TRUTH: It CAN Happen To Us

And China Is Sending Up The Warning Signs

When I try to warn people that the U.S. is in grave peril of economic collapse on a level that would end us – not only as a world super power – but as a first world nation, I am often dismissed.  People simply do not believe this could happen to the United States – and that is exactly what will allow it to happen.  This is the height of arrogance; and through their arrogance, the mighty are easily destroyed.

Before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, FDR was putting increasing pressure on Japan.  He was trying to force them to do what he wanted and was using trade sanctions to do it.  In fact, FDR was placing sanctions on Japan that he knew would force them to either capitulate completely – something he knew the Japanese would never do – or to attack American interests.  Where FDR miscalculated was in assuming the Japanese would limit themselves to an attack on Wake or Midway Islands, or maybe the Philippines.  As it turned out, they hit Wake and the Philippines, as well as Pearl harbor and the East Indies and South East Asian region that is, today, Viet Name, Thailand, etc.  SO what does this have to do with today?

The answer is simple.  Before they attacked, Japan gave warnings.  But the American government, in its arrogance, believed the Japanese to be a backward people who couldn’t possibly present a serious threat to U.S. supremacy in the Pacific.  And it was that arrogance that cost many thousands of Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen their lives – quite needlessly, I might add.  Today, another Asian nation is being pushed by an arrogant Washington and it is giving similar warning signs that that arrogant Washington is ignoring – just like FDR did.

Chinese Op-Ed: World Should Be ‘De-Americanized’

In the late 1930’s into 1940, FDR pushed Japan into a position where they were forced to make a decision as to whether or not they would accept de facto dominance of a foreign power (the U.S.) or go to war.  The Japanese made a calculation that it was worth the risk to go to war.  Today, China is being placed in a similar situation: they either risk losing a considerable investment in the U.S., or they take some action that could sever them from their dependency on the U.S. market.

Now suppose for a moment that you were the Chinese government and you were sitting on $1.28 trillion in U.S. debt – not to mention all your privately owned investments inside the United States.  And suppose you were trying to calculate the cost of going to war with the U.S.  What if you determined it would be less expensive to write off that $1.28 trillion in federal notes?  Could that help you sever your dependency on the U.S. while – at the same time – eliminating the U.S. as a threat to you?  As it happens, yes, it could.

If the Chinese were to call in their debt claiming lack of confidence, the only way the U.S. could repay it would be to print money, which would further weaken the dollar.  That translates to inflation to you and I.  But it would also signal to the rest of the world that the leading economic power on the planet no longer trusts the largest market.  If China were to then leverage this move to push for a new world reserve currency – something other nations have expressed an interest in as well – then the U.S. dollar would collapse almost overnight.  This would cripple the U.S. economy which, because we no longer have a viable manufacturing base, would be in a poor position to recover in any near term sense.  This would have the effect of moving us from world super power to third world nation almost overnight.

Now consider that this is only one of many such scenarios, any number of which would have the same effect.  And it has all been made possible because our politicians are so arrogant as to believe no one would dare try such a thing, and because we, the people, don’t believe anyone could ever succeed at such a thing.  Well, I have a little news flash for you: it is very likely they already tried, and they already succeeded:

Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash

Pentagon study sees element


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