TRUTH: All Forms Of Collectivism Glorify The Ruler

And All Forms Of The Collective Fail Because Of This: They Mirror Original Sin

It doesn’t matter what name it goes by – Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, Progressivism – all forms of the Collective are intended to glorify their architect.  Most often, whoever it is that dreams up their ideal society also has in mind to be its ruler.  But, even if it is co-opted, those who rule over a Collectivist utopia have a nearly universal tendency to see themselves as above the people they rule.  In this sense, the Collective is intended to glorify its ruler.  The origins of this desire go way back.

I first started to understand this while reading Genesis.  I was reading a Zondervan NASB Study bible.  In the notes on the story of Cain and Able, it says that Cain is the father of all those who dwell in cities, and that Cain built the first city in an attempt to restore himself; to redeem himself through his own works.  Then, in Genesis 11:1-9, we find the story of the Tower of Babble.  Again, the text in this section declares the peoples’ desire to build a city as a monument to themselves.  This is translated as “make for ourselves a name,” which could also mean reputation or fame.  The people of Babble were trying to reach heaven through their own works; to ‘save’ themselves.

The story of Babble tells us the people were one: they were a collective.  And God recognizes that – in part – this is because they share a common language.  God also says that, if man is allowed to remain a collective, they will be able to achieve most anything they set their minds to do.  Now, this does not mean man can save himself or become a god.  As I understand it, it means man would be able to direct his own destiny and that – through is arrogance and pride — he would always push God out of his life in the process. As I was reading this passage and studying the corresponding notes is when it suddenly clicked – at least for me (I can be slow at times).  The story of babble is the story of the Collective, and the Collective is not God’s way – it is man’s.

When Satan tempted Christ in the desert, he offered to deliver every soul that would ever live to Jesus – if he could have the glory for doing so.  If the end result is the same for everyone – in this case, if we are all delivered to salvation – it is a collective work.  And, in this case as in that of Cain’s and the people of Babble, it represents Satan’s attempt to restore himself by his own hand.  As I study it, I find this connection in every story connected to the Collective.  Here, Satan was offering this collective work so he could be glorified.  But Christ refused.  In this case, Christ refused because He is God and as God He is to be glorified and worshiped – not Satan.  But in doing this, Christ also showed us that collective actions are not His way – not God’s way.

In the eyes of God, the individual is so important that He entered this world and became a man, He then suffered, died and was buried and, after three days, He raised Himself back up again.  He did all of this in and through the person of Christ so that Jesus could know exactly what it is to be human.  In this way, Christ became the perfect sacrifice, and through His sacrifice, He could pay the price for our sins – for your sins.  This is important to understand.  If it had only been for you and you alone – one person – Christ would have still come to earth and died for you.  In fact, this is exactly what He did.  All you have to do is accept His free gift of salvation by believing in Him; by trusting Him to be your Savior.  This is the only way that any of us can be redeemed.  Redemption must come from God; it can only come from God because we cannot save ourselves.  The failure of every collective effort in history bears witness to this Truth.

[NOTE: while the Collective is meant to glorify its rulers, it is crucial to understand that those who support the Collective are equally as guilty of rebellion — especially in a society that purports to rule itself.]


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