SOCIAL ERNGINEERING: Progressive Indoctrination Bites Progressives In The Rear

There was a time when the stories in this post would have provided me with all the motivation I needed to attack those whom I oppose politically without mercy – but no more.  Now, when I see stories like these, I weep: both for the people in them and this nation.  I start with this:

This May Be One of Jimmy Kimmel’s Best Pranks Yet…and It Involves Obamacare

OK, you really need to follow the link to that story, scroll down and take the four minutes to watch the video.  If you don’t, then you will not fully understand this post.  So, please, if you didn’t watch the video, go back and do so now.

Assuming that you have seen the video, what should we take away from it?  Well, the ignorance of the average person is apparent, but I am not so much interested in that as I am in why they are ignorant.  Why do you suppose the people in this video didn’t are ignorant?  In part, I know it is our education system, but then, these people represent a success for the public education system.  We must understand that the modern American education system was designed to produce people like this.  This is not my opinion; it is what the people who designed our system said it was what they wanted to use it to do: create ‘model citizens,’ and by ‘model citizens,’ they meant people who would reflexively obey authority.

But there is something else I noticed.  At the end of the video, Kimmel mocks these people and calls them stupid.  Sadly, I doubt Kimmel realizes he is as ignorant as the people he was mocking.  And, if anyone were to point out his ignorance, I doubt he were to suggest this to him, I doubt he would understand why it is true.  Consider this: Kimmel is mocking people for not knowing that the Affordable Care Act is the same things as Obamacare.  Most of these people appear to have been out of school for some time, so what part of our society is responsible for their ignorance?  Well, I submit that it would be the media.  After all, in a free and self-governing society, the media is supposed to keep the citizenry informed and properly educated.  And what does Kimmel purport to do for a living?  Inform people.  So, in a very real and tangible sense, Kimmel is responsible for the ignorance of the people he mocks.

And there is still more.  Kimmel is a Leftist.  By definition, this means that he sees big government as the answer and not the problem to our political troubles.  What’s more, he apparently has no problem using his position in the media to push his political agenda.  But, if he is helping to make people ignorant, then how can he claim that the Right is responsible for the troubles in our nation?  Given that the media has been in a partnership with the American Left and both partner with unions and the education system, wouldn’t this mean that Kimmel is actively working to create what he calls “stupid people?” So what does this make him?

Now, here is a related story (WARNING!  Contains strong language):

‘SHUT THE F*** UP’: You May Just Start Laughing at How Worked Up Some on the Left Are Over CMA Awards Mocking Obamacare

If you read the tweets in this second story, then you might have noticed that the people who wrote them seem to have something in common with the people in Kimmel’s video.  However, the majority of the people writing these tweets are younger, and closer to their school days.  Yet, look at the way they express themselves.  While they may well be intelligent, would you consider their language as evidence of that intelligence?  Now consider this: many of them attacked the people at the CMA as stupid, illiterate and backward.  If you have seen the way the CMA performed the skit in question, compare the way the people involved carried themselves and spoke to the way the people in these tweets present themselves and ask yourself, “Which group actually seems the less educated and refined?”  Once again, there is a common denominator: our schools and a media dominated by people like Kimmel.

So long as our children remain at the mercy of the people in control of our schools and the media, we will produce more and more intolerant and hateful people who cannot express themselves without cursing and/or making personal attacks.  If we think such a society can survive in a world where competition is at an all-time intensity in human history, then we are as ignorant as the people in these stories.  But then, how many of us actually know that these people are the product of an intentional plan to create ignorant masses?  How many of us understand who is doing this and why?  And how many of us understand that we may already be too far gone to save the current generation – or even the nation?

Now you know why I weep – both for these people and for this once great nation.

[NOTE: to those tweeters who think the CMA is racist: I wonder, have you ever paid attention to the tone of the shows on BET?  Or to black comedians and ‘entertainers?’  While there are definitely bigots in the Country world, there is no racism.  However, when everything is judged according to what color a person’s skin is, then the same cannot be said about the black community in this nation.  Considering that many of the country people these tweeters attacked are of the same spirit as those whites who helped free the slaves and then force civil rights reform on this nation, these attacks on the CMA and country fans are all the more ironic — and sad.  But then, that is yet another indication of how wide and deep the ignorance in our society goes…]


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