Social Contract: Government Violation Of 1st Amendment

This post has been re-blogged from, The Road to Concord,  my page on Natural Rights, Natural Law and the Social Contract:

The Constitution Cannot Be Amended By Changing The Meaning Of Words

The Constitution of the United States defines two methods by which it can be changed: by Amendment and by Constitutional Convention.  In both cases, two thirds of the States must accept the changes in order for them to be ratified and become a permanent part of our Constitution.  Any attempt to change the Constitution outside of these two methods is – by definition – unconstitutional.  This means it is not law and the people have no moral obligation to hold themselves bound by the change.  In fact, an attempt to alter or change the Constitution by any means other than the amendment or convention process constitutes subversion, which every citizen has a moral obligation to resist.  This applies to Congress’ latest attempt to nullify the 1st Amendment: Read the rest…


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