The Stages of Cultural, or ‘Stealth’ Jihad

The Stages of Cultural, or ‘Stealth’ Jihad


While it is in an abbreviated form, the message of this meme is essentially correct.  In tracing the history of Jihad against the West in his book, Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries, Paul Fregosi demonstrates that the pattern of Jihad has changed very little since Muhammad first developed it.  It always comes in one of two ways:

The 1st and most preferred method of Jihad: if Muslims are strong enough, they will simply invade an area and convert the people to Islam by force, and will kill or enslaving any who refuse to convert.

The 2nd method of Jihad: if Muslims are not strong enough to use the 1st method, they will seek to make a peace with the people of a given region.  Once they have a peace agreement in place, they will use it as cover while they:

  • Establish a mosque
  • Create a tight community of Muslims
  • Grow that community as quickly as possible
  • Claim to be victims of the local people, pleading injury and insult, and accusing the locals of breaking their peace agreement
  • When strong enough, they will start to resist the local authorities and customs
  • They will then seek to use the local laws to force Shari’a on to the indigenous population
  • Eventually, they will withdraw from the rest of society
  • And then, when they are strong enough that they have accomplished all the above, they will revert to the 1st method and conquer by force

This second method is loosely known as ‘cultural Jihad,’ and is a relatively modern approach.  It does not always happen in this same order, and it does not always include every step.  If it is possible, the Muslims will skip steps.  Whatever will allow them to conquer an area for Islam in the shortest possible time, they will do it.  But make no mistake about this.  Although ‘cultural Jihad’ may be a modern tactic, it is firmly rooted in the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith, as well as the example of Muhammad and the way he treated the tribes surrounding Medina and Mecca.

This video will explain everything you need to know about Cultural Jihad in 25 minutes.

Grab something to drink, maybe a snack, then sit back and watch this video.  This guy has it 100% correct.  He goes in to even more detail, and he liberally supports his narrative with correct readings from Islamic history and Islam’s holy books.  Yes, his tone of voice is slightly mocking, but try to ignore it.  Focus on what he is telling you and you will understand that his tone is meant as satire, and actually helps to make his point.

Now, just watch.  This information is absolutely the truth.

Also, note how this man exposes Obama’s hidden agenda for what it really is…