AGENDAS: Subverting American Education Through Islamic Influence

Subverting Education: Islamic Influence on American Education

The Re-Writing of History in U.S. Text Books

WARNING!  This nation is under a deliberate and coordinated attack by the forces of Islam.  This is not ‘Islamaphobia,’ nor is it a condemnation of individual Muslims.  It is a fact, and my condemnation is of the religion, but not necessarily all of its followers.  For the most part, the average Muslim lives in a state of deception.  But the average American doesn’t know or understand enough about Islam to recognize the Truth of my words, let alone the truth of the threat we face.  This post is not meant to malign or attack Islam, but to educate you by detailing how Islamic influences have started to invade our public education system and is currently re-writing history while replacing America’s heritage with a false narrative that is decidedly pro-Islamic.  This is a long post because it has to be, and even then, it only scratches the surface of this issue.  Still, I implore you to read it through to the end – especially the last three paragraphs.

America is largely ignorant as to the threat Islam poses to our culture, our system of government and our lifestyle.  Our ignorance is not an accident: it is the direct result of incompetence and dereliction of duty on the part of our education system and our media.  It is also the result of a willful and deliberate propaganda campaign by the last two Administrations.   Our schools are teaching false history; history riddled with mistakes and with a decidedly slanted and political narrative as to why historic events happened and what they meant.  Our media is aware that this is a problem with our schools, but they do not report on it.  The media is also aware that the schools are allowing Islamic influences to alter our public text books and curriculum, and to teach a narrative of history that replaces our heritage with a contrived story that stresses Islamic contribution far in excess of Islam’s true role American history.  And, finally, the government is not only aware that this is happening, it is in alliance with the Islamic forces that are pushing this agenda.  The very institutions we pay and trust to protect our nation, our culture and our society are in alliance with interests who have openly declared their goal is to make America into an Islamic State under Shari’a law.  The infiltration of our schools is a deliberate attempt to turn our children into foot soldiers in the pursuit of this cause.

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It always starts with academia at the collegiate level.  You can start your own research here:


This section of DiscoverTheNetworks examines the highly politicized atmosphere that has developed in recent decades at American institutions of higher learning; the leftist campus and professional associations that have been established there; and the key players — professors, administrators, and organizational leaders — who have shaped the ideological agendas of those institutions and associations. The political indoctrination that occurs in primary and secondary education is discussed as well.

You can see the result of this infiltration filtering down to our public education system.  Here are just two of many stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of this Islamic effort to re-write history and erase our cultural heritage:

Texas school board debates ‘pro-Islamic’ bias in textbooks

Members weigh demanding changes in way books portray Muslims, Christians

Uproar Over High School Textbook’s 36 Pages of Content About Islam Continues — But Will This New Plan Temper the Storm?

The issue surrounding the “World History” book, however, extends beyond the district, with 50 percent of Florida ninth graders apparently using it in class over the past three years. Politicians and others who have reviewed the book claim that it includes 36 pages on Islam, but only three paragraphs on Christianity.

Additionally, some critics say Islam is favored and given a platform not afforded to other religious constructs — for one, students are prompted to read the Koran but not the Christian Bible. Conservative commentator Todd Starnes has said the book refers to Muhammad, Islam’s most famed prophet, as a “messenger of God.”

One of the reasons many Americans do not see and understand the significance of these stories is because history is erased.  This is why it is crucial to preserve history.  It is why I focus on it so heavily.  If America knew that one of the first things Islam does upon conquering a nation or culture is to destroy all traces of that nation/culture’s past and replacing it with a new, Islamic version of history.  It is also true that the Islamic version of historic events that replaces the old one is usually based in myth.  If there is any fact in it, it is so heavily distorted as to be acceptable to consider it a lie.  For example:

In the stories above, the text books teach that Muslims discovered America, not Columbus or even the Vikings.  The text books also teach that Israel was never a nation and that Christianity had little to do with the rise of Western Civilization.  Islam typically credits all of this and more to itself.

There are many stories about how Islamic interests are literally buying their way into our text books.  It’s just that too little attention is paid to this issue by our media.  The reason for this is that Islamic interests are also buying off our news and entertainment media, but that is the subject for another post.  For now, you can start researching the influence Islam is asserting on our schools and text books with these links:

Islam in America, Part Six: Education

Did you know that Muslims discovered America? Or that “ancient Jewish civilization contributed very little to the arts and sciences”?

According to a recent study by Institute for Jewish and Community Research, millions of American public school students in all 50 states use textbooks that contain such erroneous “facts.” Of the 500 historical errors uncovered by the study, hundreds of them tout a blatant agenda of Islamic superiority.

Even more shockingly, U.S. taxpayers are the ones footing the bill. It’s all part of a worrisome trend within the American educational system: the apparent spread of radical Muslim propaganda under the guise of “education.”

Islam and the Textbooks

A Report of the American Textbook Council

What is jihad? Bernard Lewis, writing in The Middle East, states:

The term jihad, conventionally translated “holy war,” has the literal meaning of striving, more specifically, in the Qur’anic phrase “striving in the path of God” (fi sabil Allah). Some Muslim theologians, particularly in more modern times, have interpreted the duty of “striving in the path of God” in a spiritual and moral sense. The overwhelming majority of early authorities, however, citing relevant passages in the Qur’an and in the tradition, discuss jihad in military terms. Virtually every manual of shari’a law has a chapter on jihad, which regulates in minute detail such matters as the opening, conduct, interruption and cessation of hostilities, and the allocation and division of booty.[4]

Lewis concludes this passage, saying: “The object of jihad is to bring the whole world under Islamic law.”

World history textbooks fail to make this simple but ultra-important point. According to a Council on Islamic Education subject guide intended for publishers, jihad means “‘struggle’ or ‘exertion’ and refers to any spiritual, moral or physical struggle,” and “struggle in the cause of God, which can take many forms. In the personal sphere, efforts such as obtaining an education, trying to quit smoking, or controlling one’s temper are forms of jihad.”[5] The term “holy war,” the Council says, is a misrepresentation. Jihad is transformed into an esoteric form of Muslim self-improvement.

A widely adopted seventh-grade Houghton Mifflin world history, Across the Centuries, says that jihad is merely a struggle “to do one’s best to resist temptation and overcome evil.” This interpretation has on its face an element of accuracy; anyone or anything not under Muslim rule and control may be characterized as evil. But this textbook is not in any way exceptional. One high-profile high school textbook, Houghton Mifflin’s Patterns of Interaction, a world history textbook for high school students adopted in Texas in November 2002, does not even mention jihad, a lapse as noteworthy as any imaginable on the entire subject of Islam.

CIE, Textbook Publishers Promote Islam in America’s Classrooms

Shabbir Mansuri, Founder and Director of the Council on Islamic Education (CIE), has made it quite clear revolution through education is his goal when he made the statement:

“I am waging a “bloodless” revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s classrooms”.

In the past he has also threatened scholars and public officials who do not sympathize with CIE requests, saying that they will be perceived as racists, reactionaries, and enemies of Islam as reported by journalist Jen Schroder.

Here is what we need to understand about this story.  First, Islam is a threat to this nation: not because it is different from Judaism or Christianity, but because it is founded on deception and lies.  Islam never tells the truth, or the Truth.  It always seeks to deceive, even among Muslims.  Islam does this because its leaders know that, if Islam were open with people, the majority of them would recognize it for what it is and reject its agenda.  But Islam is not alone in this deception.  The American Progressive movement also operates by deception because its leaders know that, if it operated in the open, the American people would reject the Progressive agenda.

You also need to understand that the school system was used to promote the Progressive agenda, and that the Progressive agenda was the American arm of the Communist movement in Europe.  Communism first took hold in the halls of American academia and, from there, it was moved into our public school system.  In fact, kindergarten was established by Progressive founding father, John Dewey, for the expressed purpose of getting their hands on our children as early as possible.  Dewey said he wanted to use the schools to mold our children to the society he envisioned.  He saw the teachers as the prophets of his new religion: man as his own god.  Today, we call it secular humanism.

This is the key point: deception indicates a hidden agenda.  This is why we need to learn how to detect attempts to deceive us.  When we know the signs of deception and how to confirm that we are being deceived, we can more easily determine when we are being deceived.  And when we recognize that someone is trying to deceive us, we know to start looking for that hidden agenda.  And, when we look for that hidden agenda, we will find that — if we know where to look — we will generally find it.  That’s where we find the most difficult part of understanding our world: once we find the hidden agenda, we need to have the wisdom to accept that agenda at its word and deal with it accordingly.

[Now consider this:  Given that our schools are clearly advocating Islam under the banner of “cultural sensitivity,” what does it tell you about the Atheists’ real agenda that you have not heard them attacking the schools over separation of Church and State regarding Islam?  Now, before you dismiss my question, ask yourself, when was the last time you heard a story about a school being sued over supporting Ramadan and forcing other children to accommodate Muslim students’ religious needs?  When did you see a story about a school being sued to remove Islamic religious symbol, or for forcing other students to pray to Allah, or for spending tax money on Islamic religious infrastructure in the schools.  All of these things have been forced into our schools, but have you heard the outcry from the Atheists that you would hear if these were related to supporting the Jewish or Christian faith?  So, what does that suggest about the real agenda behind the Atheists’ attack on Judaism and Christianity?]


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