PC Water Torture: Protecting The PC Narrative

Sooner Or Later, Tyranny Bites The Hand That Helped To Prop It Up

This post is connected to the Liberal/Progressive media narrative in America.  To some extent, it applies to all government-controlled media everywhere, but this post focuses on stories dealing specifically with American media and the tyranny of political correctness.  What we call political correctness is actually the shield to a movement that – if memory serves — stems from the Frankfurt School of Germany and dates back to the influx of Marxist disciples who first established themselves at Columbia University.  I will write a post on this in the near future, but the point I want to focus on in this post is that political correctness was intentionally designed to shut down any opposition to the Communist agenda in America (the sword).  The accusation of racism is just one example of how this PC shield works. But this post is more than an explanation of how the shield came to be, it is a demonstration of another law of reality: sooner or later, the tactics of tyranny are turned against the very people who used them to put that tyranny in place.  This is the twofold point of this post.

It starts with this story:

Why So Many Celebs Silent on Syria? Left-Wing Actor Says They Fear ‘Anti-Black’ Label by ‘Being Opposed to Obama’

“A lot of people don’t want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama,” Ed Asner tells The Hollywood Reporter.

This is a polite way of saying that a lot of people in Hollywood are too afraid of being called a racist if they oppose Obama’s political agenda.  It is also a tacit admission that opposing the Obama Administration can lead to the ruin of one’s career.  Now, to be sure, Asner does not say this directly, but then, he does tell us why he isn’t afraid to speak out himself:

“Hollywood can’t mobilize for that either,” he joked. “If they try to punish me, what are they gonna do? Take away my pension?”

Now, if Asner – a Leftist who is supposedly not a racist — is being this polite in criticizing Obama when – as he so clearly points out – he is “already provided for” by his retirement, how much more frightened must other Leftists be to speak out if they are not also financially secure?  I’ll be charitable and assume that the people named in this picture just aren’t as financially secure as Asner and that this is why we haven’t heard them protesting war in Syria this time around:


But what if you are a member of the political opposition, and you know that the President is actively using the IRS and NSA against you?  At what point does political correctness cross the and become open tyranny?

The simple fact is this: though this nation has a trouble past where the issue of slavery is concerned, that past is not as one-sided as the American Left makes it out to be.  Had it not been for whites, slavery may not have ended.  And had it not been for mostly whites who fought in foreign wars, slavery might still be more prominent in the world than it still is.  Furthermore, a careful examination of the Constitution will reveal that our founders designed it in such a way as to insure that the issue of slavery would have to be dealt with or the Southern States would eventually become dominated by those in the North, thus opening the door for a legislative remedy.  This was affirmed by Frederick Douglas, a prominent black American.  So, any way we look at it, the abolition of slavery in America dates back to our founders.

What’s more, racism has not been the one sided issue we are told it is.  This is due to the Progressive tendency to revise history to suit the political agenda.  By isolating the issue of slavery and harping on racism, Progressives have made it akin to our nation’s ‘original sin.’  It becomes a hammer with which politicians can shame and hammer people into submission to their plans.  But they must re-write history to make it work.  If you knew that the Republican Party was formed to end slavery and that the Republicans forced the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it would harm the Progressive narrative.  They cannot let you know that Progressive Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, was a racist who re-segregated the U.S. military.  They cannot tell you that the KKK was formed by and comprised primarily of Democrats.  They cannot let you know that Planned Parenthood was founded by Progressive Eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, primarily to rid the nation of ‘undesirable’ black babies.  This is also part of our true history, and it must be erased so the Left can use the accusation of racism to shut down any political opposition.  But now, as Asner has discovered, that racism hammer has started to threaten the very people who used it to push their own agenda for so long.

Here is what I am trying to explain plastered in the headlines of the day:

The Tired Old Cry of False Racism

Up until now, the race-baiters in our nation have been able to partially shut down debate using the false specter of racism, but not anymore.

Jesse Jackson Claims the Tea Party Is the ‘Resurrection of the Confederacy’

“The Tea Party is the resurrection of the Confederacy, it’s the Fort Sumter Tea Party,” Jackson told Politico, referring to conservative opposition to President Barack Obama.

But the problem the Left is now running into is that they no longer control the media.  The Internet and the blogosphere has shattered their strangle hold on the political narrative and people are learning the truth that Progressives have been trying so hard for so long.  This blog is just a small part of this larger effort.  Still, the Progressives – tyrants that they are – have a solution to this new problem: they will simply “legislate away’ our First Amendment Rights:

Feinstein: You’re Not a Real Journalist Unless You Draw a Salary

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has proposed an amendment to the Media Shield Law – an irrelevant law ignoring protection already afforded by the First Amendment – that would limit the law’s protection only to “real reporters,” not bloggers and other upstart alternative media types.

You see, when you control the narrative, you control the language; and when you control the language, you can make people ‘go away’ simply by changing a definition.  This is how an act of war is allowed in clear violation of U.S. and International law: you simply call it a ‘kinetic military action.’  Taxes become ‘investments.’  Indoctrination becomes ‘education,’ and a free press becomes ‘misinformation.’  And, if you dare to challenge the changing of these definitions, you are admitting that you are a racist.  You must be.  After all, why else would you dare to challenge what a black President says?

Start looking for this pattern in the stories you watch and read.  It is everywhere in our society today.  If we look at the form and function of political correctness, we might even call it PC terrorism.


14 thoughts on “PC Water Torture: Protecting The PC Narrative

    1. The Communists were not blacklisted in the 50’s, Kells. They were resisted, but this was the period in which the Communist influences were taking over the industry.

      In fact, what happened to McCarthy is a prime example of the principle I am describing here. McCarthy was RIGHT — and KGB records have affirmed this. But he was shut down by one of the first successful implementations of the PC hammer tactic.

      They succeeded in shutting down their opposition using force and we proved tot hem we are more willing to “feel” than to “think,” so they have been traveling different versions of this same road ever since — because experience has proven that it works. They will not stop until we resist. It is that simple.

            1. OK, I’ll give you this one (and others). I discovered the term ‘black-listed’ seems to be connected to the inability to get work in Hollywood after being discovered to be a Communist. But the next question would be this: was he a Communist?

              According to Wiki, he wasn’t: he was a left-wing, progressive liberal. Well, as we have shown on the RNL, the American Progressive liberal is where the American Communist movement found its home. So, at the very best, this is a distinction without a difference.

              And this leads to the next question: given that the media is one of the key institutions to protecting and preserving a nation’s culture, and that Progressive/Liberal/Communist had openly declared their intentions to take over the media for the purpose of socially engineering our society, then wasn’t the blacklist actually a form of defense of our culture and way of life/government?

  1. Of course he was a communist; why else did he move to Europe?

    If the media is to “protect and preserve” our culture; they need only tell the truth. Unfortunately, that seems about as buried as our Constitution.

    1. Kells,

      BINGO! I am on the general subject of media control. It goes back to Bernays and propaganda. Give me time: I’ll get the posts up. then you have to decide what to make of the information I present.


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