PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: Indications Of The Coming Global Financial Collapse

People have been warning about financial collapse for some time.  In fact, I do not remember a time in my life when someone was not trying to gain attention by making some sort of claim about a coming financial catastrophe.  If it never seems to happen, people eventually start to ignore those who try to warn them.  It is the “Boy who cried wolf” syndrome.  Unfortunately, the majority of us are woefully ignorant about financial matters.  If we weren’t, we would know that there have been people who have established a very solid record of predicting such things, and some of these same people have been trying to warn us about something the world has never seen for some time now.

The stories are out there.  In fact, they are everywhere.  It’s just that no one pays attention, and, even if they do, our education system has intentionally seen to it that we do not know how to make sense of it all.  Here are just a few of the headlines that should cause us some concern:

Famed Investor’s Dire Warning: ‘This Is Going to End Badly… Be Prepared, Be Worried, and Be Careful’

Market Analyst Is Looking at Something He Says Should Be Causing ‘Panic Aplenty’

China Tops U.S. in Energy Use

Asian Giant Emerges as No. 1 Consumer of Power, Reshaping Oil Markets, Diplomacy

China Official Says Country To Top U.S. Consumer Market By 2015

In China, Tentative Steps Toward Global Currency

The U.S. no longer holds the dominant place on the world market that it once did.  This is by design.  The Marxists in our nation (i.e. Progressives) have seen to that.  It is what Obama is all about, as well as Cap-and-Trade and foreign aid when we are so far in dept, as well as a number of other government-sponsored wealth redistribution programs.  But – so far – the U.S. dollar has remained the world reserve currency.  When that ends, the U.S. collapses – and a large part of the world will go with it.

Now, if China becomes the world’s largest oil consumer, and the Chinese currency gains global recognition, there is a very real chance the cost of oil will no longer be set in terms of the U.S. dollar.  This will have the same effect as eliminating the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency, and will result in the collapse of the U.S. economy.

Finally, when – not if, but when — the Federal Reserve stops printing money, we will see hyper inflation in this nation.  So far, the Fed has held it off by printing money and – frankly – lying about the economic numbers.  But this must end.  No nation in the history of man has done what we are doing and not ruined its currency.  But again, this too is by design.  The last step before you topple a free nation such as ours is to steal the wealth of the people.  You do that through inflation.

There are many scenarios that could play out, and they all indicate something is on the horizon – something that we have never seen before.  The belief that we will somehow avoid the storm is born of ignorance and arrogance.  We will not avoid it, but we can understand what it means and get ready for it because, when it comes, this time, it will most likely be global.  And one of the irony or ironies here is that all the centralization the collectivists have been pushing to prevent this coming collapse is exactly what has made it possible.

Now, the world has seen financial collapses, even global depressions, but it has never seen a global collapse.  To date, there is no recorded incidence of the entire global economy collapsing at the same time.  Yet, this is exactly what Scripture tells us will happen in the future, and that this collapse will open the door for the Anti-Christ.  And prophecy tells us that the Anti-Christ will give away great wealth. In short, he will buy the support of the people – just as most dictators do…in the beginning.  Strangely enough, however, Islamic prophecy teaches that their ‘savior’ will do the same thing: rule over the world and give away great wealth.  If you are interested, you should look into Shi’a Islamic prophecy and compare it to that of the Bible.  They are identical, only from opposite sides of the story.  And – again, strangely enough – if the 4th Beast in Bible Prophecy is Islam (as many are starting to believe it is), then the head wound was when the Caliphate was disbanded and when it is reconstituted – as the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to do, and with Obama’s help, no less – then the Beast that was dead will live again.

But then, prophecy is written so we can make anything we want out of it, right?  It’s just a coincidence that it tells of all these things happening at the same time and we can see them happening today…right?  Or could it be that we should pay a bit more attention to prophecy: not so much to guess the future, but to build our faith in the fact that Scripture is what it claims to be – the inspired word of God?


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