I have been trying to explain the process by which a republic is toppled and dictators come to power for some time now.  I keep stressing the need to understand the principles that are in play during this process so we will be able to see the different ways in which they manifest from nation to nation.  This is important because the people who exploit these principles study the process for taking over a government.  They know they have to tailor the processes to the society they are trying to take over.  So, where the villain in one nation might be Jews, it could be ‘the rich’ or ‘Conservatives’ in another nation.  And where the ‘crisis’ that is used to justify central planning and public sacrifice might be a war in one nation, in another, it could be something like economic depression or global warming.  This was all explained in great detail in a book titled “The Road to Serfdom,” by economist, F. A. Hayek. Sadly, too few Americans will bother to read this prophetic book, so I have found a link that might help you get the picture.  But first, put yourself in the frame of mind where you are looking to understand the principles in play and not the specific way those principles are being applied.  Then, click on the link below and read the cartoons.

The Road to Serfdom


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