PC WATER TORTURE: More Word Games To Avoid The Law

If The Law Forbids A Govt. Agency From Doing Something, Change Its Name

One of the hallmarks of the Progressive mentality is the belief that things are defined by what we call them, not their form and function.  Thus, to a Progressive, if you change the word you use to describe or identify something, you have changed its nature, as well.  The following story clearly illustrates how this irrational thinking manifests itself in the real world:

Angry Rep. Investigates If Obama Administration Hoodwinked Congress With Name Change to Keep Public Advocate for Illegal Immigrants

Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., wants to know if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) circumvented the law by changing the title of the agency official who was named as the agency’s “public advocate” while keeping him on the job.

If a position is defunded, and you give that employee who just lost their position a new title but do not change that person’s duties, you have not changed anything but the title.  This is exactly what appears to have happened here, and it is a clear indication that the Obama Administration is trying to avoid legal jeopardy based in a linguistic technicality.  But the form and function here is clear: the Obama Administration is trying to ignore the law.  Since this means violating its Constitutional duties, this actually means the Obama Administration is violating the very laws it is sworn to uphold, but is claiming it is not doing so because it changed the words it uses to describe a person’s position – even if it hasn’t changed their actual job.

Now, to the Leftist mind, this line of reasoning works – right up to the time one of their political opponents says they haven’t de-funded Obamacare, they just voted to postpone funding until the twelfth Sunday of the fifty-third week of the one hundred and first year of the next century.  Now, be honest, to you think this argument would ever fly with the Progressive Left?  So why do we allow them to get away with making similar arguments to avoid the proper consequences for their actions – PROSECUTION AND JAIL?!

And one more thing: why do we hold the Republican Party blameless in these matters?  it is their job — as the opposition Party — to hold the Administration to the law.  By not even trying, they demonstrate their complicity in the act, which means they share equally in the guilt and should be treated the same as those who actually commit the crimes.


One thought on “PC WATER TORTURE: More Word Games To Avoid The Law

  1. These days there is really not much of a difference between the two parties, with a few exceptions. Thinking about it, I suppose it’s been true for a while. I think the are driving in the same direction, hence the silence.

    The temperature in the pot is reaching a point where some of the “frogs” (us) are getting uncomfortable and intolerable for many.

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