Why the Middle East Matters

I am going to ask you to take time to watch both of the videos in the story below, but first, I want to explain something about dismissing information because you do not like the source.  If you discount information because you dislike the source, you commit the fallacy of ad hominemIf you continue to read my posts on this blog, you will hear me constantly harp on how fallacious reasoning is bad reasoning.  Any conclusion you make based on fallacious reasoning is based on unsound or faulty reasoning.  Therefore, if you would seek information and understanding, you should seek to avoid fallacious reasoning.  This is sound judgment, and sound judgment is the start of wisdom.  This is why, if you read my posts long enough, you will eventually notice that I often cite source to which I am usually opposed.  That’s what you do when you seek Truth as opposed to agenda: you follow where it leads and, when you find it, you accept it.  Where you find the Truth is irrelevant.  As long as it is Truth, then it is Truth.

This is why I ask you to listen to and consider the two video clips in this story.  I have followed behind the information presented in these clips and I have verified that it is accurate. Yes, there are alternative “interpretations” to this information, but, as I state in our precepts, original sources testify to the version presented in the two video clips in this story and not to any alternative interpretation.  So, for me, these two video clips represent Truth, and understanding the Truth in this story is essential to those who seek to understand why the events of today are happening the way they are and where we are heading.  History is repeating itself again, and this story will help you understand why.

So, with that said, I urge you to read this story and, most importantly, take the time to watch the two video clips — especially if you have ever doubted the claims that this nation was founded on Judea/Christian principles:

Glenn Beck Explains the ‘Real Reason Why You Should Care About the Middle East’


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