ISIS Was Not Created By The U.S.

ISIS Was Not Created By The U.S.

[NOTE: this is one of those issues where there is just enough truth to a claim that it prevents people from looking any deeper into the issue.  Unfortunately, in cases such as this one, there is not enough truth in the claim to provide any real understanding of the issue in question.  To gain a real understanding, we have to look deeper, past the surface.  I pray that the reader is one of those willing to put in the time and effort to do just that.]

Many people have asserted that the U.S. created ISIS.  The general idea is that ISIS is the natural reaction to inept or misguided American bungling in the Middle East.  On the surface, there may be some truth to such claims.  I honestly don’t know.  What I do know, however, is that the U.S. did not create ISIS, Muhammad did!

That’s correct: Muhammad created ISIS.  Now, please don’t take this to the point of absurdity.  Of course I don’t mean that Muhammad created ISIS in the 7th Century, or that Muhammad has returned from the dead and is now leading ISIS forces in the Middle East.  What I am saying is that Muhammad created the ideology which, if one dedicates themselves to following as Muhammad taught and lived it, will — eventually — lead to something like ISIS.  It lead to Muslim forces attacking classic civilization after Muhammad’s death, and to a renewed assault on the West centuries later.  This is because Muhammad’s last command was that devout Muslims must wage war against the entire world until there is only Islam:


“So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).”


“He said, ‘Fight them so that there is no more rebellion, and religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Allah must have no rivals.’”

The simple truth of this matter is that Islam, as Muhammad taught and lived it, is at war with the entire world.  The entire history of Islam has been the history of Jihad.  Since the time of Muhammad on, Islam has launched a Jihad on the average of about every fifty years.  Each Jihad had a different name, a different face.  ISIS is just the latest name/face in this cycle.  If the U.S. had never existed, ISIS would have still sprung up (or another movement just like it but with a different name).

If we want to be honest about things, the United States has been at war with Islam since before the United States was even a country. It’s true: Muslims have been terrorizing Americans since before we were a nation.  It’s just that they went by another name.  Back then, they were called the Barbary Pirates, but they still seized ships, took prisoners, demanded ransoms and even beheaded people.  Nothing has changed bu the year and the names.  This is because Islam does not change!

So, no, the U.S. did not create ISIS;  Islam just uses their hatred for us as an excuse.  The truth is, if you really want to understand what is driving ISIS, you should look to Islamic prophecy, not U.S. policy.

Islam teaches that believers must believe in ‘The Last days.’  If a Muslim does not believe in them, then Muhammad says they are an apostate and are to be killed immediately.  On the other hand, if a Muslim does believe in the Islamic ‘Last Days,’ then they believe that all the earth once belonged to Muslims.  Muhammad taught that every non-Muslim nation was stolen from Islam.  Muhammad also taught that everything that had been stolen from Islam must be retaken through Jihad.  This is the primary reason Muslims do not see their actions as being wrong: to them, they righteous because they are taking what rightfully belongs to them.  In their eyes, we are the ones in the wrong!

I know the West does not believe any of this, but what we believe is irrelevant.  This is what Muhammad taught and it is what ISIS is trying to do.  ISIS is just obeying Muhammad’s commands.  In this case, ISIS is trying to regain the land lost taken by the Allies after WW I.  Read this post and you might start to understand this issue a little better:

PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: The True Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

[NOTE: When Obama uses the term ISISL, he is openly telling Islam that he is their ally, and at the same time, he is committing treason against the United States and threatening the very existence of Israel.  It’s just that we do not understand what he means anymore than we understood when he told us he planned to ‘fundamentally change America.‘]