PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Jeb Bush Clearly Demonstrates Republican PARTY = PROGRESSIVE RIGHT

If you have been hearing voices such as my own telling you the Republican PARTY is as Progressive as the Democrat PARTY, but you still are not convinced, read and consider this post.

Jeb Bush To Ted Cruz: “Have A Little Bit Of Self-Restraint” On Obamacare

JEB BUSH: Well, frankly, I think the best way to repeal ObamaCare is to have an alternative. We never hear the alternative. We could do this in a much lower cost with improved quality based on our principles, free market principles, and two, show how ObamaCare, flawed to its core, doesn’t work.

If you are a conservative – like the Republicans keep trying to claim they are – and define “conservative” as supporting the constitution, small government and individual rights and liberty, then why would you say you need an “alternative” to Obamacare?  Any government involvement in healthcare is aimed not at helping people – which is not the proper role of government – but at control of the people.  Yet, here is Jeb Bush claiming that we can’t repeal government healthcare, the best we can hope for is to replace it with a Republican alternative.  That is as clear an admission that the Republican Party leadership is as Progressive as the Democrats as you are likely to hear from them, but make no mistake, that is exactly what this is – a confession that Bush is Progressive.  Folks, this is exactly the same battle that Europe had between its two factions of the collectivist spirit: Communism and Fascism.

In our case, the Democrat/Progressives represent the European Communists, and the Republican/Progressives represent the Fascists.  Neither side cares about the people.  Claims to the contrary are mean to do nothing more than pander to people so as to convince them to sell themselves into slavery.  For those who fall for this con-game, the only choice is which master they will embrace: the Communists or the Fascists.  Sadly, neither choice leads to security in any form.  Once you have sold yourself into serfdom, you will remain in serfdom.  Most likely, your children and grandchildren will remain serfs, as well.  It is generally left to a generation so far removed from you that they have no memory of what liberty was and they “discover” it for themselves.  That generation will then fight for what you sold for the promise that the government would give you a few scraps of bread which they stole from others on your behalf.



11 thoughts on “PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Jeb Bush Clearly Demonstrates Republican PARTY = PROGRESSIVE RIGHT

  1. I do believe healthcare needs to be reformed, but I feel it will be best in piecemeal bills that are passed rather than one big, convoluted, dopey-assed tax disguised as affordable healthcare reform.

    Cruz is their target man now. He scares the shit out of em, just like Cain. You can bet Obama’s got NSA crawlin all over that boy’s records, and when he finds one minor infraction from when Cruz was in the fifth grade, he’ll turn it into the biggest travesty you’ve ever seen. Hopefully, the majority is on to the Pothead-In-Chief.

  2. A perfect example:For those that sit and ponder how we got to this point while they voted for and observed republicans getting elected to the presidency and they are even the majority from time to time in the house or the senate.

    This “Conservative” is all over the radio touting common core.

    1. Mike,

      Common Core is the evil twin to Obamacare. If they get both of these two programs established, Stalin and Hitler will be drooling with envy from the depths of hell.

    1. triper,

      I saw that, and I understand the argument. However, until you cut out the cancer that is the leadership, you cannot ‘save’ the body. And since the really BIG money is inseparable from the leadership…

  3. Joe, that is what it is all about. Replacing the leadership by loading the precinct leadership with Conservatives.

    Understand that this is important. But just what are you actually doing to change this situation. Secession? Third Party? Talk all you want but real action is the only thing that will change our current reality.

    What is the saying, God helps those that help themselves.

    1. Triper,

      I say this with kindness, love and respect, and I say it as my opinion and nothing more: I disagree.

      When I look to history, I see that — when a nation reaches the point where we are now — it has to have a rebirth. I see the same applying to organizations such as the Republican Party. Our founders tried to reconcile with the Crown, which is how I see the “re-building” of the Republican Party. In the end, the founders decided they had to start a new nation. Likewise, if you build a “new” Republican Party, you will have changed nothing. All you will have done is swapped the leadership. The inherent problem will remain and it will be nothing but a matter of time until you have to do it all again.

      Look at what you are fighting for: a Party. Party politics is what got us here. When you put Party first — which you must in Party politics — the nation naturally comes second. This is why the founders opposed Party politics.

      On the other hand, we have an opportunity here to destroy BOTH Parties AND Party politics for several generations. Make the case I am making. Show Americans how and why Party politics harms them. then taint anyone and everyone associated with Party politics — just like they did to those associated with McCarthy. It’s not pretty, but at least — in this case — it is honest and it will work for the better of all.

  4. Joe, understand your concept, but do you really think you are going to destroy party politics? Really? The founders couldn’t keep party politics out of the their government. It reared its ugly head at the beginning and by Jackson’s (the first non founder President) term was in full bloom. Yes party politics are destructive to the nation and to those that are weak and of immoral or amoral nature, but teaching people of this will not change this reality. It takes direct action. Those in power will not give it up voluntarily.

    Fighting for a party? No. Fighting for a the values I envision as needed by the party, to transform the system back to a semblance of what was our founding. You see a party can fight for the Nation if the people in control fight for the Nation. And your argument that I would only have to ‘do it again’ is admitted by you as needed in your plan to do away with parties all together.

    Your idea of tearing the system down as, neither party will go quietly into the night. To resurrect it from the ashes like a phoenix leaves us open to all the anarchists/opportunists in the hope you can control the resurrection. We will not have the time the founders had to accomplish your aims.

    Working within the party system to accumulate the power to change the system from within offers the opportunity to accomplish transformation without opening us to the dangers of Anarchists or opportunists. Another way to supplement this transformation is through the An Article V Convention to Amend the Constitution. But that requires that the conservative caucus obtain some political power at the State level and using it properly.

    If I find that the system is falling down around me rapidly, disintegrating into chaos. Give me a call, I will happily try to help you create the phoenix. Just won’t actively work towards tearing it down completely to rebuild it, until there is no other choice.

    1. Triper,

      Do I think we can destroy the Party system? yes — for a couple generations, anyway. This is why I offered McCarthy as an example. All you have to do is taint those who associate with or advocate Party in the eyes of the public. Now, can we do THAT? Not if we do not try.

      As for the rest of your argument: you just made the case for what Washington warned us AGAINST! Again, with kindness and respect: as long as we have Party politics, the Party will ALWAYS come first.

      Remember, Party politics did not raise its ugly head until AFTER the founders established this nation. Had this not been the case, I doubt we would have a nation at all. There are lessons to be learned there. I’m just trying to learn and apply them is all; not repeat them because I think — this time — we are the right people to do it (hint, hint 😉 )

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