PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Tom Cruise Testifies To The Insanity In Hollywood

Somehow, it seems fitting that this post should be written today, because there are too many people in this country today that are exhibiting symptoms of whatever self-righteous insanity from which this man is obviously suffering:

NOTE: I was going to delete this post because it has since been reported that Cruise did not say what the following story claims he said.  Apparently, Cruise’s words were twisted by people connected to his divorce, and the suggestion that he was comparing his job to the military came from the twisting of his testimony in the case.  HOWEVER, I chose to keep it because it still makes a powerful point: that it is believable he could have said the following speaks volumes to the state of our society:

Tom Cruise My Job’s As Hard As Fighting in Afghanistan

I wouldn’t know how to explain this to Mr. Cruise, and I doubt he’d accept my explanation even if I knew what to say.  This man suffers from a form of insanity that only the incredibly spoiled seem to contract.  So I will try – try – to explain it to those who have never stood on the wall so that others could sleep soundly.  And this comes from someone who has actually been around while several movies were filmed.

The soldier signs a blank check that says he or she will sacrifice whatever is asked of them by their country – up to and including their life.  Actors can and do storm off the set whenever they do not feel they are being treated the way they deserve to be.

The soldier carries a 100 pound ruck up and down mountains all day.  He does not get to take a break between sets.  He does not get to break for meals, or when the weather isn’t cooperating.

He does not get to go home when the scene is finished.  Often times, he has to sleep in a hole filled with mud and cold water.

The soldier does not get to call his significant other between scenes and discuss which five-star restaurant they will go to eat at that night.  Often, he goes days without eating, and when he does eat, it is a cold meal out of a plastic bag that tastes and looks like sawdust and/or dog food.

The soldier doesn’t get to schedule their work around holidays.  They go where they are told, when they are told and for as long as they are told.

And the soldier doesn’t get to wipe away the red cheery syrup after the scene wraps.  No, he has to hold his buddies intestines in while he bleeds to death in his arms because there is no medivac to come save him.

Mr. Cruise, you couldn’t keep up with the U.S. soldier for one day, sir.  You are a far lesser man than they, and your words and attitude prove it.  If this were not so, you would not be on another set making riches that let you complain about the rich exploiting the poor.  You would have done what this hero did, and – possibly – shared his fate:

Pat Tillman


Personally, I think Cruise has started to believe he really is the characters he portrays, which is – by definition – insanity.


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