Very few people in the Western world have a correct understanding of Islam. If all one knows about Islam has come from the media, Western schools and universities or even from Muslims, then it is very likely they have an incorrect understanding of Islam.  The only way to gain a correct understanding — and understanding according to Muhammad’s teachings and examples — is to study Islam for yourself.  Unfortunately, learning about Islam takes a great deal more time than most people have or are willing to invest.  Therefore, I have endeavored to provide a cursory explanation Islam.  This is what ever post on this page is about: helping people understand Islam as Muhammad taught and lived it.  If the reader questions me about anything I present on this blog, they are free to look into these matters on their own.  I have no fear of honest inquiry for, if one investigates Islam as I have, I know I will gain another ally in my quest to expose the threat of Islam.  I know this because I know what an honest inquiry will find.

[NOTE: I have read the Qur’an, much of the Sunnah, Muhammad’s biography and a great deal of the book from which Shari’a law is derived.  This is how I know I have a correct understanding of what Muhammad intended Islam to be.]