AGENDAS: Media Disgustingly Disrespectful Of Nation’s Heroes

I was channel surfing when I saw a picture I recognized.  Apparently, the picture was being used to make fun of those who object to the new cover the Obama Administration is trying to force on the Marines.  I quickly realized I had stopped on John Stewart’s show, so I immediately knew he was going to be on Obama’s side on this issue, but I was still shocked when I heard Stewart refer to Daly as “Some guy wearing two necklaces and a brooch.”  Here’s the picture Stewart was showing:


This is Sergeant Major, Dan Daly.  Those “Two necklaces” and that “brooch” are the Congressional Medal of Honor – our nation’s highest award for bravery in combat – and the Navy Cross – the second highest award.  Daly was one of only nineteen Americans to ever win two CMH’s.  He is one of only two Marines to have won their two CMH’s and live.  And here was a talking head making fun of a national hero.

Stewart is one of the countless many who have inherited their liberty from the sacrifices of men like SgtMaj Daly, yet he doesn’t even have enough respect for the men who gave him that liberty not to mock their courage, dedication and sacrifice.  When a nation starts to treat its heroes the way Stewart treated Daly, it is a warning sign that is has already died and all that remains is for the body to decay.

SgtMaj Daly is known in the Corps for having uttered these words during the WW I Battle of Belleau Wood, the battle where the Marines earned the name teufelhunden (devil dogs) from their German enemy.

“Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?”

Great men rise to the challenge of their situations.  I would venture to say that there is no situation under which men such as Stewart could ever rise to the level of men such as Daly.  And yet, they feel they have the right to mock those who have.  Well, they may have that right by law, but it is only because of the greatness of the men they mock and not because of the value of their own worth…


9 thoughts on “AGENDAS: Media Disgustingly Disrespectful Of Nation’s Heroes

  1. Joe, please explain to everyone the resultant duties and etiquette all officers and enlisted, including the President are expected and or required to show any person wearing the Medal of Honor.

    “…Stewart refer to Daly as “Some guy wearing two necklaces and a brooch.”

    Unbelievable ! Words alone cannot adequately describe the unbelievable seriousness, disappointment and surprise of such a comment. Disgust.

    A YouTube video of this ignorant show and commentator should go viral.

  2. No dice. The attempt today differs from what was back when Marines were in Europe. The Porter cap was from the American Civil war Kepi, and the Kepi is from the Fez. Obama wants a Fez. He also wants the USMC to soften its look and training to be more pleasing to homosexuals. The “French Cut” is a female attire cut when speaking about Marines. We don’t do, “French Cut”. We do Blood Stripe.
    I was (USMC MOS331) in Da Nang – Few would be able to take the stresses and abuse of combat, and hand-to-hand combat at times, if it were kissy, touchy, feely, faggotization of the Corp.
    I spit on the rat bastard in the White House.

    1. The person currently occupying the White House spent his youth regularly smoking dope with a self named “gang”; worshipping Allah, and mentored by self avowed communists who hated America and everything she stands for and were continuously monitored by the FBI (because they were in fact a threat to America).

      Obama has never held a “real” job. What exactly is he an expert in? Not Constituional law. He was president or editor of law review for Harvard after having never written anything? Sounds like they promoted him out of doing any real “work” because he wasn’t capable.

      The “man” claims he has a favorite baseball team and then can’t name a single player?

      He can’t throw a baseball.

      But he does get a lot of practice in on the links.

      Obama is not a man. He is a bully. A liar. Capable of nothing but intimidation backed with stupid and evil bureaucrats who are emboldened with the encouragement to violate our Constitution and the rights of “the people”.

      It is valid to judge the character of a person by what they think of Obama; A person of no accomplishment and no honor. A mere hollow shell of paper mâché and puffery.

      Obama is what the “media” extolled as “the man”. No wonder so many women are deciding to be gay. It is easier to find a woman with backbone and means than it is a real man in this “make believe” metro-sexual” construct.

      1. Texas,

        Let me see if I understand what you’re trying to say. See if I have this right.

        Obama is basically the quintessential stereotype of a tin-horn, Marxist dictator.

        Is that about right?

  3. If I may…..

    I think Texas might be saying…..”Obama is basically the quintessential stereotype of a tin-horn, Marxist dictator with a Lisp and bering a Crescent Moon and Star…”

    1. . . . and a wussy.

      (Consider this, he was a lawyer who never did anything … Except urge “the mob” to intimidate civilized people and break the rules to obtain and share sealed documents.)

      Like the emporer in gladiator; Obama will stand up to a real man, a man with honor and dignity and accomplishment, just after the real man has been beaten down, bleed nearly to death, and surrounded by his Praetorian Guard.

      Those statements about a MOH recipient . . . Arrggghhhhh

      A bunch of wusses cheering and kneeling at the foot of a wussy.

      I almost feel sorry for them. Then I remember they are angling to stab all of us in the back and destroy everything …

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