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