TRUTH: Warning To Modern Society In “Sound Of Music” Totally Missed

I have a confession to make: until last night, I had never seen “The Sound of Music.”  My wife taped the recent live performance of this musical and I finally agreed to watch it with her last night.  I had heard the criticism about the lead not comparing to the original and all the normal complaining that normally circulates around remakes of beloved classics, so I was not sure I should be watching this version as opposed to the original. I went into watching it with this frame of mind.  However, as the show progressed, I was soon struck by something more important: people have totally missed the warning in this play!  It speaks to us, today, and it demonstrates that the warning from its day is still as relevant today – and no one seems to see it or care.  No wonder history is repeating!

I have often been attacked for pointing out that modern America is traveling a parallel path to that of 1930’s Germany, but “The Sound of Music” couldn’t make it any clearer that I am correct.  Not only are we traveling it, we are very close to the point in history in which this play is set.  Just substitute the Captain’s character for any conservative, TEA Party member or – more importantly – Christian and the story could be about the headlines in our news right now.  Just as the NAZI’s expected the Captain to do as they told him and behave as they told him or he would pay the price, so it is with anyone who disagrees with the current regime – only, instead of calling it the NAZI Party, we call it political correctness.

So, put yourself in that frame of mind – that those who disagree with the PC narrative must be made to pay the price – then read the following headlines and ask yourself whether or not you understand that we are living in “The Sound of Music:”

A&E Places Phil Robertson on Indefinite Hiatus From ‘Duck Dynasty’ Following Fiery Remarks on Homosexuality

[The Captain imperiled himself when he referred to the NAZI’s as crazies, but in a world dominated by those crazies, he risked his very life just by saying so.  So it is here: in a world dominated by people who insist that homosexuality is “normal” and should be viewed as “morally acceptable,” anyone who expresses disagreement can and is in peril of loosing their reputation and even their livelihood.]

Pro-Life Math Teacher Fired After His Vocal Opposition to Planned Parenthood

[If a person opposes the assertion that abortion is the equivalent of removing a wart, they can and will lose their livelihood.]

Birther Booted From CNN During Heated NSA Segment

[This one is a little more difficult.  Unless you are very familiar with 1930’s Germany, the connection might not be immediately clear – but it is here.  That it is not clear actually demonstrates how effective the NAZI’s tactics were and still are.  This is a clear demonstration of Hitler’s principle of “Tell a big enough lie long enough and people will believe it.”  The truth is, Obama is not a natural born citizen.  This is a fact.  At birth, he held dual citizenship, which, according to our founders, means a person cannot be a natural born citizen, thus, Obama is not eligible to be President.  But no one will address this because they are pushing a political agenda and Obama serves that agenda.  It is easier to attack and silence those who would tell the world that 2+2=4 and not 5.  That is what was being done to the Captain in “The Sound of Music,” and this is what has been done to those who point out that Obama is illegitimate.]

See the Nasty Letter Sent by Neighbors to a Family Bashing Their Christmas Decorations

[Again, it may not be immediately apparent that this story has an equivalent in “The Sound of Music,” but it does.  Instead of the nativity, think ‘flag.’  The NAZI’s did not want to see the Austrian flag flying on the Captain’s property.  They wanted their flag to be flying.  Substitute Austrian for Christian and NAZI for Atheist (and yes, they are equivalent in both reality and the play), and you should see the equivalence between the play and this headline, as well.]

Incoming White House Adviser Quickly Backtracks After Comparing GOP to Jonestown Cult

[Finally, this story illustrates how those who do cross the line and do exactly what others are being ruined for can be and are excused – so long as they are ‘on the proper side.’  In “The Sound of Music,” those who aligned themselves with the Party could get away with things that those who opposed it could not.  This is what we see in this last story: a person who, were he a ‘conservative’ who said this about Democrats would be driven from his job.  We know this to be true because we have seen many such stories where those who conform to the politically correct narrative are given a pass and allowed to keep their positions where those who are outside the PC agenda are destroyed.]

To those who would say that what happened in 1930’s Germany could never happen here: wake up!  “The Sound of Music” demonstrates that it not only can happen here, it already has!


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