POUNDING HOME THE POINT: Following Up on the New ‘Jewish Question’

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who object to my posts is that I exaggerate too much.  That and they do not like my continued references to NAZI Germany in relation to modern America.  Well, that’s too bad for them because I am not exaggerating and the references to 1930’s Germany are appropriate.  This nation is currently well down the same road the Germans traveled in the 1930’s and it doesn’t do any good to ignore or deny this fact.  Case in point: I recently wrote a post that compared the American Left’s attack on ‘Conservatism’ with the German attack on the Jews, AGENDAS: Just Replace the ‘Jewish Question’ with the ‘Conservative Question’.  Now, if you happen o be one of those who thinks this is ‘over the top,’ or ‘doesn’t apply,’ I have a story ripped from the headlines just this week that you might want to think about a little bit:

Silicon Valley Firm ‘Shocked’ by Founder’s Comparison of the Rich in America to Jews in Nazi Germany

A letter to the editor by Tom Perkins, a venture funding pioneer and cofounder of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, ran in the opinion pages of Saturday’s Wall Street Journal.

Perkins wrote, in part:

Writing from the epicenter of progressive thought, San Francisco, I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its “one percent,” namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the “rich.”

Now, to be fair, Perkins is focusing on the Left’s hatred of ‘the rich’ and I was writing about the Left’s hatred of ‘Conservatives.’  Sadly, many will see this as two different things and use it as justification to dismiss us both, but they are the same thing!  You must look past the particulars and look to the root cause.  In this case, that root cause is scapegoating.  The NAZI’s used the Jews as their scapegoat.  The Jews gave them a convenient target upon which they could focus the peoples’ rage and fear.  It also helped that the Jews had no means of defending themselves, and when they tried, they attempts to defend themselves were portrayed as ‘proof’ of the NAZI’s accusations.  And this is what the Left is doing today to ‘the rich,’ ‘conservatives’ and Christians.  The particulars – who is being attacked and how – may change, but the fundamental spirit or motivation has not.  That remains the same, and I am not the only one who sees it.

So here is the point: if you do not see this pattern, you need to take a good, long, hard look at yourself because you are in grave peril of joining the ranks of those who will kill, support killers or remain silent in the face of killers.  Evil always plays on fear, and nothing causes more fear than hunger and insecurity.  The rise of Fascism and Communism took place in times of great economic strife.  This is because evil men took advantage of the fear it caused to lead people down the path toward evil – and the people willingly joined those evil men for what amounts to nothing more than scraps of bread.  And look to history: what did any of those nations get in return for selling their souls?  Ruin!  That’s what they got – every one of them, even America.  Yes, we sold our souls, too – to FDR, LBJ and the idea of socialism.  It is all evil, and it feeds on fear.  Our fear is used to turn us against each other – even against ourselves.  You must learn to recognize this propaganda for what it is and push back against it.  Do not swallow their lies.  It is poison.  It will kill your soul and — contrary to what these same people will have you believe – you do have a soul.

Please, America, wake up.  If this nation falls, the world falls.  The economic crisis that will follow will be used to do to the world what the Great Depression did to just parts of it.  Only — this time — there will be no Allied forces to save it.  This time, the only savior will be Christ, and though I long for our Savior to return, I fear what Scripture tells us comes with it.  Many will perish – forever.  I do not want to see that.  I would rather we turn back to Him, repent and seek His forgiveness in hope that He will give this wretched world a little more time.  Please wake up before what time is left slips away.  Fight the evil that is growing in this world.  Fight it any way you can that does not put you on the same side as evil.  For remember: the lesser of two evils is still evil…


One thought on “POUNDING HOME THE POINT: Following Up on the New ‘Jewish Question’

  1. What silliness. That’s exactly what Hitler DIDN’T DO – go after the rich jews. He rounded up those from the lower and middle classes. As the needed “sacrifice” – the Holohokey – which would later be used to elicit world sympathy for “the jewish homeland”. Also, to forever guilt useful idiots into allowing the poor, put-upon jews to do whatever they want.

    Hitler’s enormous support came about because he conned fools into believing he was The Great Gentile Champion who would hold back the juggernaut of jew-engineered global communism (communism is one of the jewish protocols: http://100777.com/protocols).

    While all the time more and more countries would be sucked into World War II. Just as planned. Meaning EVEN MORE countries would ultimately be folded into global communism. THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF HITLER’S SUPPOSED PURPOSE!

    When the jews loan your government money, you relinquish control of that government to them. We saw that happen in 1913 when The Federal Reserve became America’s de facto government. Jews haven’t been saying this for over 100 years for no reason: “Establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a country.”

    If Hitler had have been genuine – instead of merely the controlled opposition – he would have sent his assassins to New York to knock off the jewish bankers who financed communism. But they were his bosses, why would he have done that?

    And if you don’t believe JP Morgan, Kuhn & Loeb, and the Rockefellars paid for the bolshevik revolution, you don’t know enough about ACTUAL (not revised) history to be in this discussion.


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