TYRANNY: When The Rules Apply To You, But Not To Them

Zero Tolerance Policy Apparently Does Not Apply To School’s Staff

When the government can make rules for you, and enforce them on you – even when those rules violate your constitutionally protected rights – but the same rules do not apply to those who make them, this is called tyranny.   That is just one of the things this story represents: government tyranny in the school system:

North Carolina Sixth-Graders Get Stunning ‘Enrichment’ Lesson – It’s No Mystery Why Parents Are Furious

Sixth-grade students at Eastern Wayne Middle School in North Carolina unknowingly took part in a horrifying “enrichment” lesson involving a fake masked gunman last Friday.

As students sat in class, someone in a mask reportedly rushed into the room and pretended to rob them with a fake pistol. The students were not aware of the exercise ahead of time.

Let’s start with the obvious: does this school have a zero tolerance policy for firearms?  The story doesn’t say, but – in our current environment – and given that the schools conducted this “training” – it is reasonable to assume that such a policy exists in this school system.  Now, if you are politically aware, you no doubt have heard about students being suspended for wearing shirts supporting the NRA; making a pop tart into the shape of a gun; drawing a gun; and even for playing with a toy gun while at home, on the student’s own property.  All of this has been done in this country, and all in the name of “zero tolerance.”  So, why weren’t all the staff members who were involved with this “training” fired?  And I would include those who just knew about it as well?

Either zero tolerance applies to all, or it is a rule for the serfs and not their masters.  Given that a public education is mandated by these same masters, thereby making school attendance mandatory, this story is a classic illustration of tyranny.

The next issue in this story is why these same people – those who took part in and those who knew about it and did nothing – why weren’t they all committed for psychiatric evaluation?  Yes, I am serious about this.  By what sane act of reasoning could anyone charged with the care of children think this was a good idea?  This was terrorism.  Now, if you doubt me, look up the definition of the word.  It was driven by a political agenda, and it used fear to achieve its goal.  That is the very definition of terrorism.

But let’s think this through a little further.  What would have happened had a student in this class room had a parent such as myself on the campus at the time this stunt was pulled?  I can assure you, I am lethal with nothing but my bare hands and, had I been there and seen this going down, and had I been able to get in position to do so, I would have killed this person.  But what if the school resource officer had stumbled upon the stunt and hadn’t been told about it?  Or another teacher from another class who had chosen to violate the zero tolerance ban and had a concealed weapon had seen the stunt going down?  There are any number of ways this could have ended very, very badly.  If it had, who would have been held responsible?

In the end, this not only represents tyranny, it illustrates the insanity of those who are imposing it on us.  How could a sane person see it any other way?


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