AGENDAS: The Left Has Always Been ‘Hawkish’

War Allows You To Do Things You Otherwise Wouldn’t Be Able To Do

In considering the possibility that the Obama Administration will strike the Syrian government in support of the Al Qaeda-backed rebel forces, I have noticed a lot of people expressing puzzlement over why the ‘Left’ is suddenly ‘big on war.’  What I don’t understand is why this should surprise everyone.  The American ‘Left’ has always been big on war (with ‘Left’ being understood to mean a supporter of  ‘big government’).  Here, let me refresh your memory.  Since the rise of the American Progressive movement under Theodore Roosevelt:

— WW I, Democrat and founder of the Progressive movement, Woodrow Wilson (also, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize)

— WW II, Democrat Progressive, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

— Korea, Republican Progressive, Dwight Eisenhower

— Bay of Pigs, Democrat, John Fitzgerald Kennedy

— Viet Nam, Democrat Progressive, Lyndon Baines Johnson

— Persian Gulf War, Republican Progressive, George Herbert Walker Bush

— Persian Gulf War II and Bosnia, Democrat Progressive, William Jefferson Clinton

— Afghanistan and Iraq, Republican Progressive, George W. Bush

— Continued war in Afghanistan and Iraq, with expansion into Pakhistan, Pashtunistan, Waziristan, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Uganda, Congo, South Sudan and – now – Syria, Democrat Progressive, Barack Hussein Obama (also, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize)

As you can see, with the exceptions of Grenada and Afghanistan under Reagan, every conflict this nation has fought since the Progressive movement started has been fought by a President who held a Progressive agenda.  This means he was to the Left of the American political spectrum.  And before you object and try to argue that the Republicans are on the right, you might want to check the general direction of the Republican Party since the 1920’s.  You’ll be hard pressed to make that argument, and even the rank-and-file Republicans have figured it out:

Matt Drudge Goes Off on Republican Party: ‘WHO ARE THEY?!’

(Caroll Quigley and the “One Party Pretending to be Two” theory, anyone?)

I suppose people have gotten the idea that the Left is weak on the idea of war because the Left wing of the Progressive movement tends to downplay their embrace of war – and because they are such poor managers when they do go to war.  This misconception might also be strengthened by remnants of Wilson’s search for the “moral equivalent to war.”  However, this pretense of aversion to war is a false face.  The truth is that both the Left and Right wing of the Progressive movement embrace and even welcome war, and the Progressive movement in general is solidly to the Left on the American political spectrum.

By now, even if you are prone to agree with me, you might be asking why the Left would embrace war.  The answer is easy, but you must first understand that these people think they are ‘scientifically’ engineering a better society.  So, to them, a few broken eggs are necessary to make their omelet.  Keeping this in mind, ask yourself if the answer to the question “Why?” might lie in these little pieces of history:

“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.”

— Adolf Hitler

“The war made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.”

— Joseph Goebbels

Notice where this last man said we need a crisis: energy; healthcare; education; taxation; government spending, etc.  In other words, if they can only find a crisis that made things bad enough, the people will agree to their solutions.  So what do you do when you don’t have the crisis you need?  You manufacture it!

[NOTE: as with so many other issues discussed on The OYL, the assertions made in this post may seem the stuff of conspiracy theory — until you learn enough history to start connecting the dots.  This is why you must take the time to read and learn.  Once you know enough history, we won’t have to draw the picture for you; you’ll see it for yourself.]


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