570      Muhammad born in Mecca

595      Muhammad marries Khadija, who later becomes the first Muslim

            (Kadija was rather wealthy, thus freeing Muhammad to pursue his religious interests)

610      Muhammad receives what he comes to believe is his first visitation from Gabriel and revelation from Allah

            (It was after his “visions” started that Muhammad’s wife and a Gnostic Christian relative of hers helped to convince Muhammad that he was “the last prophet”)

613      Muhammad begins preaching Islam publicly in Mecca

615      Friction with the Quraysh causes some Muslims to leave Arabia for Abyssinia

619      Khadija dies

619      The satanic verses incident

620      The night journey: Muhammad reports that he has been carried to Paradise and has met the other prophets

622      The Hijra: Muhammad and the Muslims flee to Medina

622      Muhammad consummates his marriage with 9 y/o Aisha

624      The Nakhla raid and the beginning of violence in the name of Islam

            (This raid establishes the principle that persecution/slander against Islam is worse than killing (Qur’an 2:217)

624      The Battle of Badr: the Muslims overcome great odds to defeat the pagan Meccans

(It was after this battle that Muhammad told Muslims to fight and behead their enemies (Qur’an 47:4)  Muhammad also admonsished those who refused to fight (Qur’an 47:20)

624      Muhammad and the Muslims besiege the Jewish Qaynuqa tribe and exile them from Medina

            (It was about this time that Muhammad started to take a harsher stance toward the Jews (Qur’an 8:58), and Christians (Qur’an 5:17, 4:157, 5:116, 5:14) and that assassinations became sanctioned (This is found in the Hadith)

625      The Battle of Uhud: the pagan Meccans defeat the Muslims

            (After this battle, Muhammad admonished the Muslims for focusing on booty rather than devotion to Allah (Qur’an 3:152) It was about this time that the pattern of excusing loss/failure by assigning it to insufficient faith/piety was established (Qur’an 3:149-151)

625      Siege and exile from Medina of the Jewish Nadir tribe

627      The Battle of the Trench: The Jewish Qurayzah tribe betrays Muhammad

            (It was in association for the preparation for this battle that Muhammad admonished that all “true believers” obey Muhammad and Allah, and not to take Muhammad’s words lightly (Qur’an 24:62-63).  This is also when Muhammad first envisioned that he would rule all of Arabia)

627      Muhammad beheads the males of the Qurayzah tribe and enslaves the women and children

            (Preceding this battle, Muhammad declared that Jews were pigs and monkeys (Qur’an 5:59-60, 7:166)  After the battle, Muhammad set himself apart as “a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah” (Qur’an 33:21)

628      Muhammad concludes the Treaty of Hudaybiyya with the pagan Meccans

            (This treaty would set the pattern that peace was only to be made with non-believers to allow Muslims to gain strength to attack, and then only for a period of ten years or less)

628      Muhammad and the Muslims besiege the Khaybar oasis and exile the Jews from it

628      Muhammad is poisoned at Khaybar

            (After killing the leader of Khaybar, Muhammad then “married” his newly-made widow who was said to be extraordinarily attractive – consummating their “marriage” that same night.)

630      Muhammad and the Muslims conquer Mecca

            (It was about this time – shortly after taking Mecca – that Muhammad ordered “apostates” should be killed)

630      The Muslims prevail at the Battle of Hunayn and conquer Ta’if; Muhammad becomes the master of Arabia

630      Warfare against the Christians: the expedition to Tabuk

            (After this raid, Muhammad started to receive “revelations” that were more harsh toward Jews and Christians than ever before (Qur’an 9:30)

631      The Arabian tribes remaining outside Islamic rule accept Islam

632      Muhammad dies in Medina on June 8