AGENDAS: How to Take Over the World

Historically speaking, do you know how republics fail?  Or what replaces them when they fall?  Do you know how the factors that lead to the failure of republics are created and then exploited such that the failure of that republic is then assured?  Do you know that there are people who have actually made it their life’s work to not only study these things, but also to implement them in the pursuit of toppling this republic, America?  Are you aware that these people are currently in control of our entertainment and news media, our schools and all levels of our government?  Would you know how to recognize them or their tactics?  And if this formula for bringing down a free republic were tried on a global scale, would you be able to recognize that?  All of this is happening right now, and do you know why most Americans don’t know anything about it?  They don’t know because they don’t know and understand history, and they don’t know and understand history because the very people I just mentioned took these subjects out of our schools so that we wouldn’t be able to recognize what they are doing to us.

Historically, republics fail when the people become fat, dumb and lazy.  So check those three off the list because we are fat, dumb and lazy.  The people get this way because liberty inevitably leads to economic prosperity, and, unless the people remain virtuous, that prosperity causes them to become fat, dumb and lazy.  The only way to remain virtuous is to hold to faith in the Creator.  So check those two off, as well: we became prosperous and we kicked God out of the public square.  But how is a society kept fat, dumb and lazy?  Through bread and circuses, that’s how.  The media and government make sure there is no real hunger and that we have all the entertainment (including uninhibited sex – a la Huxley’s Brave New World) we want.  This way, there is no real need so they can keep us lulled to sleep until it is too late to stop them.  Check these off the list, too, because this is exactly what a welfare state is all about: keeping the people with just enough that they do not revolt. So, the last thing on the list is what replaces a republic when it falls?  Tyranny is what replaces a republic when it falls.

But what if this same formula for creating tyranny were to be applied to the entire globe?  How would that work?  And how would we recognize it if we saw it happening?  Well, if we knew history, we would have some idea of what to look for.  First, we would know that the only way oppressive governments can keep the people under control for any length of time is to present them with some external threat that is greater than the oppression of their own government.  Traditionally, this was done through wars, but, as war became more destructive, the notion of ‘the moral equivalent to war’ was created.  The whole idea is to scare people into willingly submitting to the government in the name of protection from this greater threat.  This way, the people are more afraid of the threat than the oppression of their government, so they not only submit to oppression willingly; they also dedicate their efforts toward defeating the threat.  Read Orwell’s 1984.  The story line will brilliantly illustrate how this principle works.  It will also help you see how it is in play in our world today.

But how would someone apply this formula on a global scale where – by definition – there can’t be an outside threat?  Well, if we were being invaded by aliens that would work.  But we don’t have any alien invasions on the horizon, so they need something else.  They need something that – if they can successfully sell it to enough people – it will create enough panic to scare people into going along with whatever the government dictates.  Whatever this ‘moral equivalent to war’ may be, it has to be something that threatens the very existence of the entire world.  Otherwise, it won’t work.  Naturally, these dictates will be ‘for the good of the world,’ but they will still be global dictates, and that is global tyranny.

But this brings p something else they will need before they can implement this formula globally.  They need a global government.  Unless there is a central authority to speak for the entire world, opposing governments will get locked in a struggle to be that authority and the formula will not work – at least not globally.  So, luckily, we do not have to worry about this formula being implemented globally because we have never seen a world-wide threat being pushed by a global governing body:

UN Climate Official Down on Democracy: ‘Very Detrimental’ in Curbing Global Warming Compared to China

[NOTE: if you doubt the ‘formula’ I described, then do some research and you find that this is exactly what Woodrow Wilson tried to do in WW I and the aftermath with the League of Nations.]


16 thoughts on “AGENDAS: How to Take Over the World

  1. Too many over-simplifications, Joe.

    Republics (historically) have fallen from a variety of causes, including disease, entropy, external conflict, even political evolution. Tyranny doesn’t always follow. Sometimes they are replaced by a benign monarchy, anarchy, another republic, or they just cease to be.

    There’s a lot more fat and dumb (willfully ignorant) than lazy. People want to work, but the current global economy is in a down cycle. You have to be more adaptive to survive, no matter where you live. Sales pitches to prospective college enrollees like “follow your passion” don’t help. Students ought to be directed toward in-demand professions, to become qualified to do work that is needed.

    No unified group of people is in control of our entertainment, media or the schools. That’s utter nonsense. Some of each is for-profit, some privatized, some public. The current government is more homogenous, but there’s still a range of differences.

    There wasn’t much point in trying to follow the rest of your assumptions, since the premise didn’t hold.

        1. They ended unemployment benefits in NC. The results? 35,000 jobs. Quit giving people a hand out, and you get results. Period.

          Oh, but that is not the only thing I can touch upon in your post. Let’s look at this sentence: “No unified group of people is in control of our entertainment, media or the schools.” This is a very uniformed statement. In addition to the obvious NPR, PBS and public education, we also have govt. money being poured into news outlets. In reality, the “group of people” to which you refer is in fact, the govt., and they’re in a helluva lot more control than what you listed……please refer to the NSA and the IRS, not to mention SS, Medicare, or Obamacare..

          1. We also have charter schools, religious schools, private schools and trade schools. Plus people can home-school. The government therefore isn’t entirely in control of education. We have private and public media, and hybrids like WordPress, a commercial platform for unpaid self-publishing. It’s not all government controlled information.

            The NSA, SS, and Medicare are government programs. Obamacare is government-run brokerage of private health care insurance, making it a hybrid of government and for-profit. If you have insurance from your non-governmental employer, you don’t have to have any involvement with Obamacare unless you want to.

            The assertion of the original post was that government is entirely in control of all these things. It obviously is not true.

            1. Mikey,

              If you do not go to school, people go to jail. Even if you go to private schools, they have to meet GOVERNMENT requirements.

              Seriously, dude, you do not know what you are talking about, so the more you try to comment, the more you provide the perfect example of the drones our schools put out. I mean, just look at how well it worked on you. You are so well indoctrinated that you are protecting yourself from being enlightened enough to pull yourself out of your own ignorance.

              I bet Dewey would be proud of the work they did on you. 😦

          2. Kells, Mikey is among the willfully ignorant. You are wasting your time. I mean, really, if he had a point about the media, he could point to a CONSERVATIVE in charge of major TV News Network. Did he do that? No. Why? Obvious: the media is controlled by Leftists who agree with and work in conjunction with the government (i.e. propagandists).

    1. Mikey,

      Just like Karl, I can always count on you to make my point while arguing I am wrong. IF people wanted to work, they would not be waiting around for someone else to make new jobs happen, they would make them happen. If you want to say they do not start businesses because it is to hard, that furthers my point. But if you say they do not start businesses because they do not know how, that makes my point about being dumb.

      So, either way YOU turn, you have made my case. Thank you.

    1. Mr. G,

      Yep, that and other programs. They are all connected and all publicly available to read and understand. It’s just that so many (melfamy, for one) no longer understand how to think for themselves, so they cannot apply logical extension to see where this stuff is all going.

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