AGENDAS: Recognizing The Progressive Play Book

It All Boils Down To Apply The Right Formula

Do you pay attention to the political happenings in our society and around the world?  I assume, if you are reading this blog, you do.  So let me ask you: have you ever noticed how the people can reject a certain policy or agenda and, instead of trying to understand what the people really want, the people pushing that policy or agenda sit around and lament their failure in terms of not having explained it correctly?  These people never consider that the people understood them clearly and rejected their agenda.  Instead, they complain that they didn’t use “the right words,” or they didn’t make the right “sales pitch.”  In short, they just assume they can make the people do what they want them to do, so the failure is not with their idea but with the way they presented it.  If you have a moment, I would like to explain to you where this attitude comes from and how to recognize the formula these people are trying to apply.

This belief that people can be made to think and do whatever one wants them to can be traced directly to Edward Bernays and the advent of modern propaganda as a ‘science.’  It is what Hitler was getting at when he advocated telling a lie – just make sure to tell it big enough and often enough that people believe it.  Now, many people are aware Hitler said this, but what many do not know is that Hitler also said this works because people do not think.  That is the first key to the Progressive play book: do not let people think, instead, make them ‘feel.’  This is why the Progressive always couches things in emotion.  They will tie their agenda to sentimental notions, or they will make out-right appeals to sympathy and compassion by using children or the down-trodden.  To the Progressive, all that matters is they make you feel and do not let you stop to think.

However, even the Progressive knows that this doesn’t always work.  They have to give some semblance of reason to their agenda.  Consequently, they will use deceptive language.  Most often, they employ equivocation.  This is when they use the same words and language you and I would use, but they mean something entirely different by it.  For example, you and I may believe that “fundamentally transforming America” might mean returning it to what our framers intended it to be, but the Progressive means to destroy what vestiges of the framers’ original intent may be left so they can create a collectivist utopia in its place.  But this is only one form of deceptive language used by the Progressive.  They use several others, as well.  The point is that they know they are not telling the truth as you and I understand it.  They just want it to appear as though they believe the same things we do – so we will support their agenda until it is too late to stop it.

For example: the assertion that health care is a right is a form of deceptive language.  Nowhere in our Declaration of Independence or Constitution is there any acknowledgment that we can claim – as a right – anything that places a demand on others, quite the contrary.  Our founding principles and ideals would hold that placing a demand on another person constitutes indentured servitude.  In other words, it is a form of slavery.  However, appealing to emotion – fear, greed and sloth – the Progressive “sells” the idea that health care is a ‘right,’ and that “the rich” should help pay for it.  There is the slavery: forcing “the rich” to pay for the care of another person.  If the Progressive were to argue that you should go out and work – for free – so the rich can stay rich, and that the law should be used to force you to do so, would you accept that the rich have a right to do this to you?  After all, think of how badly they will feel if they cannot live their life of luxury and had to live like all the rest of us.  Clearly, this would be an injustice.  The rich have a ‘right’ to be rich, so you and I simply have to go work to keep them wealthy.

Well, we would reject this line of reasoning, but when it is turned around and an appeal is made to the masses – who are not rich – then the masses suddenly fail to recognize that they have accepted the same line of reasoning for health care being a right that they rejected when they rejected being ‘rich’ as a right.  The only difference is in who has to work and who gets the “free stuff.”  Sadly, the Truth in this matter is that no one will get “free stuff.”  Health care is all about surrendering control of your life to the government and its corporate partners.  But, because the majority of us have allowed ourselves to be blinded by fear, greed and/or sloth, we do not see that, by clamoring for our health care ‘rights,’ we are giving power to people who seek to enslave us.  And, if we dare speak out or warn others of the peril, then the last part of the Progressive formula kicks is used to silence us.

Whenever the Progressive agenda is threatened, the Progressive uses straw man arguments and ridicule to try and discredit the person or people exposing them for who and what they truly are.  They will make silly arguments like “He just wants your kids to die.”  Or they will call you a “hater.”  Or make fun of you and say you are a “Right-wing Bible thumping extremist.”  And, if this does not work, they will resort to outright force.  At this point, they will try to scream over you, use the law to muzzle you and, in the end, they will try to jail and/or kill you.  Look to any collectivist regime in the past one hundred years and you will find that this is exactly how they have always ended: in mass imprisonment and jail.

This is the Progressive formula, and this is where this nation is currently headed if we do not start standing up to these tyrants.

[NOTE: I try to be patient and understanding with those who seem to be sincere in their quest to understand, but I am human.  I readily admit that, when I see signs that a person is following this formula, I do not allow for the possibility they may be sincere in their search for Truth.  Sadly, I have found that, whether knowingly or because they are deceived, those who employ this formula are seldom — if ever — receptive to correction.   Consequently, I tend to stand in firm opposition to them and the agenda they are trying to advance.  They will take this as “proof” that they are correct about me being a closed-minded hater.  I do not care.  I count those people as lost.  Instead, I write for those who may still be reached, and who might still learn to see evil as it is and for what it is by recognizing how it works and what it seeks to do: deception for the purpose of control.]


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