PC Water Torture: Sex Education For Kindergarteners

A Manifestation Of Marx, Lenin And Dewey In Our Schools

NOTE:  All posts in the “PC Water Torture” series are meant to illustrate the arguments presented in one of The OYL’s primary secondary topic series.  The “PC Water Torture” posts are intended to provide a constant drip of posts about related stories that – when taken individually – may not appear to indicate an agenda, but when taken collectively, over time, form a clear picture of an agenda.  It is hoped that, over time, the constant ‘dripping’ of these stories will make the point – much the same way the constant dripping in the proverbial Chinese water torture is intended to break the victims will to resist.  This post uses a story in the headlines to show how it represents how Marxist theory is being put into action in the real world.

I have already covered the basics of why Progressives target our children.  I have also shown that they use the schools and power of the government to force their agenda onto our children; so they can ‘shape’ their ‘ideal’ society by manufacturing ‘model’ citizens.  I have also written about how they must destroy the moral character of society before the rest of their engineering can stick.  And I have explained how Progressives believe they are using ‘science’ to determine the form of this utopia and how best to build it.  Well, here is a story that connects all three of these parts of the Progressive agenda and illustrates how they implement it in the real world, and it seldom gets any clearer than this:

Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’

(CNSNews.com) – The Chicago Public Schools this year are mandating that the district’s kindergarten classes include sex education, fulfilling a proposal President Barack Obama supported in 2003 when he served in the Illinois state senate and later defended when he ran for president in the 2008 election cycle.

At a Planned Parenthood convention at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C., on July 17, 2007, a teenage girl who said she worked as a sex-education “peer educator” in the D.C. public schools asked then-U.S. Sen. Obama what he would do to encourage the teaching of “medically accurate, age-appropriate, and responsible sex education.”

Now, do you remember why Jocelyn Elders was forced from her position as Surgeon General under President Clinton?  It was because she advocated teaching masturbation to children as young as kindergarteners.  She also argued that masturbation, sexual education and abortion are all legitimate areas of government intervention/control by linking them to healthcare.  This is where Planned Parenthood comes into the picture.  Planned Parenthood claims to be promoting better health through family planning, abortions and other services.  But did you know that Planned Parenthood is directly connected to the American Eugenics movement?  Did you know it was founded as a means of getting rid of ‘undesirable people,’ such as the handicapped, mentally impaired and – most of all – blacks?  This is the same eugenics movement that gave the Germans the idea for their ‘Final Solution.’

All of this is connected, but you will never know it unless you know history.  And if you depend on schools controlled by Progressives – famous for revising history – you will never know it.  So, when you see stories like this one, you are more likely to agree that it is a good idea because it is ‘healthier’ than you are to recognize this story illustrates a real-world example of Progressive policies being forced on America through deception.  And what is the policy here?  The destruction of our society’s natural barrier to perversion: our virtue.  Once a society loses its moral compass, it can be made to embrace all manner of evil.  Just ask the Germans how easily this process can destroy a nation or the Russians, or the Chinese, or the Cubans, or the Cambodians, or the Vietnamese, or the Koreans, or the …


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