PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Manufacturing An American Reichstag Fire

Is Our Government Trying To Create A Crisis To Use As An Excuse To Implement Martial Law?

Do you know what the Reichstag Fire was?  Well, in short, it was the event that allowed Hitler to declare a national emergency, set aside the rule of law in Germany and grant himself “emergency powers.”  In effect, the ‘crisis’ gave Hitler the excuse he needed to declare himself dictator of Germany.  The signs that our government may be trying to manufacture an American version of the Reichstag Fire are there, and people who know and understand what they mean are trying to warn us.  Unfortunately, no one is listening.

Here is just one example of the warnings that are being given by people who know what they are looking for and what it means:

Ex-Navy SEAL Ben Smith Drops Bombshell On FOX: “Government Is CREATING Conditions To Impose Martial Law”

Now, understand why a warning like this – coming from a SEAL – should be taken seriously.  Part of what SEALs are trained to do is destabilize societies so they can be made ‘ripe’ for a takeover.  And one of the techniques they use is to push the people of a society to the point where they will react – preferably in a violent manner.  However, if the government is strong enough and can maintain control, when the people react, it will provide the government with a ‘crisis’ that the government can then use to declare an emergency and establish martial law.  Our military knows this as “The Bubba Effect.”  Now, many have dismissed the Bubba Effect as more crazy conspiracy theories, but you should give a serious listen to what it is and how it works before you dismiss it as such – because it is real, it works and it has been used many times in many different forms:

Now, when I suggest that this same thing could happen in the United States, many people dismiss me.  They simply refuse to accept that America could possibly be like the rest of the world.  Well, I just presented strong evidence that we are being set up for something very similar to what happened to the Germans in the 1930’s.  So why do so many people refuse to listen?  Unfortunately, Americans are as human as the rest of the world, which means we are as prone to the same human failings that led to Hitler’s rise to power.  The only thing that insulates a people from repeating the mistakes of the past is virtue, and virtue has largely been driven from our society.  And that is why the events we see happening in the rest of the world but believe cannot happen here can and will – unless we wake up and return to the principles and ideal which founded this nation.

If you still do not believe, then prove it to yourself.  Google “Democrat calls to suspend constitution” and see what you get.  You will find Congressmen and women, governors and even Obama himself have suggested suspending the Constitution, and all since Obama took office.  Now, in the end, you have to decide if any of this is connected and whether it is cause for concern.  But, if you know and understand history and human nature, I will bet you won’t be so quick to dismiss these warnings as the stuff of “conspiracy theory.”


There is an imbedded message to each of us in this SEAL’s interview, and that is:



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