LESSONS IN LOGIC: Does This Picture Scare You?

If So, Then What Should That Tell You About This Government?

I understand that there will be some who will take offense to this.  They will deny the Truth in it, but then, I am not writing to or for them.  I consider them to be beyond reach.  I write this post for those who may not yet see that Truth and who might – through the obvious Truth in this picture – might be shocked into accepting it.  For, only by accepting it can we face it, and only when we face it can we hope to stop it.  Here is the picture:


Now, are you one of those who think this is silly?  Do you think it goes too far?  Worse, do you think this is “hate speech?”  If so, I beg you, please, take a good, long, hard look at your soul and make sure you are in a good place.  Make sure you are right with God.

On the other hand, even if you are revolted by the picture, if you understand this is nothing to laugh at or dismiss, ask yourself why?  And then ask yourself what the answer to that first question implies?  If you are like me, you will not laugh and you will not dismiss this because you know that the government has already claimed ownership of our children:

Shorter Melissa Harris-Perry: All Your Kids Are Belong to Us

[NOTE: Read the history of the Progressive movement and the establishment of mandatory public education.  It is all about government control over our children for the expressed purpose of manufacturing “model citizens,” with that term being understood as drones who do not question the government’s authority.]


21 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Does This Picture Scare You?

    1. Yaad,

      Yes, it is clear, but it has always been so. The reason history repeats is because the nature of man has not changed. And, when we understand this, it is one of the strongest condemnations against the collectivist idea that they can change human nature. The actual evidence testifies that they cannot. This means those who keep seeking to control are actually trying to change reality through the force of their will; to re-make the order of this universe. That, my friend, is original sin: replacing the things of God with ourselves. And — at least to MY understanding — this is why history repeats: because man is still trying to take God’s place.

      But then, you may disagree, and that’s OK. What matters is that we both see the patterns and understand their cause. 🙂

  1. Kids do “belong” to their communities, whether their parents like it or not it’s always been the case. The question is only ever which community that is.

    1. msharmila,

      So you are a modern day slave owner: you just see the FICTIONAL idea of government as owning the slaves. I have no doubt you also believe you are among the intellectual elite who should be in charge of the government.

      Whoever you are, please keep posting here. YOU are one of the people about whom I am trying to warn my readers.

  2. A government is not a community, although a government can be the organising force within a community (or it can be the organising force between communities).

    I’d love to be in charge of the government of course, I think it would be interesting and intellectually challenging work. I am not in a position to ever do that though, I lack the personality, the academic record and the social connections. I don’t fear other people having that job though.

    And I am happy to act as your boogieman if you wish, lord knows until I find a job I don’t have much better to do.

            1. Because it is not nothing. I will do my best to explain that to you, but ONLY if you are serious about wanting and trying to understand. Otherwise, I have no intention or desire to turn this blog into the scrum so prevalent on other blog pages. I would sooner leave you to post without reply.

  3. You only want to talk if you are sure I will be convinced by what you’re going to say to me?

    I’m genuinely interested in understanding how you think (because I am genuinely interested in human differences and why and what makes us all different), but I am not that likely in my estimation to change my thinking very significantly in response.

    Take that as you will.

    1. I take it as you lie to yourself and are not self-aware enough to realize or understand it. And before you think I am insulting you, I’m not. I am stating a fact. It is a fact because you told me you don’t really believe in anything, and now, you tell me you won’t change your mind. Contradictions are a sure sign of deception, and the deception in this case is the lie(s) you have told yourself.

      Take that as you will 🙂

      1. It comes down to two different uses of the word belief.
        When I say I “don’t” believe in anything, I mean I have no commitment to a specific belief.
        I have quite a few aversions to specific beliefs though, mostly to beliefs I’ve held in one capacity or another at some time, but not exclusively.

        So I can say with confidence I don’t think I will be convinced of the kind of pseudo-conservative anarchist belief system that seems to come out on these pages, because I am already aware I am strongly averse to such a belief system.

        But as I said, that makes it doubly interesting to consider why others are not similarly averse, the question of why we are different.

        1. “So I can say with confidence I don’t think I will be convinced of the kind of pseudo-conservative anarchist belief system that seems to come out on these pages, because I am already aware I am strongly averse to such a belief system.”

          No, you are an ideologue who has renounced the use of reason and closed their mind. They way you describe me and those who think and believe as I do affirms my assertion that you have painted a false reality to justify what is — essentially — you trying to assert your will on reality. You have already decided I can’t and won’t and that you are absolutely correct in that decision. This is why I know there is little I can do to reach you.

          In short: you are caught in original sin.

          1. If you say so. Although I will point out that you assert your will on reality every single time you breathe.

  4. Methinks Joe that “msBADkarma2013″ let’s us in to her/his(?) mind-set when He/she says ” It comes down to two different uses of the word belief”.

    Aside from being too cute by two……She/he has done nothing more than repeat an internalized version of Bill (BJ) Clinton’s famous….” It depends on what the meaning if is is “.

    And her/his last comment is a Pedestrian application of the Heisenburg principle…..nothing more.

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