AGENDAS: Harry Reid Lets Mask Slip, Reveals Face Of Evil

I have written about how movements driven by Leftist ideologies always end in massive bloodshed many times.  The Russian Revolution ended in massive bloodshed.  The Fascist takeover of Europe ended in massive bloodshed.  The Communist takeover of China ended in massive bloodshed.  The Cuban Revolution ended in massive bloodshed.  Now, the Arab Spring is in the middle of massive bloodshed.  This is because the people who embrace the Leftist ideology do not see the individual.  They see only the goal.  As a result, they do not care about the individual or even large numbers of individuals.  They will ‘sacrifice’ people for the greater good of their cause.  The American Left is no different: they are just as blood-thirsty as any other Leftist regime in history.  Harry Reid just demonstrated this by admitting is willing to sacrifice children for the greater good of his Party’s cause.

Read this story, but – most importantly – watch the entire video clip in this story.  Then I will explain what Reid has actually revealed:

Listen to the Question About a Child With Cancer That Appeared to Stump Harry Reid – and His Eventual Response That’s Causing Many to Cringe

Now, let’s use logical to determine what Reid reveals about himself and his Party in this clip.

1st – What right do the Republicans have to ‘pick and choose’ what parts of government they fund?  The answer is: a constitutionally mandated duty!  The Constitution (i.e. the law) gives the House the power to fund or not fund the government.  The last election – meaning the most recent measure of the Peoples’ will – sent TEA Party people to the House with the mandate to stop Obamacare.  By logical extension, this means the People gave the House an order to use this Constitutional power to do exactly what they are trying to do, and by opposing them, Reid, Obama and their Party are openly denying the will of the people.  Now, aren’t these the same people who are always talking about democracy?  Doesn’t this make them into hypocrites?

Next, who is actually picking and choosing here?  Obama has been handing out exemptions to Obamacare for his political allies, but the law has no provision to allow this.  That means Obama is not only picking and choosing, he is violating his own law.  But Obama has done this since getting in office.  He violated U.S. bankruptcy law with the GM bailout.  He violated our immigration laws, and DOMA.  In fact, he has been ignoring every law he doesn’t like since he was sworn in to office.  Again, doesn’t this make Obama and his supporters hypocrites?  But more importantly, don’t Obama’s actions meet the very definition of dictator?

2nd – Obamacare is not working.  Reid lied.  If it were working, there would have been no reason for exemptions.  People would be able to get through on the phones.  And insurance rates would not be skyrocketing.  So this is a flat out lie and Reid knows it.  All his defense of Obamacare actually signals is the agenda; the ultimate goal of the American Left.

3rd – Then, Reid is asked “If you could help one child, isn’t it worth passing this single-issue spending bill?”  That’s when the mask comes off and Reid says no!  He even asks why he should do that and attacks the reporter for even asking the question.

Folks, hear me clearly: that was not a slip, it was an admission that Reid is willing to let children die to protect his agenda!

It was at this point that Reid demonstrates – in spirit – he is no different from Stalin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot or any other Leftist who cares more about the agenda than individual people.  But it isn’t just Reid.  In the 2008 campaign, when Obama said granny is going to have to learn to accept that she might have to just go home and take pain pills, Obama was making the same admission as Reid is here: he cares about his agenda and he is willing to let people die to achieve his goal.  It is not a big step from “let” people die to “helping” them die – and the death panels are in Obamacare.  They hid them in the stimulus bill, and the architect of Obamacare has admitted this, and the New York Times printed his admission.

But there’s more here.  Every time we have a mass shooting, aren’t these the same people who tell us that – if it saves just one child – restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of the entire nation is worth it?  So why wouldn’t they fund this research program if it could save one child’s life?  Because these people all lie.  It is all about power, and never about helping people.  The fiction of the collective is where the power lies and they crave and chase after it.  But help is always in the individual – one person at a time.  And Reid just told America he is not willing to help a single child with cancer if it means giving up any of his power.

4th – The final thing we should note, and the media should really note, is that – when he was actually challenged, Reid bared his teeth and attacked the reporter.  This is not the role of a public servant; it is the behavior of a lord and master.  It demonstrates that Reid considers himself to be above the reporter, over the press itself.  He then refers to her as “intelligent.”  What this means is she has – presumably – been vetted by successfully making it through the indoctrination process of journalism school and should know better than to embarrass him and harm the cause like she did.

The proof is here, friends: they will kill to get the power they crave.  We just haven’t pushed them hard enough – yet.  But, if Americans continue to stand up and defy these people, they will stop snarling and start biting.  They won’t be able to stop themselves, it’s who they are.  The American Left is exactly the same as every Leftist monster in history.  They represent the face of evil.

Now, you must also understand that part of this American Left is currently running the Republican Party.  The leadership of the GOP is Progressive, and Progressives are political Leftists – not “Right-wing extremists” like the media tries to tell you.   That’s just part of the game they play to keep us from seeing them for who and what they truly are.

Let me ask you a question.  What sort of government tells its people that they must do what they are told or the government will let children and the elderly die until the people cave?  Is that a government of, for and by the people, or is that the dictatorship of tyrants?

And what sort of people sit idilly by and allow their children and their parents to be killed just because they can get a free phone for signing away their freedom to that government?


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